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Morning!! How was your weekend? We are back to real weddings, inspiration, lifestyle bits and beauty. Make sure you are paying attention on the 15th as it is the Wedding Blog awards. We have been nominated every year since I think 2013so ya know, this may be our year. Thank you so much if you did take the time to vote. Rebecca and I will be dusting off a speech just in case. Hoping to pull a Gwyneth.

Gary and Ashleigh chose such a beautiful wedding venue, and one that we don’t see often on the blogs. I have featured it before for a Harry Potter wedding but Harlaxton Manor remains quite elusive. I have been myself and I can’t put in to words the size and expanse of the rooms. It is truly stunning and as Gary and Ashleigh found, it doesn’t much (if any) decorating.

Imagery by Lissa Alexandra Photography 

LAP-Copyright-0001-vintage LAP-Copyright-0004-vintage THEGROOM

Hired from Musson’s in Lincoln. Shoes, tan leather, Ted Baker.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: silver hip flasks. groom also had a pocket watch.

LAP-Copyright-0007-vintage LAP-Copyright-0017-vintage LAP-Copyright-0020-vintage LAP-Copyright-0025-vintage LAP-Copyright-0027-vintage LAP-Copyright-0028-vintage LAP-Copyright-0029-vintage LAP-Copyright-0030-vintage LAP-Copyright-0031-vintage LAP-Copyright-0034-vintage LAP-Copyright-0040-vintage LAP-Copyright-0048-vintage LAP-Copyright-0052-vintage LAP-Copyright-0054-vintage LAP-Copyright-0055-vintage LAP-Copyright-0056-vintage LAP-Copyright-0062-vintage LAP-Copyright-0064-vintage LAP-Copyright-0065-vintage LAP-Copyright-0066-vintage LAP-Copyright-0068-vintage LAP-Copyright-0082-vintage LAP-Copyright-0089-vintage LAP-Copyright-0092-vintage LAP-Copyright-0099-vintagefxewsqLAP-Copyright-0103-vintage LAP-Copyright-0106-vintage LAP-Copyright-0107-vintage LAP-Copyright-0111-vintage LAP-Copyright-0115-vintage LAP-Copyright-0117-vintage LAP-Copyright-0119-vintage LAP-Copyright-0136-vintage thebridesmaids

Twobirds bridesmaid dresses. (accessories were forgotten about on the morning!!!) shoes were bought by bridesmaids themselves, all different.

LAP-Copyright-0146-vintage LAP-Copyright-0152-vintage LAP-Copyright-0154-vintage LAP-Copyright-0155-vintage LAP-Copyright-0158-vintage LAP-Copyright-0159-vintage LAP-Copyright-0161-vintage thebride

Dress and Accessories from Maggie Sottero and Shoes Rainbow – both bought from Belle and Bouquet Bridal Shop in Wellingore

Bride’s hair /makeup: Hair by Jacqui Wingfield, Make up by Abi Ringer

LAP-Copyright-0163-vintage LAP-Copyright-0171-vintage LAP-Copyright-0173-vintage LAP-Copyright-0179-vintage LAP-Copyright-0184-vintage LAP-Copyright-0186-vintage LAP-Copyright-0194-vintage LAP-Copyright-0201-vintage LAP-Copyright-0208-vintage LAP-Copyright-0217-vintage LAP-Copyright-0226-vintage LAP-Copyright-0229-vintage LAP-Copyright-0230-vintage LAP-Copyright-0234-vintage LAP-Copyright-0235-vintage LAP-Copyright-0238-vintage LAP-Copyright-0239-vintage LAP-Copyright-0245-vintage LAP-Copyright-0246-vintage LAP-Copyright-0250-vintage LAP-Copyright-0252-vintage LAP-Copyright-0271-vintage LAP-Copyright-0273-vintage LAP-Copyright-0282-vintage LAP-Copyright-0285-vintage LAP-Copyright-0286-vintage LAP-Copyright-0292-vintage LAP-Copyright-0318-vintage LAP-Copyright-0321-vintage LAP-Copyright-0324-vintage favouritemoment

Post ceremony, greeted by two glasses of bubbly, when it was just me and my husband, and we got to act a little crazy and be like… wahhhh we just did it!!! Our photographer caught that moment and they are also my favourite photos of just us.

LAP-Copyright-0325-vintage LAP-Copyright-0326-vintage LAP-Copyright-0336-vintage LAP-Copyright-0337-vintage LAP-Copyright-0340-vintage LAP-Copyright-0342-vintage theflowers

Magic Moments

LAP-Copyright-0361-vintage LAP-Copyright-0370-vintage LAP-Copyright-0375-vintage LAP-Copyright-0377-vintage LAP-Copyright-0388-vintage LAP-Copyright-0392-vintage LAP-Copyright-0397-vintage LAP-Copyright-0408-vintage LAP-Copyright-0409-vintage LAP-Copyright-0424-vintage LAP-Copyright-0441-vintage LAP-Copyright-0448-vintage LAP-Copyright-0449-vintage LAP-Copyright-0451-vintage LAP-Copyright-0455-vintage LAP-Copyright-0468-vintage LAP-Copyright-0472-vintage LAP-Copyright-0473-vintage LAP-Copyright-0502-vintage LAP-Copyright-0503-vintage LAP-Copyright-0504-vintage LAP-Copyright-0505-vintage LAP-Copyright-0507-vintage LAP-Copyright-0508-vintage LAP-Copyright-0509-vintage LAP-Copyright-0511-vintage LAP-Copyright-0512-vintage thedecor

No theme, just started with colours in mind and things we liked, we both wanted neutral colours and I love pearls so we started with a pearl and champagne colour theme, but because the venue is so grand we let it do the talking and incorporated the colours we liked where necessary, i.e. bridesmaid dress, flowers, cake, chair covers, sashes.

LAP-Copyright-0518-vintage LAP-Copyright-0526-vintage LAP-Copyright-0531-vintage LAP-Copyright-0534-vintage thestationery

Feel Good Wedding Invitations in Scribble Wedding Stationery. Found on notonthehighstreet.com

LAP-Copyright-0554-vintage LAP-Copyright-0556-vintage LAP-Copyright-0564-vintage LAP-Copyright-0566-vintage LAP-Copyright-0572-vintage LAP-Copyright-0578-vintage LAP-Copyright-0583-vintage LAP-Copyright-0587-vintage LAP-Copyright-0592-vintage LAP-Copyright-0593-vintage LAP-Copyright-0598-vintage LAP-Copyright-0600-vintage LAP-Copyright-0602-vintage LAP-Copyright-0604-vintage LAP-Copyright-0605-vintage LAP-Copyright-0609-vintage LAP-Copyright-0639-vintage LAP-Copyright-0640-vintage LAP-Copyright-0644-vintage LAP-Copyright-0648-vintage LAP-Copyright-0678-vintage LAP-Copyright-0685-vintage LAP-Copyright-0698-vintage LAP-Copyright-0703-vintage LAP-Copyright-0718-vintage LAP-Copyright-0723-vintage LAP-Copyright-0732-vintage LAP-Copyright-0736-vintage LAP-Copyright-0738-vintage LAP-Copyright-0741-vintage THECAKE

Made by Darren at Studio 82.

LAP-Copyright-0747-vintage LAP-Copyright-0750-vintage LAP-Copyright-0759-vintage LAP-Copyright-0761-vintage thefavours We had a caricaturist.

LAP-Copyright-0773-vintage LAP-Copyright-0781-vintage theentertainment

The Supertones

LAP-Copyright-0785-vintage LAP-Copyright-0787-vintage LAP-Copyright-0799-vintage LAP-Copyright-0800-vintage LAP-Copyright-0801-vintage LAP-Copyright-0817-vintage LAP-Copyright-0818-vintage LAP-Copyright-0819-vintage LAP-Copyright-0821-vintage LAP-Copyright-0822-vintage LAP-Copyright-0837-vintage LAP-Copyright-0840-vintage LAP-Copyright-0844-vintage LAP-Copyright-0846-vintageadvice

Only spend what you can afford.

Ask as many questions as you want, its your day, if they don’t have the time to answer your questions your probably not going to get the service you expect from them. Almost all of the vendors we used were so nice and accommodating it becomes easy to pick out the ones not to trust or bother with…however you may realise this late and already parted with hefty deposits…. once you’ve got this far, keep in touch with the vendors and trust that they are professionals and will get the job done. 

We did a lot online as we lived abroad but I was happy with that as I am not so good at arts and crafts and would undoubtedly have been disappointed with my own attempts at stationary.

Where did you find your inspiration? Pinterest, Instagram, Google! Mainly knew I didn’t want bold colours, I like white, cream, a little but of soft pink and the colour of the bridesmaids dresses in a neutral colour (called Putty) were all I really wanted, the venue did the rest, thats why we picked it.  Simply stunning venues make a brides job much easier, No messing around with other decorations.  I had flowers, chair covers and sashes and stationary to organise. Had i chosen a different style of venue, I would have chosen a more rustic theme, hessian type materials and jam jars filled with flowers etc, but the venue helps to dictate the theme I found.

The staff at the venue were also particularly helpful in arranging all the bits you don’t think about, like a stand (easel) for your seating chart and cake table and knife. Also required an extra stand (easel) for our guest book.  It will eventually be a picture of a bunch of balloons with the bride and groom holding them and the date. You get your guests to sign some discs that represent the balloons and then attach to the picture after the wedding ( or if you feel brave let your guests do it!). So its worth asking your venue what they have


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