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Happy Bank Holiday! This rainy Monday is the perfect time to share the new beautiful collection from Lyn Ashworth. We are big fans of Sarah Barnett’s designs at SYGM after Rebecca wore a Lyn Ashworth for her own wedding. All the dresses epitomise romance, are made in England and capture the essence of an English rose. 

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Made in England couture bridal house, Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett, is excited to reveal its 2016 ‘To be Loved’ collection.  


This utterly dreamy collection is of typical Lyn Ashworth fashion and oozes femininity and luxury. With her sharp eye for style, designer, Sarah Barrett has sourced absolutely beautiful and unique fabrics to create this collection.  


Full swooshy, floor sweeping skirts and new shapely silhouettes bring this timeless collection to life for today’s bride.  Pretty, feminine hand stitched, embellishments and exquisite details are just breathtaking against the softest tonal hues of ivory, pinks and sea pearl. 


Inspired by the nature that surrounds us, “To be Loved’ is a collection of blooming, chic and soft shades worn head to toe in petal soft fabrics and is every girl’s dream.


Head designer of Lyn Ashworth, Sarah Barrett, says: “This collection is for the bride that appreciates quality and craftsmanship. With attention to detail and impeccable fit that a woman strives for is achieved with a Lyn Ashworth gown.  The 2016 collection is breathtakingly romantic yet is still able to offer a relaxed sophistication.


“I have had great fun designing this collection and have sourced some really different fabrics and lace to adorn the gowns.” 

For further information about Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett, please visit: www.lynashworth.co.uk

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