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Morning all! I first saw Bethany’s wedding when she commented on a blog post via Facebook, I wrote back saying I would love to blog her wedding (based just on her profile picture) and here we are! Bethany and Dan’s wedding was in 2013 and since then Bethany has set up Betsy Living Vintage. I have included their “how they met” story because it is just one of those ‘meant to be’ moments.

Photography by Natalie Leech


How we met – Dan and I met online in 2006. At first, distance prevented us from meeting, but never kept us apart. We chatted endlessly for years and were never far from each other in spirit. Dan eventually moved to Manchester. I excitedly thought my luck was in….. alas he partnered up with someone else, keeping us from meeting for even longer. We kept in touch via facebook sporadically, always checking in to make sure each other was ok. Unfortunately, we lost contact in 2009.

After a few years of trauma, I moved out of my home with my previous partner back to my parents house. That very same week I received an anonymous email….”Beth, is this still your email address?”. A few emails back and forth and I realised it was Dan. He’d found me again! A catch up on Skype confirmed we were both newly single and conversation flowed as easily as it always had. We finally agreed to meet April 2011 with 6 years anticipation of each other brewing. What started as a palm sweaty introduction, ended as a 5 day first date! We’ve been inseparable since. We fell in love on a Tipi retreat in Wales (a gift from me to Dan for his 30th birthday, three weeks into our relationship). We  then moved in together after 3 months, engaged after year and lived happily ever after!! (We were engaged for 16 months before the big day. Just enough time for all the planning)

Dan was meant to propose at another tipi retreat in Gloucester, but it flooded a few days before we were due to arrive! Panicking he booked the beautiful Ettington Park hotel in Stratford-upon-avon. After high tea (my fave) he took me for a walk in the gardens, where we were greeted by a beautiful and  derelict chapel. The sign on the door read “and they lived happily ever after…” It was there, under that sign, that he presented me with the most beautiful art deco engagement ring and asked me to marry him.

NLP_4270 NLP_4274 NLP_4277 NLP_4284 The BrideDress – I designed the dress myself, however had it expertly made by the Agape Atelier team at Agape Bridal Boutique in Knutsford. After hours of searching for the perfect dress I just couldn’t find what I wanted. So I sketched my ideas  and Agape made it a reality. Amazing experience! I love the lace we chose, it’s exquisite with the softest and most detailed scallop edge. I love how the dress made me feel.

Shoes – I went barefoot. I like to feel grounded….and ideally who needs shoes when on beautiful grass?

Accessories – Made and designed by the wonderful Laura Donovan. Stirling silver and fresh water pearl head chain. Earrings – Original Art Deco earrings from my mum’s collection. (lucky huh?)

NLP_4288 The Hair and MakeupBethany Jane Davies

NLP_4291 NLP_4303 NLP_4308 NLP_4328 NLP_4361 NLP_4391 NLP_4397 The GroomJacket – Paul Smith

Trousers – French Connection

Shirt – Reiss

Vintage Longines watch – A gift from me to him on the day.

NLP_4399 NLP_4401 NLP_4402 NLP_4407 NLP_4412 NLP_4420 NLP_4429 NLP_4478 NLP_4490 NLP_4504 NLP_4512 NLP_4561 NLP_4578 NLP_4600 NLP_4604 NLP_4612 NLP_4656 NLP_4668 NLP_4673 NLP_4700 NLP_4727 NLP_4729 NLP_4741 NLP_4744 NLP_4749 NLP_4760 NLP_4765 NLP_4771 The FlowersClare Evers at Blush Rose. Wonderful handpicked vintage blooms

NLP_4777 NLP_4781 NLP_4784 NLP_4794 NLP_4828 The BridesmaidsAgain, Designed myself. Made by a family friend, Jane Moran.

NLP_4837 NLP_4854 The VenueThe Bells Of Peover, Lower Peover, Knutsford. Chosen due to the stunning grounds, the professionalism of the staff and the fact the pastry chef is out of this world!

On the day co-ordinators to help make sure everything went to plan. Keeley and Becky at Flower and Firth (wonderful ladies!)

NLP_4859 _DSC4233_DSC4235_DSC4238_DSC4240_DSC4242NLP_4863 NLP_4864 NLP_4866NLP_4872 NLP_4874_2 NLP_4877 NLP_4878 NLP_4880 NLP_4884 NLP_4889 NLP_4896 NLP_4897 NLP_4911 NLP_4943 NLP_4971 Favourite MomentThis is so difficult, every single aspect of the day was amazing and memorable. We loved having a sweetheart table, it gave the two of us an hour of uninterrupted time together whilst taking in every last drop of the atmosphere amongst our nearest and dearest. However, my fave part had to be simply holding Dan’s hands throughout the ceremony and us, quite literally, staring into each other eyes throughout. It was emotional and spell binding to say the least.

NLP_4973 NLP_4976 NLP_4982 NLP_4983 NLP_4985 NLP_4991 NLP_4992 NLP_5009-2 NLP_5009 NLP_5020 NLP_5027 NLP_5042 NLP_5050 NLP_5054 NLP_5060 NLP_5069 NLP_5080 The DecorWe sourced all of the crockery (except tiered plates ) decanters and props (all now available to hire through our new company We made all of the decorations, (including my pride and joy….my pom pom chandelier) and our flower pot table plan.  We used a chest of drawers, antiques etc from our house. We even sourced love heart sugar cubes in the colour scheme of the day, you know, just to be pedantic! It was a labour of love, and Dan, in the end, became the pom pom king! We spent the days before the wedding decorating the tipi’s (control freaks who secretly love it!)

The wedding was as green as possible, with the food being vegetarian (both veggies) and everything, even down to the invites(tea towels) being reusable.  The only stationary that was printed was printed on recycled card and all paper/card waste (pom poms included) were carted off to the recycling by both myself and Dan the day after the wedding.  No food was left over because it was just too tasty and no wasted favours as we donated instead.

_DSC4298_DSC4300_DSC4309NLP_5084 NLP_5087 NLP_5090 NLP_5093 NLP_5094 NLP_5102 NLP_5107 NLP_5117 NLP_5119 NLP_5121 NLP_5127 NLP_5130 NLP_5134 NLP_5135 NLP_5136 NLP_5137 NLP_5142 NLP_5177 _DSC4428_DSC4424_DSC4423_DSC4420_DSC4418_DSC4416_DSC4413NLP_5375 NLP_5416 NLP_5425 NLP_5427 NLP_5428 The StationeryStationery was designed by myself alongside the team at Fluid Creativity.

Invites were tea towels (no waste). The only printed things were order of the day and a humorous guest card we designed for guests to fill in.

NLP_5431 NLP_5433 NLP_5434 The FavoursWe did not have favours however donated the money to Life Share. A homeless charity based in Manchester that we both volunteer at.

NLP_5437 NLP_5439 NLP_5442 NLP_5456 NLP_5458 The CakeAhh the cake! Initially we just wanted a cake table, but the more I thought about having an afternoon tea style cake, the more I wanted it. This was designed by Jude Stevens at Sugarcube. Sadly she is no longer doing cakes, which I think is an absolute tragedy as she is SO skilled and our cake got papped as much as we did!

_DSC4265NLP_5486 NLP_5495_1 NLP_5501 NLP_5513 NLP_5519 NLP_5527 NLP_5560 NLP_5573 NLP_5582 NLP_5585 NLP_5620 NLP_5630 NLP_5636 NLP_5637 NLP_5640 NLP_5642 NLP_5652 NLP_5654 NLP_5663 NLP_5665 NLP_5673 NLP_5755 NLP_5783 NLP_5785 NLP_5788 NLP_5791 NLP_5802 NLP_5817 NLP_5842 NLP_5847 NLP_5850 NLP_5870 NLP_5876 NLP_5879 NLP_5882 _DSC4369_DSC4378 (1)_DSC4381 (1)_DSC4384_DSC4390NLP_5889 NLP_5910 The Entertainment

Gramophone Dj’s.

iPod sound system for evening provided by

Evening entertainment of Tarot Card Reader : 

NLP_5937 NLP_5941AdviceEnjoy every moment and be thankful. From the second you get engaged until the second the wedding finishes, embrace it and each other. It all goes by so quickly, yet has to be one of the most exciting times of your life. Don’t lose each other in the madness of the planning and be thankful for what you have together. There are bound to be times where you feel stressed, upset, let down by someone, but remember, this is YOUR special day, and you should do exactly what makes you happy.

(oh and invest in a good photographer and videographer. As time goes by the little details from the day fade from your memory and these will be captured, forever! It completely allows you to re-live those moments from best day of your lives.)


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