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Morning! Today’s wedding has such a vibrant, fresh feel that I hope it encourages the sun to come out, at least for a couple of hours! Kelly and Toby got married in August of last year, Kelly is Cabin Crew and Toby is a fireman but assures us they didn’t meet through Uniform Dating! Many beautiful touches, captured perfectly by husband and wife team Kevin and Carol. I hope you enjoy (look out for some shoe porn!)

photography by Kevin Belson 


We went on holiday to Dubai, like most girls I had been pestering him about getting engaged for about six months before and thought perfect, as we are going to Dubai we can go and visit all the diamond souks!! Unbeknown to me he had arranged a meal on a beautiful boat and planned to propose there on the deck whilst releasing a chinese lantern but it didn’t go to plan, mainly down to me and me insisting he ask the Captian if it was all ok and then him saying no!! That didn’t go down too well so as we were staying on the beach we walked down after our meal and as I was looking up at the lantern,oooohhing and ahhhhing I looked round and he was on one knee. It meant so much more that he had asked my mum before we went on holiday and that he had listened to me all the time I was talking about rings and had had a beautifully perfect engagement ring designed for me.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-002 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-003 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-004 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-005 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-006 The FlowersOur colour theme was yellow so after lots of research we decided to have fresh lemons halved and threaded through a glass vase with a modern simple flower display on top of the vase for our table decorations. I loved that I had never seen anything like it before and it was very individual. With regards to our flowers, my mum was walking me down the aisle and her father, my grandad passed away when I was very little but I always remember planting sweet peas with him as they were his favourite flower so it was important for me that I included those in my bouquet and my mums buttonhole. I had a mix of sweet peas, yellow calla lillies, yellow freesia and yellow roses. For the bridesmaids they had white calla lillies and white freesia. Not only did they all look beautiful they smelt amazing!


Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-007 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-008 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-009 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-010 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-011 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-012 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-013 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-014 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-015 The BrideAfter much deliberating and trying on I chose the complete opposite of what I though I would end up with! I wore a Mori Lee fishtail lace dress and had a swarvoski crystal belt attached. I chose a chapel length single tier veil and my shoes were from Badgley Mishka and can honestly say I felt a million dollars.

I bought a necklace to match my engagement ring and just a small pearly bag to put the essentials in!

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-016 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-017 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-018 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-019 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-020 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-021 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-022 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-023 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-024 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-025 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-026 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-027 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-028 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-029 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-030 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-031 The BridesmaidsFor the bridesmaid dresses I bought them from Karen Millen and were a lovely yellow colour. I bought them all nude shoes but they struggled to walk in them so we decided it would be easier for them to buy their own so they would be comfortable.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-032 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-033 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-034 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-035 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-036 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-037 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-038 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-039 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-040 The StationeryOne of our ushers designed and printed our wedding invites, table plan, name settings and wedding signs as our wedding present which was so thoughtful and lovely for us as it saved us some money!!

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-041 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-042 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-043 The VenueWe live in Poole and got married in a disused Water Mill called Sopley Mill which is close to Christchruch. The Mill has been completely renovated from top to bottom and is surrounded by its own water marsh.

We loved that we could put everything we wanted into the Mill. You hire just the Mill and then you organise everything to go in there from the catering to the decorations to the bar to the DJ. I liked that I had control over my wedding day and what went into it and that it was going to be extremely personal to Toby and I even if it was slightly more stressful than having our wedding in a hotel or other venue where you have a wedding planner.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-044 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-045 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-046 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-047 The Decor

Our theme was yellow. It is a colour I love and something different to every wedding I have been to. I loved the kinds of flowers that we could incorporate into the day and just thought it would make for a vibrant happy day.

My vision for the day was to embrace the beautiful location and incorporate that into my day. When we first saw the venue I knew I wanted it straight away, it was like nowhere I had been before. We had both always wanted to have as many of our guests to the whole day as we could do. From being a guest at other weddings I had picked up that the more people you have to the evening reception the less time you get to spend together and actually enjoy the evening so that was a big consideration for us. We only ended up having ten evening guests which was just enough. We both wanted to make sure that everyone had a great time and spent as less money as possible when they were with us as they had already spent on outfits,hotels etc so we subsidised our bar which everyone really appreciated. To have your most important people in your life in one place is just the most amazing feeling.

With the other decorations in the Mill we tied fairy lights around the beams where we were having our wedding breakfast and placed lace lanterns outside but we kept the decorations fairly simple as the Mill was so beautiful we didn’t want to hide that.

I had an apple crate personalised for us with our names and date of the wedding in which we used for guests to put in wedding cards, we now use this at home which is a lovely memory of the day.

The room where the wedding breakfast was to take place had to be set up the morning of the wedding so I gave a detailed plan of what I envisaged the room looking like with the table decoration and table settings to Toby and the ushers for them to undertake. It was a bit like Don’t tell the bride when he showed me after the ceremony but they had done an amazing job!!

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-048 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-049 The FavoursFor our wedding favours we decided to give all the men a mini bottle of Jagermeister and all the ladies a mini Baileys so I had a thin white ribbon printed with our names on and the date of the wedding and made them into little bows and added them to the bottles.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-050 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-051 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-052 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-053 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-054 The CakeWe chose a local restaurant who also do outdoor catering to cater for our wedding. We wanted a sit down meal as opposed to a buffet style so after much deliberation decided on having a posh hog roast and side dishes which they cooked in their outdoor catering van and transferred into the kitchens of the Mill. It really was delicious. We didn’t have a dessert but used our wedding cake as dessert as we had had it made to feed the number of people at the wedding so didn’t want any of it going to waste. We had 90 cupcakes made and filled with lemon curd and then a cake on the top,also filled with lemon curd which we could cut. The caterers then distributed the cake to our guests.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-055 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-056 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-057 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-058 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-059 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-060 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-061 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-062 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-063 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-064 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-065 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-066 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-067 The GroomWe hired the suits from a local bridal shop and went for a classic black suit with tails and as our colour theme was yellow the ushers all had yellow cravats and Toby had a cream cravat. We chose slate waistcoats which worked really well.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-068 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-069 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-070 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-071 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-072 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-073 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-074 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-075 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-076 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-077 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-078 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-079 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-080 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-081 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-082 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-083 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-084 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-085 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-086 The PhotographerWe had been recommended Kevin Belson from another photographer and I am so glad we chose him. From the engagement shoot to our wedding day, the photos are just amazing,they captured every moment of our wedding day from the girls getting ready to the boys setting up the venue. When we were looking at photography packages and photographers I was quite insistent that I wanted to have a second photographer as I wanted both our mornings to be captured. Many other photographers charged a fortune for an extra photographer and didn’t work with them frequently. What helped make our decision to choose Kevin was that his wife Carol worked with him and we didn’t have to pay extra. We saw from the engagement shoot how well they worked together and complimented each other which I think is mirrored in the images that were taken.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-087 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-088 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-089 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-090 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-091 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-092 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-093 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-094 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-095 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-096 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-097 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-098 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-099 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-100 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-101 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-102 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-103 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-104 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-105 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-106 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-107 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-108 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-109 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-110 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-111 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-112 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-113 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-114 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-115 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-116 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-117 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-118 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-119 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-120 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-121 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-122 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-123 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-124 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-125 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-126 Favourite MomentThere were so many highlights from our wedding day, from one of our friends deciding at the last minute to sing his wedding reading to Toby and his best man along with the ushers and other friends bringing me into the dance floor to do the Apache dance from the Fresh Prince!! Such amazing memories to look back on.

Our wedding day really was everything and more we could ever have wished for. All the hard work paid off and I look back with such pride that we planned everything together and had everything we wished for. To have so much control over our day was so important to us both and it really did surpass all our expectations. Oh and to all grooms, Toby was told something very true on our wedding day that ‘ A happy wife makes for a happy life!!’

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-127 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-128 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-129 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-130 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-131 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-132 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-133 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-134 The HoneymoonBeing Cabin Crew the last thing I really wanted to do was get on another plane so soon aster finishing work!! We decided to go to Las Vegas for a minimoon to get some sunshine and spend some quality time together to reflect on not only our wedding day but the week leading up to the day which was lovely. We even managed a small win in the casino!! We have decided to go to Aruba this September for our proper honeymoon which we both can’t wait for.

Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-135 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-136 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-137 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-138 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-139 Sopley-Mill-Wedding-Photographer-140AdviceMy advice would be to try not to get stressed out about the little things, I got myself wound up about the little things that even if they weren’t there no one would have even known! I became a bit of a control freak over things and thought if I asked anyone else to do them they wouldn’t do them as well as I could so I wouldn’t bother!!

Research everything and if something doesn’t feel right or you think you have a silly question just ask it, it better to know the answer then to start fretting about it all.

I wrote everything down and put the costings at the side so I could keep track which really helped and made notes of when I had paid for things so I had my own record to look back on.


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