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Now, if you don’t already know, you will soon – I love candles. Like, I really, really bloody love candles. And up there with my favourites is a reasonably recent discovery of mine – Neom Organics. I originally discovered the brand when I was looking for a clean burning candle which would be soot free, and Neom ticks all the boxes – natural and organic ingredients, no petro chemical or paraffin wax, ethically sourced and made in Britain using pure ingredients and including no toxins.  This candle is from the Happiness range and there are 7 100% essential oils in the fragrance of this candle including a cut- grass note derived from uplifting peppermint (love!), white mimosa and lemon. This aromatherapy inspired smell has been blended to “balance emotions and shed unnecessary worries” (and who doesn’t need some of that from time to time!) and smells gorgeous – spring like and bright, but soft and comforting.  Whilst it burns you definitely smell the lemon note, but it’s a soft lemon, not a strong citric smell – if you love a spa-at-home type fragrance which isn’t overwhelming and non synthetic smelling then this is a great choice.

I absolutely love the three wick element of this candle – it’s quick to give off scent when all wicks are lit, and with the frosted glass and minimalistic branding this definitely looks beautiful on your dressing table or on your top table, if you so fancied scenting your wedding – and happiness is definitely going to be your vibe for your big day, right?!

With a 50 hour burn time this is great value for money too (£45), and really does make you feel cozy and happy.  The Happiness collection also includes a travel candle, room surround scent diffuser, home mist and 1 wick candle, and you really must have a peek at the beautiful website – I absolutely love the branding and I’ve just been swooning over the beautiful Jenny Packham collection – how chic? Perfect for gifting too. Next on my list to try would definitely be the Tranquility Skin Treatment Candle, which is both a candle to scent the room and once melted becomes a warm nourishing body oil – amazing! Have you tried any Neom products before?

Emily x

* Disclaimer – This product was sent to me to review however I only feature products I love and would be happy to purchase myself






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Tarnia Williams //

I love ALL Neom products – especially the candles and room sprays. I normally have one burning during my consultations and use to give the travel candles as wedding gifts to my clients.