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Wedding countdown

Firstly apologies that this week’s blog is late! I have been so busy actually planning our wedding I haven’t had chance to sit down and write about planning our wedding!

Last Thursday we hit the one year to go point so naturally I spent the day annoying my colleagues with hourly updates on what I’d be doing this time next year and then depressed myself the next day by thinking wow it will all be over by now!! But no time to think about that there’s now less than 360 days to go and probably still 360 things to plan!

So on Saturday I went to look for my wedding dress for the second time, and this time I went armed with two of my bridesmaids hoping they could shed more clarity on what I should go for. At the moment I’m torn between two completely different styles and there doesn’t seem to be that perfect compromise between the two… It’s so hard not to tell you more but I don’t want to reveal too much! So the search continues on that one.

The next priority on my list is flowers! And on Saturday morning we met with a local florist recommended by a friend. Once I got over the shock of how much it costs for something that could be dead the next day I am actually enjoying choosing from the endless selection of flowers, colours and styles. And I am getting there with all the lingo, Hessian, Lace, Ribbon, Pedestal, Hand-tied, Cascade!! I am even finding myself peering into people’s gardens whilst walking the dog to see what flowers they have. We might even try to incorporate some from my Mum’s. There are so many choices and decisions to be made just about the flowers – it’s overwhelming but lots of fun too.

The last wedding activity for the weekend was a trip to church on Sunday morning. It was the last service for our reverend who is retiring which is such a shame because he was so lovely so we have to wait to find out who his replacement is now. I have always wanted to get married in a church. We are not overly religious, going to midnight mass each Christmas is the extent of our religious activity but I just feel that saying your vows in church has more meaning. Plus the only other option at our venue is an outdoor gazebo and we just couldn’t risk it with the British weather. So because we dont live in the parish this was our first visit of the six we must make over the next six months. We are doing it now because there’s a break in the football season!! We can see where the groom’s priorities lie.

We’ve got lots of big birthdays to celebrate this month so I’m thinking wedding planning may take a back seat but I’ll still be getting my daily dose of Pinterest I’m sure 😉

  • Sam Stayman

    Ah Julia, we’re getting married on the same day! That’s so exciting, I’m from Middlesbrough and we are getting married in North Yorkshire. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs xx

    • Julia Lumley

      Aw fab! Wedding twins. Where are you getting married? Hope all is going well with your planning xx