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11418209_10155742691310338_88016258_nAfternoon, Rebecca here doing a beauty related post for a change! Well, this is more health/wellbeing related but definitely something to add to your beauty routine once in a while.

SYGM were invited recently to try out reflexology. Do you know much about it? I had heard snippets over the years but never really thought more about it until I got an email from the Association of Reflexologists asking if I’d be interested in having a session. After a quick google about the benefits, all just by having your feet rubbed, I was game! Yes please I replied. So a local therapist in my area was found and off I went for a ninety minute treatment not knowing what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised..

Sharon Coomber, my therapist was really lovely and welcoming with a calming treatment room and a chair that you sink right into. Such a treat to have an excuse to put your feet up! For the first half an hour when you first meet a therapist you’re asked all about your general health and if anything in particular is troubling you. My main issue is bad circulation, my hands and feet are always freezing. Mine are minor ailments but reflexology can play a big role in helping supporting more serious illnesses from cancer to paralysis. It’s an alternative medicine, a holistic approach, which while scientifically can’t be proven as a cure many people swear by the effects. It’s based on the principle that all organs, nerves, glands and parts of the body are connected to reflex areas of points found on the feet and hands. The theory is that when the reflexes are stimulated it sends a signal through the nervous system which encourages the body to heal and clear any imbalances to ensure the body functions and returns to its natural state of equilibrium.

Reflexologists believe that imbalances in the body are caused by stress, anxiety, illness, injury and lifestyle. The hands and feet are like a map of the whole body so by pressing and rubbing different parts you can get a greater understanding of imbalances of everything from your heart to your jaw, arms, knees and back. often this will be before you start to feel any kind of symptoms of pain or even years after you’ve had an operation on that area.

Straight away Sharon discovered by feeling gritty little grains under the skin of my foot that my neck, which along with my back and shoulders is always tight and achey from being on a computer too much. By pressing down the inside of my foot, and asking how much each little press hurt she could work out exactly which vertebrae give me the most pain. Don’t you think that’s incredible? She went on and wrote a list of various different imbalances she picked up and talked me through them. My sinuses and lungs for example are probably due to it being hay fever season right now . As therapists are not doctors they can’t diagnose the issue but can help to increase your wellbeing. The treatment lasted for an hour and apart from learning about the different parts of my body and their condition which was super interesting, the biggest bonus was how incredibly relaxed and sleepy I felt. You know the heavenly feeling after a whole body massage? Spaced out sleepiness.

Reflexology is well known for helping to reduce anxiety and stress, perfect if you want some chill out time whilst in the midst of planning your wedding to help you get some balance back. And that night I had the best sleep ever and woke up feeling energised the next morning. While I didn’t have a specific condition to treat I would definitely consider another treatment if I was feeling particularly stressed or under the weather. Everyone will react differently to a treatment but for many people it can help to calm you, reduce anxiety, sleep, improve your mood, aid conception and fertility, reduce the intensity and duration of menstrual pain. something to try in the run up to your wedding perhaps?

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself you should visit to find your local approved therapist. I loved Sharon at Nature’s Touch Reflexology. 

And if you’ve had it done before, what did you think of it? Let’s discuss!

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