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Rosa Clara-7223

You may have seen on my social media lately that we were invited to attend Barcelona Bridal Week? Exceptionally flattered and of course we said yes. I wasn’t sure how to split these posts up because there are so many gorgeous dresess, and designers (some very new to me) that I wanted to do them all justice. If you are looking for your gown still, make sure you hold off till you’ve read all the posts as these are the designers and trends you will be seeing in 2016

All photography by the incredible Yolande De Vries, new SYGM favourite. 

The first day was settling in to Barcelona, a few meets and greats then Rosa Clara, a Spanish designer I knew of but had never really been blown away by the collection. However, last week showcased some gorgeous designs and most definitely more en trend than I thought! There are a few stockists in the UK (and outside of London, yeehaaww)

Rosa Clara-7039 Rosa Clara-7041 Rosa Clara-7043 Rosa Clara-7044 Rosa Clara-7045 Rosa Clara-7046 Rosa Clara-7047 Rosa Clara-7049 Rosa Clara-7052 Rosa Clara-7059 Rosa Clara-7061 Rosa Clara-7063 Rosa Clara-7065 Rosa Clara-7067 Rosa Clara-7069 Rosa Clara-7071 Rosa Clara-7072 Rosa Clara-7074 Rosa Clara-7077 Rosa Clara-7079 Rosa Clara-7081 Rosa Clara-7082 Rosa Clara-7089 Rosa Clara-7091 Rosa Clara-7092 Rosa Clara-7093 Rosa Clara-7096 Rosa Clara-7098 Rosa Clara-7099 Rosa Clara-7100 Rosa Clara-7102 Rosa Clara-7106 Rosa Clara-7107 Rosa Clara-7111 Rosa Clara-7114 Rosa Clara-7115 Rosa Clara-7117 Rosa Clara-7118 Rosa Clara-7125 Rosa Clara-7127 Rosa Clara-7129 Rosa Clara-7131 Rosa Clara-7132 Rosa Clara-7136 Rosa Clara-7139 Rosa Clara-7143 Rosa Clara-7150 Rosa Clara-7154 Rosa Clara-7157 Rosa Clara-7159 Rosa Clara-7162 Rosa Clara-7163 Rosa Clara-7170 Rosa Clara-7171 Rosa Clara-7177 Rosa Clara-7178 Rosa Clara-7180 Rosa Clara-7186 Rosa Clara-7187 Rosa Clara-7188 Rosa Clara-7196 Rosa Clara-7199 Rosa Clara-7205 Rosa Clara-7207 Rosa Clara-7208 Rosa Clara-7211 Rosa Clara-7213 Rosa Clara-7216 Rosa Clara-7218 Rosa Clara-7220 Rosa Clara-7222 Rosa Clara-7223



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