Wedding planning: One year in… | uk wedding blog


This week marked one year since we began planning our wedding. Well officially anyway. We all know my fantasy wedding planning started a long time before! It’s hard to believe we booked our venue 12 months ago and yet we still have nine months to wait until our big day.

A long engagement has its pros and cons. You get a wider choice of dates, your pick of suppliers and more time to save – plus you can enjoy the amazing feeling of being engaged for longer but on the flipside it can also be very frustrating. With wedding season in full swing for at least the last five months it has been lovely to see so many people getting married this year. It has satisfied my wedding stalking addiction perfectly but also made me wish on a regular basis that it was my turn now.

We still have a long list of things to do but in my eyes most things can be done nearer to the time. Not in Wayne’s eyes though it seems as I receive a call every Sunday reeling off all the things I should be doing. He has a lot of time to think on his four hour drive back to Chepstow!! Im not sure why but I have a real fear of planning things too early. My Pinterest boards are turning into monstrous wish lists and the ideas keep coming but I still can’t quite see it all coming together.

It doesn’t help that our wedding venue that we loved because it was different and not a conveyer belt of weddings now seems to be the most popular wedding venue in the North Yorkshire, with a wedding every weekend until Christmas! We have even heard rumours of a footballer offering a couple £20k to move their date so they could marry there…what would you do?? It would take a lot to get me to move mine! So we aren’t able to visit the venue again until Wayne and I can take some time off work mid-week which is making it difficult to envisage what we want to do decoration and layout wise.

Attending weddings is a great way to pick up inspiration and ideas as well as recommendations for suppliers. In fact we have booked both the florist and DJ from a wedding we went to in April. However I am the first person in my friendship group to get engaged so its a fairly new to the concept in our group. However last week I was knocked off position as the only bride to be as my lovely friend Rochelle got engaged to her fella Lee. And I couldn’t be happier for them. Not only is this someone who I can now constantly annoy with wedding talk but I can also offer advice and not to mention the wedding to look forward to after ours 🙂 I can’t wait to see what different ideas she will come up with and share our wedding excitement. Eek!

I would like to finish by saying a huge congratulations to Vanessa my fellow SYGM bride who tied the knot last weekend and looked amazing. Writing and reading this blog and many others has really helped me in the planning process and I hope I am helping other brides too. Please do get in touch on Twitter or email if you just want to chat weddings! I am always happy to oblige.

We are tackling bridesmaid dress shopping at the end of this month (gulp) I’ll fill you in with all the details next time.

Until then Happy Planning x