How To Have a Biscuiteers Wedding {and a Hen Party Offer}

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I was so so excited when Phoebe forwarded me the invite to spend an evening with Biscuiteers at their boutique in Battersea, have you seen their designs?!! I took my friend Carolyn and we had such a lovely evening talking all things wedding {from using personalised biscuits as your wedding favours to booking hen parties to custom biscuit toppers to form part of your cake to giving them as gifts to your maids}, drinking Prosecco and learning to ice our biscuits.


When I say biscuits, these are not your regular digestives you understand, these are Biscuiteers biscuits, pieces of art that really don’t look anything like biscuits. In fact they are so beautiful that their motto is to get people to ‘send biscuits, not flowers’ and anything from edible London buses to allotment veg to ice lollies get mailed all across the world! As well as looking pretty, crucially they also taste amazing {I know, tough job}. If you’re in charge of planning a fun day of hen party activities then Biscuiteers would be the perfect place to come for an afternoon, or evening, that can involve everyone from your, slightly outrageous friends to your Mum, Aunts and Grandmas. Although if you’re inviting your Grandma then maybe stick to icing the traditional dress or wedding cake cookies rather than the X-rated shaped biscuits! {yep they can do naughty if your bridesmaids request it!}. Killing two birds with one stone would be for your bridal party {which can be a group of up to 22 people} to ice biscuits for your wedding favours. But if your icing isn’t up to scratch yet then you can leave it to the experts and work with the design team to create bespoke themed collections of biscuits, or chocolates, especially for your wedding.


We were all given three plain biscuits to start off with and there are experts on hand to help you get your icing underway but you can be as creative as you like. There were piping bags filled with pretty pastels, some bold brights and boxes of all the different sprinkles you could imagine. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, almost literally! Also note how adorably cute the boutique and branding is as well as the marble counter top and on trend glass pendants, they even pipe out old school American diner music as you’re icing. I could have moved in!


Once we’d finished icing, our biscuits were boxed up for us to take home. You will also get a Biscuiteers apron to take home with you which is cute.


I wish I could say that I iced this lace dress… maybe after some more practice.


I couldn’t wait to look round the boutique once we’d finished. This season’s wedding designs are adorable and would make a great gift to give to your other half on the morning of your wedding as a little sweetener or if you’re a wedding guest then give to the newlyweds. It would be a nice touch to come home from your honeymoon to something like this!

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And biscuits on your wedding cake? Only at Biscuiteers!


I like the idea of creating your own theme with a range of biscuits designed especially for your wedding like these..


Weddings aside, their other designs are all incredible to look at. The palm trees especially apt after I got back from Mauritius! I can think of lots of people who would appreciate the allotment box of biscuits too.

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We were introduced to Lettice, the sister company to Biscuiteers who are wedding event gurus. They had set up a beautiful table as an example of their work and aim to dazzle guests. If you are newly engaged and planning a wedding, Lettice’s experienced event managers will steer you through the maze of planning. They have been a leader in the event industry for well over a decade and are experts in crafting the best menus and planning catering. Lettice can supply wigwams, clear roofed structures, big tops or traditional village fete style tents. The list goes on, from florists to favours {biscuits of course}, Lettice know their weddings.

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If you’re in London, you have to go and visit a boutique. There’s one in Notting Hill and this one which was in Battersea.

If you want to find out more details for booking a hen party with Biscuiteers, you can find more info here.

And as a little bonus for you all, if you quote ‘SOYOUREGETTINGMARRIED’ on booking, the bride goes for free! {A saving of £56. Just make sure that you book and pay for it by the 30th June, the hen party can be taken any time up until October 31st }.

You can find more info about Lettice, the events company here.

Almost too pretty to eat! *Almost*.

R <3 xx

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