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Skincare Junkie? Moi?

I’m not entirely sure I’d actually faced what a massive skincare junkie I am until I came to write this, and realised what my bathroom shelf has become.  My bathroom shelf currently houses no less than 35 products – and this is just “my” bathroom, not the bath-bathroom, nor my “makeup room” (which is having a makeover at the moment and will hopefully be ready in a few weeks for a makeup organisation post – if you fancy one!)* Admittedly the recent Space NK Beauty Box gave it a bit of a boost (it’s sold out now so I can’t link it – sorry!) – I hesitated and missed out on the first one, and so didn’t deliberate on this one as the inclusion of Dr Lipp and the Beauty Blender made it a definite. However hopefully having tried a LOT of products gives me some authority to offer you some opinions.

So, my skin type is dehydrated/combination/acne prone (fun huh?!) so I thought I’d share some current faves, and some old faves, and some can’t-live-withouts. I rarely stick with products for hugely long periods of time – I love trying new things ( I’m aware this isn’t the smartest way to achieve maximum results, but I struggle to restrain myself!) but I do keep to a regular routine – Cleanser (often a double cleanse if I’m wearing a lot of makeup), Serum, Moisturiser or Oil, Eye Cream, Lip Balm and then 1 mask a week, and 2 exfoliations.


So SO back in love with Eve Lom – I had this years ago and was another reason I bought the Space NK box – I was feeling giving it another try. It’s lovely – the smell, the feel, the clean but not tight feeling afterwards, the cloth to remove. As my skin gets older it’s difficult to find something that will sufficiently cleanse off makeup, not overwhelm my blemish prone skin (which doesn’t love heavily fragranced product and definitely doesn’t like cream cleanser) but won’t further dehydrate, and I really feel this is the one – with Clove Oil as a natural antiseptic it helps keep skin clear, and Eucalyptus encourages toxins to drain away.  You are encouraged to use a massage technique to get maximum benefits from the product, and facial massage is something I’ve been trying to do more of since I watched Lisa Eldridge’s video a while back. It feels great and encourages a little “you” time at the end of a long day. I think I enjoy cleansing the most – I love wearing makeup (obviously) but the feeling you get of truly cleansed skin at the end of long day is unbeatable (and you will NEVER get this from face wipes people – just don’t. Seriously.)


I switch between using a Glycolic pad once a week and then a scrub once a week – both are used to exfoliate and renew skin, just in two different ways. Bare Minerals Glow Pads are quick and easy, and they help to improve tone and radiance with the presence of Glycolic Acid, which is an AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids which safely remove dead skin cells and are great for both congestion and anti aging. My skin is pretty reactive to grainy scrubs, which is why I’d steered clear for a while, but I love Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator – it’s gentle and uses wheatgerm oil with wild flower honey to calm and soothe. It also smells beautiful and is a bargain at under £11!


I admit for a while I’ve been struggling to find a moisturiser I truly loved – I have a sample of Ren Youth Vitality Day Cream which smells and feels amazing, but I usually go back to Pro Activ – it’s not glamorous, or exciting, but it has helped with my acne in the past. If you have any amazing moisturiser suggestions do let me know!


So I have a couple here – for pre going out firming and just generally making you feel like you have a new and slightly tighter face, it has to be Glam Glow. It does tingle, and a few of my friends really didn’t like that but I love it – the brightening effect lasts for up to 3 days and although it is pricey per ml, you don’t need much product. When my skin is in break out crisis (which it is more often than not at the moment) I love Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask – calming and balancing for congested and sensitive skin.

Hand Cream

Not technically skin care (well of the facial kind anyway) but I am so in love with Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream – a client bought me this for Christmas and I’ve been hooked since. Mega rich for those of you who find themselves with dry hands, particularly going into this time of year, smells gorgeous but absorbs super quickly so no greasy fingerprints afterwards.


Two years ago I always would have said Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – which I do still use and enjoy, but Dr Lipp has really replaced it in my affections. If you dislike the smell of 8 hour this is a great alternative – it’s 100% natural, virtually odourless, and when used on lips has a finish and texture a little more like a gloss which I love. It lasts forever, and a little overnight will more than fix dry chapped lips.

Eye Cream

I always feel like with eye cream, it’s really more about line prevention than seeing some amazing result – I do carry a lot of darkness under the eyes, and no amount of sleep, water or eye cream really ever truly lifts it, however I am religious about applying eye cream and I don’t have any signs of even fine lines yet, which is reasonably encouraging at 32. At the moment I’m using Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti Aging Intensive Repair Eye Serum, which has a light, easily absorbed texture.


This isn’t really a serum but in lieu I’ve been using Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil for a while – I was encouraged to start using a Retinol rich product to keep the first signs of aging at bay, and this oil is formulated to improve skins resilience and hydration as well as repairing damage. I don’t actually feel a lot of the time I need moisturiser alongside this, as it is a reasonably rich product – I couldn’t find any suggestions when I purchased it as to whether you need one or not, but I imagine it’s up to you. Between this and my Skinade I’ve definitely found my fine lines have decreased and my skin looks plumper.

Let me know what skin care you are loving at the moment and what I need to try – I need an excuse to buy more!

Emily x

* I don’t live in an kind of mansion – I promise. Reading this back I realise having my own bathroom and makeup room makes it sound like I do!

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