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Gooood morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend? Did you do anything festive? Do you have your tree up now? I was rather ill on Saturday, but felt better on Sunday for Carols in the freezing cold and prepping for the annual gift swap with my parents tomorrow. House isn’t nearly immaculate enough but I will hopefully have time this morning. (You will probably have read on twitter by now whether this was successful or if I stayed in bed till the last minute).

Today’s wedding is a real beauty, a gorgeous relaxed boho wedding with lots of personal touches. The bride looks stunning in her Grace Loves Lace gown, the Inca is one of my favourites, with its low plunging back and delicate lace. The mix matches pastel bridesmaids and the beehive make this day truly wonderful. I hope you enjoy!

#SYGMchristmas is back this afternoon with a gingerbread house!

photography | Corrado Chiozzi

Chiozzi-SYGM-2 Chiozzi-SYGM-5 Chiozzi-SYGM-4 ChiozziSYGM-3 Chiozzi-SYGM-6 Chiozzi-SYGM-7 Chiozzi-SYGM-8 Chiozzi-SYGM-9 Chiozzi-SYGM-10 Chiozzi-SYGM-11 Chiozzi-SYGM-12 Chiozzi-SYGM-13 Chiozzi-SYGM-14 Chiozzi-SYGM-15 thebrideThe dress was Inca from Grace Loves Lace, and I wore a some gypsophila in my hair. I wore Maya pearl earrings also from Grace Loves Lace. Shoes were nude heels from Carvela.

Chiozzi-SYGM-16 Chiozzi-SYGM-17 Chiozzi-SYGM-18 Chiozzi-SYGM-19 Chiozzi-SYGM-21 Chiozzi-SYGM-20 Chiozzi-SYGM-22 Chiozzi-SYGM-23 Chiozzi-SYGM-24 Chiozzi-SYGM-25 Chiozzi-SYGM-26 Chiozzi-SYGM-27 Chiozzi-SYGM-28 Chiozzi-SYGM-29 Chiozzi-SYGM-30 Chiozzi-SYGM-31 Chiozzi-SYGM-32 Chiozzi-SYGM-33 Chiozzi-SYGM-34 Chiozzi-SYGM-35 Chiozzi-SYGM-36 Chiozzi-SYGM-37 thebridesmaids

The dresses and accessories were their choice, I just asked that they wear pastel colours. The flower girl wore pink dresses from Marks and Spencers and Next.

Chiozzi-SYGM-38 Chiozzi-SYGM-39 Chiozzi-SYGM-40 Chiozzi-SYGM-41 Chiozzi-SYGM-43 Chiozzi-SYGM-42 Chiozzi-SYGM-44 Chiozzi-SYGM-45 Chiozzi-SYGM-46 Chiozzi-SYGM-47 Chiozzi-SYGM-48 Chiozzi-SYGM-49 Chiozzi-SYGM-50 Chiozzi-SYGM-51 Chiozzi-SYGM-52 Chiozzi-SYGM-53 thehair&makeup

Helen Spenser did the make up for our big day. My mum and sisters hair was done by Debbie. www.shadesofsweetpea.co.uk she was just the type of person you want with you on your wedding day!!

I had my hair done by Nic www.wispers.co.uk I wanted a relaxed updo with a 60s vibe and I think it was perfect!! She made me feel incredibly relaxed and gave me a glass of fizz too. It was a lovely way to have an hour away from the crazyness and to relax.

Chiozzi-SYGM-54 Chiozzi-SYGM-55 Chiozzi-SYGM-56 Chiozzi-SYGM-57 theflowers

My grandma has a friend who does flowers for the local church. She helped us with the beautiful flowers. which were bought from the wholesaler. We had avalanche roses, grass and gypsophilia. She decorated a central arch for us to have the ceremony under. My bridesmaids had a single rose each and flower girls had a small bunch or a knitted teddy with gyp in it. All very natural and random shaped. Again nothing too set or ‘matching

Chiozzi-SYGM-58 Chiozzi-SYGM-59 Chiozzi-SYGM-61 Chiozzi-SYGM-62 Chiozzi-SYGM-63 Chiozzi-SYGM-64 Chiozzi-SYGM-66 Chiozzi-SYGM-67 Chiozzi-SYGM-68 Chiozzi-SYGM-69 Chiozzi-SYGM-70 Chiozzi-SYGM-71 Chiozzi-SYGM-72 Chiozzi-SYGM-73 Chiozzi-SYGM-74 Chiozzi-SYGM-75 Chiozzi-SYGM-76 Chiozzi-SYGM-77 Chiozzi-SYGM-78 Chiozzi-SYGM-79 thevenue

The Globe pub Alresford

Chiozzi-SYGM-80 Chiozzi-SYGM-81 Chiozzi-SYGM-82 Chiozzi-SYGM-83 Chiozzi-SYGM-84 Chiozzi-SYGM-85 Chiozzi-SYGM-86 Chiozzi-SYGM-87 Chiozzi-SYGM-88 Chiozzi-SYGM-89 Chiozzi-SYGM-90 Chiozzi-SYGM-91 Chiozzi-SYGM-92 Chiozzi-SYGM-93 Chiozzi-SYGM-94 Chiozzi-SYGM-95 Chiozzi-SYGM-96 Chiozzi-SYGM-97 Chiozzi-SYGM-98 Chiozzi-SYGM-99 Chiozzi-SYGM-100 Chiozzi-SYGM-101 Chiozzi-SYGM-102 Chiozzi-SYGM103 favouritemoment

Ceremony, readings and speeches

Chiozzi-SYGM-104 Chiozzi-SYGM-105 Chiozzi-SYGM-106 Chiozzi-SYGM-107 Chiozzi-SYGM-108 Chiozzi-SYGM-109 ChiozziSYGM-110 Chiozzi-SYGM-111 Chiozzi-SYGM-112 Chiozzi-SYGM-113 Chiozzi-SYGM-114 Chiozzi-SYGM-115 Chiozzi-SYGM-118 Chiozzi-SYGM-119

THECAKEThe Globe provided our cheese cake

Mum made another wedding cake too. She ordered the cake topper from


Chiozzi-SYGM-121 Chiozzi-SYGM-122 Chiozzi-SYGM-123 Chiozzi-SYGM-124 Chiozzi-SYGM-125 Chiozzi-SYGM-126 Chiozzi-SYGM-127 Chiozzi-SYGM-128 Chiozzi-SYGM-129 thedecorLaid back, relaxed 60s vibes. We have travelled a lot in South East Asia and have collected bits and bobs around the way that we used to decorate. We were very lucky in having lots of help from the groom’s mum and a very close family friend. They painted jam jars and filled them with local wild flowers and tealights.  Again everything was random just how we like it!!

Chiozzi-SYGM-130 Chiozzi-SYGM-131 Chiozzi-SYGM-132 Chiozzi-SYGM-133 Chiozzi-SYGM-134 Chiozzi-SYGM-135 Chiozzi-SYGM-136 Chiozzi-SYGM-137 Chiozzi-SYGM-138 Chiozzi-SYGM-139 THEGROOMSuits were from Moss Bros and the boys decided to get last minute button holes.

Chiozzi-SYGM-140 Chiozzi-SYGM-141 Chiozzi-SYGM-142 Chiozzi-SYGM-144 Chiozzi-SYGM-143 Chiozzi-SYGM-145 theentertainment

Sean and Danny from The Who What Wheres!! Acoustic during ceremony and whilst people eat etc. Rigga who is a soul and funk Dj

Chiozzi-SYGM146 Chiozzi-SYGM-147advice

Enjoy every second, be selfish it is your day, try not to get stressed about the silly things as on the day none of it matters. Its easy to get swept up in the ‘wedding planning mentality’ trying to make it perfect. Its the imperfections that make it amazing.

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