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I recently arrived at a venue to make up one of my beautiful brides and her lovely girls, began setting up my kit, and promptly realised ( for the first time ever in over 5 years, I hastily add) that I had, after washing them the night before, accidentally left over half of my makeup brushes at home. Cue one hasty phone call to awaken my other half (no, he wasn’t thrilled – it was pre 7am), a few phone calls to local taxi firms, and voila ~ my brushes enjoyed a 35 minute cab ride to meet me at the other end, costing me a grand total of £45. The reason I did this? Because I just can’t execute a great standard of makeup artistry without my precious brushes.

I cannot begin to tell you how instrumental they are to me for the precision and execution of a look, and how lost I’d be without them!  I cannot recommend enough that anyone looking to improve their makeup skills remembers the often forgotten brush, which can take your products from Meh to Wow in a matter of moments, improving look, wear and often meaning you waste far less product as you improve your application ( blending foundation with fingers can be hard work!)


The first brushes I always recommend to my clients which I love to use myself are Real Techniques.  The brainchild of makeup gurus Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo fame, the core collection were really the first professional quality brushes available on the high street for an accessible price, and their popularity led to the launch of the Bold Metals Collection – 7 beautiful and innovative brushes appealing to those of who love luxe design and high performance.  These are some serious brushes – you only have to hold them and feel the weight ( which is engineered to allow brushes to tip toward your face – clever!) to know they are quality and a great investment.

My faves so far include ~


301 Flat Contour

Perfect ( as the name would suggest ) for contouring, this is a super dense flat headed brush which will allow you to really sculpt those cheekbones with a cream contour product. I also use this brush to smooth on and really build full coverage foundation, and it’s great for pressing on a precise highlight too. TIP~ wash often, as it retains a lot of product in between the short compact fibres.


101 ~ Triangle Foundation

The flat edge of this brush smooths foundation over the face, and the pointed edge allows you to apply foundation to all the tucks of the face.  This collection is colour coded – Gold for face products, silver for eye and rose gold for complexion ( blush, bronze).

202 ~ Angled Liner

This is a great brush which makes liner easy ( I know – easy!). For a soft diffused look try pressing a dark shadow onto the lash line, and for a classic wing try with a gel liner – the slanted head fits close to the lash line for smooth even application. This can definitely double up as a brow brush too and is great for £10.

PLUS they look amazing on your dressing table. What is there not to love?  Will you be adding these to your makeup brush collection?

Emily x

Available from Boots from £10

* These brushes were sent to me to review, however I wouldn’t show you any products that I don’t 100% recommend and love*

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