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So last week I headed to my local branch of nationwide clinic Sk:n to try Derma Pen Revitalise after I was told it’s a great pre wedding treatment for Brides to be who want to improve their skin before their big day with very little down time or vast expense. A form of microneedling, a medical treatment loved by Jennifer Aniston and Kim K, this was recommended to me to blog about as it’s a great option pre-wedding if you don’t want to go for an injectable, as it doesn’t put anything into the skin like Botox or Filler. It works to stimulates the skin and encourages natural rejuvenation, resulting in firmer skin and improved tone and texture. Sk:n clinics offer Dermaroller and DermaPen, both of which are done with their consultants, whilst the Derma Pen Revitalise treatment I had is was with a Sk:n therapist, as it is a slightly less intense treatment. My skin is generally pretty good – I have very minimal scarring from mild acne when I was younger, and some early signs of fine lines but overall it’s the best it’s been in years, however I’m always keen to try anything to either improve it or stave off first signs of aging for as long as possible!

So what is it? Microneedling basically means the use of small needles which cause tiny punctures to the skin, which in turn causes your skin to create “a wound healing response” and then renew the skin cells. This response means the increased production of collagen and elastin, both of which are what makes skin look plump and fresh. The process can be used to help with skin damage such as scarring, pigmentation and sun damage and can increase the thickness of the skin, making it look plumper, firmer and fine lines to appear less visible.

So I met my lovely therapist Kathrine for my appointment at Sk:n and we began by having a thorough chat ensuring I knew what the treatment would entail – I had already had a consultation at this point. She then cleansed off my makeup (bar eyes, but sadly including my eyebrows!) and then sanitised my skin. She then applied a hylauronic solution to my skin, which hydrates the skin, and is then pushed into the deeper layers of the skin once the treatment begins. Kathrine was super thorough with everything, and I felt completely at ease with her, which is always really reassuring when trying something new!

L-R – Sk:n’s waiting room, the needlehead, and the treatment equipment

Next the Derma Pen Revitalise treatment began – massaging over my skin with the needle head, first on my forehead, Kathrine worked her way down to my cheeks, jawline and nose. Now my skin is super fair, mega reactive and I am very prone to flushing, so I did look particularly red throughout and after as you can see – but redness is a perfectly normal part of the process, and you may very well not be quite as red as me afterward! It felt uncomfortable, slightly painful in some areas but bearable, and in some places there was merely a scratching sensation with virtually no discomfort. This, like anything will vary from person to person depending on your pain threshold and the sensitivity of your skin. The depth of this treatment can be varied depending on your preference and the advice of your therapist, but I stuck with the mildest treatment for this – I may consider a little deeper next time. After we were finished needling, Kathrine applied a hydrating and cooling mask for about 15 minutes (which let me tell you, felt pretty good as my face was feeling pretty hot at this point!) and then a calming moisturiser.

L-R ~ Cleansed, then makeup free, and treatment begins

L-R ~ Cleansed, then makeup free, and treatment begins

My entire appointment took around an hour, and the redness lasted for around 48 hours. Immediately afterwards my skin felt tight and a little sore, similar to mild sunburn, but the sensation had subsided by bed time and was gone the next day. Skin care wise, Kathrine told me to lay off my retinol products and glycolic for a few days, and I didn’t exfoliate for a week or so, but did concentrate on applying plenty of hydrating products and going easy (ish) on the makeup front. The pictures I’m sure you won’t be rushing to add skin-goal type Pinterest boards, but I wanted to show you exactly what happened and what to expect if you are interested in Micro Needling!

During treatment, directly after and then after the mask has been applied

The full benefits of this treatment can take up to 6 week to be visible, and Kathrine recommended a course of 3 to see the best results. I’m booked in for my next, as I’ll be trying a course of three, so I’ll keep you posted on the final result, but a few people have mentioned my skin looks healthy and radiant (unprompted!). If you are considering this for pre wedding, I’d aim to have treatment 4-6 weeks beforehand (or to finish if you have a course of 3) as you’ll then find your skin is at its best for the day and you’ll be reaping the full effects from the treatment.

I hope you found this interesting, and I’d love to hear your experience if you’ve had any form of microneedling, Derma Pen or Derma Roller treatment before!

Emily x

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Emily //

Your skin looked amazing before as well!! I’m tempted to try microneedling as I have some acne scars that not even the fanciest creams and serums can make them disappear.