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Afternoon all, you are in for a treat today. This wedding is brimming with so much colour and happiness that it is quite infectious, I challenge you to not feel uplifted after seeing this. The stop-motion film is also superb thats why I have popped it in first. I loved the fact that the flowers were grown on the venue’s estate, if you want local, Someryleyton is where its at!

Imagery by Fuller Photography

Bav and Louise Say ‘I Do’ – a stop-motion wedding film at Somerleyton Hall from Karen Fuller on Vimeo.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-001 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-002 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-003 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-004 thehair&makeup

Lily Cooper.  Louises hairdresser since she was aged 18, in Wisbech. Louise still to this day travels to Wisbech where her parents live to have her hair done by Lily.  Make up by Melissa Abel.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-005 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-006 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-007 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-008 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-009 theflowers

Denise Johnson – Head Florist Somerleyton Hall.

We loved the fact that all the flowers were local and grown on the estate we were getting married on. We also loved the fact that the colour theme and flowers available tied in perfectly – using flowers that were in season in May. Denise did a mega job when asked for the biggest button hole ever. She worked her magic on the table decorations on a tight budget and the ribbon was from the Range store in Norwich.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-010 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-011 thebride

Dress by Justin Alexander from Prima Donna, Norwich. Louise debated between two dresses – one with buttons down the train, the other with a stunning detail on the shoulders. As Louise could not decide she picked the detail shoulder dress and had the extra 80 buttons sewn on to the bottom of the train. The ladies in Prima Donna were excellent from start to finish. In fact Louise has just dropped her dress off there to be cleaned and boxed for safe keeping. Shoes – L K Bennett.  These were actually the first birthday present Louise received from Bav 2 years before the proposal. A vibrant orange colour which happened to fit in perfectly. Traditional Gujarati outfit from Rajkot, India – bought by Mother of the Groom and best man – Upesh. .

Brides hair accessories/veil – Prima Donna, Norwich.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-012 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-013 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-014 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-015 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-016 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-017 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-018 thephotographer

Karen Fuller – Fuller Photography.

Stumbled across Karen at a wedding fair at Sprowston Manor – her colour blockswere brilliant and such a nice person! We decided to meet Karen on a rainy dull day in a pub in Drayton in Norwich. Had a drink and chatted, we knew she was the photographer for us. Bav scared her a bit but she took us on! We picked the photo fusion package as we loved the idea of a mini video made up purely of photographs outlining the feel of our big day. We were not disappointed and so much better than a videographer in our opinion. Karen came up with some fantastic ideas for shots during the day. We had a full on schedule fitting two ceremonies in one and completed the required shots for the photo fusion film. It was Karens meticulous planning in the weeks leading up to the wedding, giving us realistic timescales to achieve the images we wanted which meant our day rang perfectly on time throughout. Thank you Karen! The hard part now begins trying to decide which images to put onto our walls.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-019 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-020 thebridesmaids

Fairytale Gowns, Stalham. Much deliberation went into the dresses but the team at Fairytale Gowns were great and did a cracking deal.  Shoes and accessories – bridesmaids’ own.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-021 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-022 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-023 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-024 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-025 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-026 THEGROOM

Suit, Ties and pocket square – Moss Boss, Norwich. The whole crew descended on Moss as we had left it until 8 weeks before the wedding. Initially tails was considered but Bav and Gordon (father of the bride) felt them too formal. We chose electric blue with a lovely paisley blue/green lining. They were bespoke suits but shop samples. They fitted perfectly and we wangled a great deal with some heavy negotiating.  They only had one in Norwich so Moss managed to get all their stores to send over any remaining suits on the shelves over to us We had suits from Brighton, London, Peterborough and Midlands sent over!.  Worked out cheaper than hiring for a much better quality suit and since then have had loads of use out if it, Best of all – It reminds Bav  and Louise of their wedding day.

Shirt – T M Lewin Shoes – Barker of London, Jarrolds Norwich. Louise bought the shoes as a surprise for Bav on the day of the wedding. He had been eyeing them up for a while. Traditional Gujarati outfit from Rajkot, India again bought by Ila (Mother of the Groom) and Upesh (Best Man)

Groomsmens outfits/accessories – Suit – Moss Bros, Norwich. Shirts – T M Lewin. Ties, pocket squares and cufflinks –

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-027 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-028 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-029 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-030 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-031 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-032 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-033 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-034 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-035 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-036 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-037 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-038 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-039 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-040 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-041 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-042 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-043 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-044 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-045 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-046 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-047 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-048 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-049 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-050 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-051 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-052 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-053 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-054 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-055 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-056 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-057 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-058 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-059 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-060 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-061 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-062 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-063 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-064 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-065 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-066 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-067 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-068 favouritemoment

Louise – Walking up the aisle to Bav & looking around seeing our friends and family enjoying themselves. Bav – The first time I saw Louise in her Indian outfit, the fireworks and the Masterchef masks. Sharing out candy floss and walking around with some giant balloons. We especially liked gathering everyone together and co-ordinating our final photo – Bav and Louise in sparklers.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-069 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-070 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-071 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-072 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-073 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-074 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-075 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-076 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-077 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-078 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-079 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-080 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-081 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-082 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-083 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-084 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-085 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-086 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-087 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-088 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-089 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-090 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-091 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-092 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-093 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-094 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-095 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-096 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-097 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-098 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-099 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-100 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-101 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-102 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-103 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-104 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-105 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-106 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-107 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-108 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-109 thefavours

Macarons by Vicky Cook (Grooms friend)

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-110 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-111 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-112 thefood&drink

Stuart Pegg -Head chef for Somerleyton Estate. Stuart cooked up an absolute storm on the day, so many guests made a point of telling us how amazing the food was. The preparation of the menu started many months before the big day at the Fritton Arms pub by Fritton Lake where Stu is the head chef. We had quite few ideas what we would like for the menu and he accommodated our requests perfectly including cooking a vegetarian curry for lots of traditional Gujarati guests! We had four choices for main course so we set Stu quite a challenge but every dish looked and tasted amazing on the day.  We were rather ambitious and picked a duck with ramen noodles, chicken on the bone with a juniper jus and a quintet of miniature desserts including sorbet, parfait, brownie and crumb.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-113 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-114 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-115 thestationery

I doby Fleur Daniels. We wanted to keep invitation costs to a minimum and considered making all of our own invitations, however, when we met Fleur at a wedding fair at Godwick Great Barn we were so impressed with the invitations we had on display we asked for her to make up a free sample for us. When it arrived with all our details on we knew instantly that we would have the time or patience to make them look as amazing as that and for such a reasonable price. Fleur did an amazing job catering for our indecisiveness and strange requests trying to combine the two cultures into 1 invitation. She was brilliant at picking pearlescent orange and pink from our colour themes and we even provided a Somerleyton watermark with permission from the estate and a luckyGanesh for the invite. We decided to make our own invitations for evening guests and order of services to give the day a personal touch.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-116 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-118 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-119 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-120 thedecor

Funky, fresh, sexy and cool. was our theme. It basically consisted of bright pinks and oranges and lots of helium balloons including big silver balloons as table numbers.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-121 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-122 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-123 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-124 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-125 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-126 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-127 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-128 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-129 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-130 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-131 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-132 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-133 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-134 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-135 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-136 THECAKE

Tracey Halls (Brides friend). Tracey is an amazing baker and can decorate the most intricate cakes but we didnt want to put too much pressure on her so we asked for fairy cakes with sugar paste icing in bright orange and pink to match our theme.90 of them!

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-137 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-138 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-139 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-140 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-141 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-142 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-143 theentertainment

Harpist – Xenia Horne. Bav hired Xenia to play at Bav and Louises apartment on the night he proposed leading to the most romantic proposal possible. It only seemed right that we had Xenia at the wedding to complete the journey. She is absolutely fantastic and a lovely person too. Xenia and her husband lugged a full sized harp up 4 flights of stairs and laid rose petals everywhere for the proposal.

Guitarist/Singer – Jess Mason-Wilkes. We were in Norwich on a Saturday 2 weeks before the wedding and heard this person singing outside Jarrolds. We both agreed she was amazing and before we know it Bav had wangled her singing and playing guitar during the wedding breakfast. She was more than happy to oblige and her first ever wedding gig.

DJ – Nigel Persaud (an old work colleague of Bavs) A retired charge nurse from the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital who used to DJ at doctors mess parties. A legend in his own right and funky dude to boot.

Beat Boxer – Lee Gibling. We met Lee at a cabaret night in Norwich and thought he would provide a bit of fun at the wedding. Lee really got into the swing of things and served our guests during the wedding breakfast before stealing the mic off Bav at the end of his speech and proceeded to beat box for our guests. They all loved him. He did a second set for the evening guests which went down just as well.

Casino (blackjack and roulette) – Peter Kerr, Fun Casino Events. We met Peter at Sprowston Wedding Fair then again at a close friends wedding. He was so much fun that we decided to have him and his wife with blackjack and Roulette.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-144 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-145 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-146 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-147 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-148 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-149 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-150 thehoneymoon

Hong Kong (staying at the Shangri-La in Kowloon) & Bali (staying at Viceroy Bali, Ubud).  We wanted a multi stop tour and almost stopped at Singapore. However Kuoni were most excellent (John Lewis Norwich). We wanted some culture then end with relax. Kowloon was amazing as the hotel was on the harbour looking over at Hong Kong island. We did the peak, drank green tea and took in the skyline. Of course not to be missed is Happy Valley racecourse. We also had one of the best cocktails ever at the Ozone bar at the Ritz carlton – the highest bar in the world.

We spent out last week in relaxing Ubud in the jungle. The Viceroy is in the small luxury hotels of the world group and was the most secluded and luxurious stays we have ever had. We did some Kopi Luak coffee tasting, trekked the rice fields and spent a day washing, feeding and riding elephants. And of course relaxing by the infinity pool and eating some spectacular food.

FullerPhoto-BavLouise-151 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-152 FullerPhoto-BavLouise-153advice

Tips for those in the planning process –  One of the first things you should do is book your photographer, book you venue and try loads of food. Be bold and stamp your personalities on your day. Make it your own and never be one to succumb to conformity. Everyone is there for you – just remember that.


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