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Good afternoon! Dear lord, the internet at Miller HQ is working at a snails pace, so happy this has finally uploaded as this wedding is a goodun! Jessica and Ruben’s day was filled with so many special touches, but I am loving the idea of a popcorn bar by the way. I adore how much detail Jessica goes in to about her favourite moments, when I looked through the pictures quickly, the pic of her dad made me tear up so I wasn’t surprised to see her list that as a favourite moment. Your day was gorgeous, I hope you are currently having a wonderful honeymoon!

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Katherine Ashdown Photography_001 Katherine Ashdown Photography_002 Katherine Ashdown Photography_003 Katherine Ashdown Photography_004 Katherine Ashdown Photography_005 thebride

The dress was by Alfred Sung, and the shoes were Jimmy Choos

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: veil designed by Jennie Cross Bridal Shop (now closed down) Hair accessories by Miranda Templeton

Katherine Ashdown Photography_006 Katherine Ashdown Photography_007 Katherine Ashdown Photography_008 theflowers

The Florist Shop, Wroxham = My flowers were a huge thing for me. I love Peonies and I had dreamed of having them in the light pink and white. Two weeks before the wedding I was told I could potentially not have them because of the heatwave happening in Holland, devastated was an understatement! We had been given an alternative but my dream was peonies, Ruben tried to say everything reassure me it will all be OK. On the day before the wedding my flowers arrived and they were peonies, my mum was in tears, I was in tears of pure happiness. They looked amazing. I had some on the tables in white company mercury vases and then some were put at the bottom of the aisle in boxes. My bouquet was all peonies and they were pure heaven. We also had Hydrangea which is Ruben’s favorite flower. The way the colours transition through their growth makes for very beautiful arrangements. We also had sweet peas which smell amazing.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_009 thebridesmaids

Coast Dresses, Nine West shoes, Jon Richards Bracelets, Beaverbrook’s Earrings

Katherine Ashdown Photography_010 Katherine Ashdown Photography_011 Katherine Ashdown Photography_012 Katherine Ashdown Photography_013 Katherine Ashdown Photography_014 thehair&makeup

Laura Utting, Wow Hair and Beauty (A friend) and Emily Love Moi Makeup

Katherine Ashdown Photography_015 Katherine Ashdown Photography_016 Katherine Ashdown Photography_017 Katherine Ashdown Photography_018 Katherine Ashdown Photography_019 THEGROOM

Moss Bros three piece suit, Bow tie and pocket swatch Mrs Bowtie, Ted Baker Shoes.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: Ted Baker Suits Moss Bros, Bow ties and Pocket swatches Mrs Bowtie and their own shoes.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_020 Katherine Ashdown Photography_021 Katherine Ashdown Photography_022 Katherine Ashdown Photography_023 Katherine Ashdown Photography_024 Katherine Ashdown Photography_025 Katherine Ashdown Photography_026 Katherine Ashdown Photography_027 Katherine Ashdown Photography_028 Katherine Ashdown Photography_029 Katherine Ashdown Photography_030 Katherine Ashdown Photography_031 Katherine Ashdown Photography_032 Katherine Ashdown Photography_033 Katherine Ashdown Photography_034 Katherine Ashdown Photography_035 Katherine Ashdown Photography_036 Katherine Ashdown Photography_037 favouritemoment

Of course the whole day is amazing and people used to say it goes so quickly. I think the element of being prepared and planning really helped me relax in the morning of the wedding. I had so much fun with my girls, mum and sister on the morning of the wedding, we laughed joked, I had no stress. One picture I love of Katherine’s is laughing at my Dad crying when I walked down the stairs in my wedding dress. It is the first time I think I have ever seen him cry and he just didn’t stop, it was a priceless moment I will never forget because it showed how much I meant to him and he was just so happy.

One of my favorite moments was seeing Ruben’s face as I came down the aisle. Seeing him try to hold back the tears but be so happy at the same time and full of love for me. I was so excited to see him and I can remember everything about that moment, my dad clenching my hand, who I saw first as I came down the aisle, the particular bit of the song I came down to. I was hiding from Ruben so he couldn’t see me when the bridesmaids went down the aisle, so his little grin was full of love when I saw him, he looked incredibly handsome and I just wanted to run down the aisle and wrap my arms around him. I really loved this moment and I will cherish it forever, I was really nervous about this moment knowing that everyone was there for you both but it is honestly one of my favorites, I think at that one moment I couldn’t have loved Ruben anymore than I do now.

Its so hard to pick one moment as the day is truly amazing. One tip I would say to people is take time to be with your new husband. It sounds strange doesn’t it, but you honestly don’t get many moments together as people want to pull you here and there. Our videographer said you will have three moments together and enjoy them and yes they were with him and Katherine taking pictures and filming us but they were the times I treasure as we laughed, smiled, joked and had so much fun just us two.

Another tip would be wear your dress with pride. I did not bustle my dress, I did not pick it up, yes it was dirty by the end of the evening but you wear it once, so wear it with pride. I can remember Katherine saying you’re walking through a puddle it didn’t bother me I felt beautiful in my dress and I wanted to show it off. I wanted to show the detail of my dress off. I think people can be too precious of their dress and I think you only wear it once so go for it!

Ruben – It’s cheesy to say but there is no greater feeling than seeing your beautiful bride for the first time, I was literally blown away. Whilst I was standing at the ‘alter’ the doors were opened and I could see our bridesmaids all lined up, but Jess was still hidden. The anticipation was too much for me, the excitement, nerves, joy, love, everything was just overwhelming. As the bridesmaids walked in I finally saw Jess and the emotion hit me, I just kept the tears at bay but the look on my face really says it all! She looked stunning.

I also loved our night of boogying on the dance floor. I love Jess’ dancing anyway but how she carried that dress and dominated the party was breathtaking. To see her just made my heart melt.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_038 Katherine Ashdown Photography_039 Katherine Ashdown Photography_040 Katherine Ashdown Photography_041 Katherine Ashdown Photography_042 thevenue

The Great Barn, Hales Hall, Loddon

Katherine Ashdown Photography_043 Katherine Ashdown Photography_044 Katherine Ashdown Photography_045 Katherine Ashdown Photography_046 Katherine Ashdown Photography_047 Katherine Ashdown Photography_048 Katherine Ashdown Photography_049 Katherine Ashdown Photography_050 Katherine Ashdown Photography_051 Katherine Ashdown Photography_052 Katherine Ashdown Photography_053 Katherine Ashdown Photography_054 Katherine Ashdown Photography_055 Katherine Ashdown Photography_056 Katherine Ashdown Photography_057 Katherine Ashdown Photography_058 Katherine Ashdown Photography_059 Katherine Ashdown Photography_060 Katherine Ashdown Photography_061 Katherine Ashdown Photography_062 Katherine Ashdown Photography_063 Katherine Ashdown Photography_064 Katherine Ashdown Photography_065 Katherine Ashdown Photography_066 thefood&drink

Company called Picnic done by the management team at Hales Hall Briony and Nick De’Ath. Arrival drinks we had Pimms, Corona and rose lemonade Wine we got from Majestic we had red and white on the tables. As said above we had a cheese tower for the evening which was brought from the Cheese Shed. Beautiful cheese and they helped build our cake to what we liked. Our wedding breakfast we had canapés to start on the lawn, to name a few sweet potato in breadcrumbs, caramelised tart with goats cheese and hickory pork.  For main we had cod wrapped in parma ham, Pork or Sweet potato in pastry all with summer veg. For desert we had a trio of dessert lemon meringue, eton mess and chocolate brownie.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_067 Katherine Ashdown Photography_068 Katherine Ashdown Photography_069 Katherine Ashdown Photography_070 Katherine Ashdown Photography_072 Katherine Ashdown Photography_073 Katherine Ashdown Photography_074 Katherine Ashdown Photography_075 Katherine Ashdown Photography_076 Katherine Ashdown Photography_077 Katherine Ashdown Photography_078 Katherine Ashdown Photography_079 Katherine Ashdown Photography_080 Katherine Ashdown Photography_081 Katherine Ashdown Photography_082 Katherine Ashdown Photography_083 Katherine Ashdown Photography_084 Katherine Ashdown Photography_085 Katherine Ashdown Photography_086 Katherine Ashdown Photography_087 Katherine Ashdown Photography_088 Katherine Ashdown Photography_089 Katherine Ashdown Photography_090 Katherine Ashdown Photography_091 Katherine Ashdown Photography_092 Katherine Ashdown Photography_093 Katherine Ashdown Photography_094 Katherine Ashdown Photography_095 Katherine Ashdown Photography_096 Katherine Ashdown Photography_097 Katherine Ashdown Photography_098 thefavours

Handmade Sweat Jars and Cigars for the boys.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_099 thedecor

We did not really have a theme. If you see Hales Hall it is the most beautiful place, it is so romantic and has a churchy feel, so it really didn’t need much doing to it. We wanted to keep the core character of the old barn and compliment the features with small accessories.

Our theme I suppose was romance and candles with the colour of blush pink. We had candles everywhere. We had lanterns down the aisle with petals scattered between them. We had tea lights on the tables which were in our colour theme of blush pink. The venue has candles the whole way round it in the small slot windows, which is gorgeous. They were lit throughout the day which made it so beautiful, especially when the day moved to night and the flickering glow lit up the barn.

We kept our cake simple by having a naked cake and with our flowers to decorate it.

We love popcorn so it seemed only right to have a Popcorn Bar! We created large bowls of assorted quirky flavors which went down a treat.

Ruben’s best idea was flip flops for the ladies to sooth those tired feet and ensure the dancing carried on. This was the best last minute (Thursday before our Saturday wedding) purchase. Ruben came home from work one day with a box, flip flops from Primark, string and labels. It was a really thoughtful idea and it’s fair to say they went like hot cakes on the day.

We love photos so on our tables we had pictures of our engagement shoot done by Katherine and also had these hanging around the venue in hearts and like bunting across the dresser table.

We had lots of fairy lights which looked amazing, these were inside and outside. They sparkled as we came down the stairs as we were announced Mr and Mrs.

We got our own confetti and got little bags made with hessian hearts on the bags, so they were little keep sakes for people.

We had sweet favors with all our favorite penny sweets which are long gone . They were in glass jam jars which all had different ribbon wrapped round them in our colour theme.

Something we loved was our ‘Love’ mugs on the top table and our registry table. We didn’t want big flowers on any of the tables as we wanted people to be able to see each other and talk with each other. All of our arrangements were about elegance which we felt came in small arrangements. The mugs were so effective, they looked stunning.

We had cushions made with Mr and Mrs Davis on them which we placed on the sofas in the ‘Nook’. This is such a lovely space with big cosy sofas in amongst the timbers of the roof space. A quiet area where you can get away from the music and dancing, and chill with friends and family, perfect.

We didn’t get around to using our sparklers as the day just disappeared, but that’s OK as we’ll use them at the up and coming fireworks night

Last but not least the cheese cake for our evening meal. We both love cheese and meats and we wanted this day to be all about enjoying the things we love with our nearest and dearest. We had a large cheese tower with meats, olives, etc and it worked beautifully. People grazed throughout the evening.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_100 Katherine Ashdown Photography_101 Katherine Ashdown Photography_102 Katherine Ashdown Photography_103 Katherine Ashdown Photography_104 Katherine Ashdown Photography_105 Katherine Ashdown Photography_106 thestationery

Debenhams place cards/wedding invites. Aimee Paints did a wooden welcome sign, with cartoon portraits with flower garland round it. I did my own table plan on a mirror. I made my own labels for the pop corn table just from bits from Hobbi Craft. We made our cake stand just with ribbon and a blackboard photo frame. We also did our direction signs to the wedding, we recycled our best friends table direction signs from their wedding and up cycled into our wedding direction signs. We created our order of services to make it more personal, I did these with lace and pictures of us both to make them different.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_107 Katherine Ashdown Photography_108 Katherine Ashdown Photography_109 Katherine Ashdown Photography_110 Katherine Ashdown Photography_111 Katherine Ashdown Photography_112 Katherine Ashdown Photography_113 Katherine Ashdown Photography_114 Katherine Ashdown Photography_115 Katherine Ashdown Photography_116 Katherine Ashdown Photography_117 Katherine Ashdown Photography_118 Katherine Ashdown Photography_119 Katherine Ashdown Photography_120 Katherine Ashdown Photography_121 Katherine Ashdown Photography_122 Katherine Ashdown Photography_123 Katherine Ashdown Photography_124 Katherine Ashdown Photography_125 Katherine Ashdown Photography_126 thehoneymoon

We are taking a month off in December we are going to Bangkok, Australia and Dubai. It’s a once in a life time trip and we are taking our back packs and going to be doing lots of fantastic adventures. In Bangkok we are going to visit the temples, see some thai boxing and going to be going to a thai cookery school.

Australia we are starting in Brisbane and working our way up to Cairns in our campervan. We are going to Australia zoo, going to Fraser Island, Noosa Everglades, and Whitsundays where Ruben gets to play golf on his own island! Then off up to Cairns to fly to Melbourne to spend Christmas with Ruben’s sister Carol and the rest of the family. We then head to Sydney for new year and the Blue Mountains.

Dubai is our trip on the way home we are going to go to the Burj Khalifa and do some sand boarding in the desert, so a fun packed four weeks but the best honeymoon ever!!

There is so much happening on this trip, it will last a lifetime in our memories and 4 weeks with each other is the perfect way to finish what has been an amazing year.

Katherine Ashdown Photography_127 Katherine Ashdown Photography_128 Katherine Ashdown Photography_129 Katherine Ashdown Photography_130 Katherine Ashdown Photography_131 Katherine Ashdown Photography_132 Katherine Ashdown Photography_133 Katherine Ashdown Photography_134 Katherine Ashdown Photography_135 Katherine Ashdown Photography_136 Katherine Ashdown Photography_137 Katherine Ashdown Photography_138 Katherine Ashdown Photography_139 Katherine Ashdown Photography_140 Katherine Ashdown Photography_141 Katherine Ashdown Photography_142 Katherine Ashdown Photography_143 theentertainment

Loki Band Evening, Helen Ashton (during the day/wedding breakfast)

Katherine Ashdown Photography_144 Katherine Ashdown Photography_145 Katherine Ashdown Photography_146 Katherine Ashdown Photography_147 Katherine Ashdown Photography_148 Katherine Ashdown Photography_149advice

[The wedding] – It was 20k plus, we stopped counting after this, as we didn’t want to know anymore we had a long time to save and plan this had its good points and bad points. I would say a budget plan is really important as you need to be realistic with the things you can and can’t afford. Your day is going to be special whatever, you don’t need everything everyone else has. I picked things that meant something to us. You have to decide what is important to you to us it was venue, photographer and videographer and we spent a lot of money on these things but I do not regret it. The one big thing is don’t get yourself in debt over it. I loved making items but this does get expensive buying materials so weigh the cost vs time as some items would have been cheaper if I had brought them and less stress!

Where did you find your inspiration?

My inspiration was from Pinterest, other peoples weddings on rock my wedding blog, I even looked at Katherine’s brides weddings and stole a few ideas. I went to our venue when people had weddings that day, so I would go in the morning while the bride was getting ready in the cottage and I would have a sneak peak of what they had created. It was good to see what the venue looked like done up which you don’t see often and I could see how they presented it. It really helped. The best tip I got from this was aprons for the flower girl as she had a white dress on and spag bol for dinner… was bound to be a disaster. The Apron was a lovely keep sake with her name on it. There are so many ideas that you want to do and you really have to think what type of wedding you want. We had lots of little ideas which came off but I wanted so many other things but Ruben said rightly (don’t tell him that) that it wouldn’t go, do we need it, will anyone miss it if we don’t have it.

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