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Good morning! The wedding industry is weird, it follows seasons, but content wise bloggers tend not to because we are aware that in winter you’re probably planning your summer wedding, and in the Autumn you’re planning for April. So today, we are in the warmth of summer at Gaynes Park, one of my favourite venues. Sonny and Katie were very lucky with the glorious weather. In quite the contrast, #SYGMchristmas starts tomorrow afternoon. Eeeee.

photography | Frances Sales

Katie+Sonny-1 Katie+Sonny-2 Katie+Sonny-3 Katie+Sonny-4 Katie+Sonny-5 Katie+Sonny-6 thebride

The dress was from Grace and Lace (Chelmsford) and the designer was Amanda Wyatt.

Shoes Monsoon.

Brides hair accessories/veil: Hair clip from notonthehighstreet.com

Katie+Sonny-7 Katie+Sonny-8 thehair&makeup

Hair Anna Rose. Makeup Claire Marie Makeup also a friend.

Katie+Sonny-9 theperfume

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh.

Katie+Sonny-10 THEGROOM

Suit from Next. Accessories from Next. Shoes from River Island.

Groomsmens outfits/accessories: Suits from Next.                

Accessories and Shoes from Next.

Katie+Sonny-11 Katie+Sonny-12 Katie+Sonny-13 Katie+Sonny-14 Katie+Sonny-15 Katie+Sonny-16 thebridesmaids

Dresses from Coast. Shoes from Phase Eight. Accessories from Accessorize.

Katie+Sonny-17 Katie+Sonny-18 Katie+Sonny-19 theflowers

Lily and May (Brentwood)

Katie+Sonny-20 Katie+Sonny-21 Katie+Sonny-22 Katie+Sonny-23 Katie+Sonny-24 Katie+Sonny-25 Katie+Sonny-26 Katie+Sonny-27 Katie+Sonny-28 Katie+Sonny-29 Katie+Sonny-30 Katie+Sonny-31 Katie+Sonny-32 Katie+Sonny-33 Katie+Sonny-34 Katie+Sonny-35 Katie+Sonny-36 favouritemoment

Reception drinks we both felt relaxed and loved greeting our guests after the ceremony and listening to our friend play his acoustic guitar and with the sun shining it was the perfect moment.

Katie+Sonny-37 Katie+Sonny-38 Katie+Sonny-39 Katie+Sonny-40 thestationery

We did everything ourselves the invitations, place names, wrapped jam jars with string, favours, table plan, made confetti cones and filled with confetti with help from our mums.

Katie+Sonny-41 Katie+Sonny-42 Katie+Sonny-43 thedecor

We went for a rustic theme we thought it worked really well with the venue. We had lanterns, tea lights, fairy lights and bunting.

Katie+Sonny-44 Katie+Sonny-45 Katie+Sonny-46 THECAKE

Vanilla Cakes

Katie+Sonny-47 Katie+Sonny-48 Katie+Sonny-49 Katie+Sonny-50 Katie+Sonny-51 Katie+Sonny-52 Katie+Sonny-53 Katie+Sonny-54 Katie+Sonny-55 Katie+Sonny-56 Katie+Sonny-57 Katie+Sonny-58 Katie+Sonny-59 thefavours

Bought bags from Confetti.co.uk and put chocolates hearts in each bag. We also bought wooden        engraved hearts with our names and wedding date on them and ties onto the bag.

Katie+Sonny-60 Katie+Sonny-61 Katie+Sonny-62 Katie+Sonny-63 Katie+Sonny-64 Katie+Sonny-65 Katie+Sonny-66 Katie+Sonny-67 Katie+Sonny-68 Katie+Sonny-69 Katie+Sonny-70 Katie+Sonny-71 Katie+Sonny-72 Katie+Sonny-73 Katie+Sonny-74 Katie+Sonny-75 Katie+Sonny-76 Katie+Sonny-77 Katie+Sonny-78 Katie+Sonny-79 Katie+Sonny-80 theentertainment

Riot! Found them through Warble Entertainment. They were brilliant everyone commented on how good they were.

Katie+Sonny-81 Katie+Sonny-82 Katie+Sonny-83 Katie+Sonny-84 Katie+Sonny-85 thehoneymoon

Roma for our mini moon, America for our honeymoon next year.

Katie+Sonny-86 Katie+Sonny-87 Katie+Sonny-88 Katie+Sonny-89 Katie+Sonny-90 Katie+Sonny-91 Katie+Sonny-92 Katie+Sonny-93 Katie+Sonny-94 Katie+Sonny-95 Katie+Sonny-96 Katie+Sonny-97 Katie+Sonny-98advice

Be organised, buy a wedding planning book, get as much done earlier on. Get family to help as much as possible.

Where did you find your inspiration? I loved pinterest I found all my inspiration on there.

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