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{The Maldives}


As you may know, I love to travel. L o v e  i t. Even the planning gets me excited so just writing this post I had a serious case of wanderlust! Have you booked your honeymoon yet or started planning it? Maybe you’re already married and just thinking about a holiday. A lot of people don’t know where to start so over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a few advice posts if you’d like to see them. And if you have any specific destinations you want us to research or tips on anything travel related just let us know. Today we’re talking where to go and when. 

I’ve put this little guide together to give you some ideas of where is best to visit month by month for the best weather. However, while these are traditionally the best times to visit, our seasons and weather around the world are changing all the time which blurs the boundaries between the supposed best times to visit. Even within England, you’d expect July or August to be warm and sunny but more often than not we have a lot of rain {today we have a weather warning out for Hertfordshire where I live!}. Also, tropical islands like The Caribbean or Maldives out in the middle of the ocean are tropical for a reason and so they might have the heaviest rain fall in our summer months but this doesn’t mean rain all day everyday, you’re more than likely to still have a lot of sunshine with just a few heavy showers while you’re out there. Bear in mind that the best times to visit will mean that it’s high season and therefore prices can be substantially higher. If you’re willing to take a risk with the weather then you can take advantage of some real bargains.

For example, my husband and I got married last July and had always wanted to honeymoon in The Maldives, all travel agents warn you that it’s the worst time to visit because of the highest rainfall in that month but we researched it and realised that we’d be incredibly unlucky to have heavy rain everyday we were there. It would be more likely to either rain at night or just a few heavy showers during the day. Our honeymoon cost less than half of what it would have done if it had been in high season between December-April and whilst we did have one scary night of weather {where Ben thought I was about to get swept off the jetty walking to dinner!}, we had clear blue skies for about 80% of the time.

As a rough idea though;

January; The Maldives, The Caribbean, Thailand, Morocco, Australia, Bahamas, Costa Rice, Mexico, New Zealand, South East Asia,  Sri Lanka, Dubai, Africa.

Try and avoid – Europe {too cold!} and most of North America unless you think wrapping up in thermals is sexy. Mauritius can experience cyclones at this time of year.

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{You don’t need to worry about hurricanes in the Caribbean between December and July}

February;  Dubai, North Africa – Morocco/Egypt, India, South East Asia, African Safari, Australia, The Caribbean, New Zealand, The Bahamas, Mexico, Thailand.

Try and avoid – Most of Europe and North America will still be very Wintery at this time of year. Although Paris is always romantic no matter how cold!

March –  Mexico, The Maldives, China, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, The Canary Islands, California, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

Try and avoid – Mauritius tends to be rainiest at this time of year.



honeymoon 2

{Paris in the Springtime}

April – The Seychelles, North America – Florida or California perhaps, Europe starts to warm up and springs into bloom so take advantage of Italy – Rome, Tuscany, The Amalfi Coast or Venice, France or parts of Spain, The Caribbean, The Maldives, Bora Bora, Japan.


{Florence, the capital of Tuscany is romantic in Italy and perfect for May/June}

May – Hawaii, Mauritius, The Seychelles, Mini-moon in the UK it’s usually a lovely time of year, most of Europe e.g. Rome, Venice, The Greek Islands are perfect at this time of year before the crowds, Bali, North America – New York perhaps?, Croatia, Japan..


{Europe’s sparkly seas. Croatia and The Greek Islands are ideal from May-September}

June – Croatia, anywhere in Europe – Tuscany?! or stay in the UK for a minimoon before the schools break up, an African Safari, South Africa, The Greek Islands – Santorini perhaps?, Hawaii, Spain, France, Turkey.

Avoid – India for the Monsoons, Thailand and South East Asia can be rainy at this time of year.


{Magical Santorini}

July – Bora Bora, Hawaii, Bali, Kenya and Tanzania, Zanzibar, anywhere in Europe, Menorca, Ibiza, The Greek Islands, Croatia, Italy.

Try and avoid – The Caribbean – it’s the start of the Hurricane season, India where you could get caught in the Monsoon and The Maldives where it’s rainiest at this time of year {although read my note at the top}, Dubai and The Middle East will be too hot at this time.

honeymoon 8


August – Bali, Kenya/Tanzania, Zanzibar, anywhere in Europe although it could be crowded.

Avoid – Las Vegas it will be scorching, likewise with The Middle East – Dubai for example. The Bahamas/Caribbean/Mexico/Miami/Florida – it’s the hottest and wettest time and there could be a chance of a hurricane, Sri Lanka could have monsoons. England’s roads and beaches will be busy with the school holidays.

September – Canada, US Road trip around California, England is still warm at this time and quiet now the schools have gone back, South America, Greece will still be lovely and less crowded, likewise with Italy and the rest of Europe, The Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Turkey, Tahiti, Bora Bora, New York.
Avoid –  The Bahamas/Caribbean, Miami/Florida – it’s the hottest and wettest time and there could be a chance of a hurricane.
honeymoon 7

{NYC is a must and temperate from April-October}

October – Bali, Hawaii, Italy, The Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius, Las Vegas, Dubai, Africa, Zanzibar,
Avoid – The Bahamas/Caribbean, Miami/Florida – it’s the hottest and wettest time, could be a chance of a hurricane.
November – Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Central & South Africa, Hawaii, Seychelles, The Bahamas, South East Asia, India, Bora Bora.
Avoid – Europe will be getting colder at this time of year, New York could be bitterly cold.

{Safari adventure followed by the beach?!}

December – Australia {although it will be peak for £££}, The Florida Keys, Bali, Bahamas, Caribbean, The Maldives, The Seychelles, Mauritius, New Zealand, Morocco, Dubai, A Safari Adventure/Zanzibar.
Avoid –  Hawaii is the wettest at this time of year, Europe and North America will be lovely and Christmassy but cold.
honeymoon 5


This is just a rough guide though and remember that the months immediately before/after the destination’s prime season are called ‘shoulder’ seasons which usually have good weather as well.
Where have I forgotten? Where are you lusting over?
R <3 xx
– all photos from my travels over the last couple of years. You can find all the honeymoon posts here and my travel posts on my personal blog here.


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Faye Jones //

Thank you for this, it’s really helpful and I’ve pinned it for future use 🙂 My fiance and I are hoping to go to Hawaii via New York and he wants to go in March right after we get married (wedding is March 5th), but reading this has made me want to go in May!

Faye x

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Louise //

This is such a good read! Really concise and to the point. When we were planning our wedding I couldn’t seem to find anything like this around, which probably contributed to the fact that we never quite got around to having a honeymoon! Bookmarked for later!