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Morning!! I hope you had a lovely weekend? Mine was very relaxed, a verrrry early night on Friday after watching The Enfield Haunting, drinks with new friends on Saturday (far too much gin) then a chilled out Sunday (long dog walk and too much food!).

Such a bright and colourful wedding for a Monday morning. I hope you enjoy, this couple truly embraced everything they love and turned then wedding day in to a full spectacle.

photography by Dan Hough 

SYGM1 SYGM2 SYGM3 SYGM4 SYGM5 SYGM6 SYGM7 The DecorThe theme we chose for our wedding was the circus, Adam came up with the theme and Pippa ran with it with help from all of our family. Our venue dresser who dressed the tables and provided our centrepieces was a local wedding dresser called Zelda from Dreams wedding venue dressers, she came to us highly recommended and was absolutely brilliant, a joy to work with! She could get hold of anything you could imagine, even the fish for our centrepieces and our 30” balloons.

SYGM8 SYGM9 SYGM11 The FlowersThe flowers were done by Pippa’s cousin Becky who used to be a florist, as we wanted our wedding to be as personal as possible in as many areas as possible she was naturally the only choice for us.

SYGM13 SYGM14 The StationeryOne of Adam’s groomsmen and best friends Rich did all of our stationary, he is a brilliant graphic designer who Adam met at college over 10 years ago, as a wedding gift to us he designed all of it with a small input from us as to what we liked and didn’t like. We also had him as our ringmaster/master of ceremony for the day.

SYGM15 SYGM16 SYGM17 The CakeThe cake was from Sweet Fantasies Baddeley Green Lane, Baddeley Green.

SYGM19 SYGM20 The BrideMy dress was a Mori Lee purchased from a beautiful bridal shop in Macclesfield called Maria Modes. My shoes were from Carvella’s Gemini collection for Kurt Geiger. I chose to not have a veil but instead borrowed my hair accessories from my sister that she had kept from her best friends wedding where she was maid of honour, this was my something borrowed. My jewellery was all from Swarovski, except for a bangle handed down to me from my mum from when she was young; this was my something old and blue.

SYGM21 SYGM22 SYGM23 SYGM24 SYGM25 SYGM26 The PerfumeHugo Boss Deep Red, the perfume my mum wears everyday, so every time I see her I am reminded of our wonderful wedding day.

SYGM27 SYGM28 SYGM29 SYGM31 The Hair and MakeupMy hair was done by a close friend, Donna McCrae, who has been doing my hair for 6 years or so. My makeup was done by a neighbour who I have known since I was young, Lucy Blake, she trained at the North West Media Make Up School in Media City and normally does mainly fashion brands/editorial shoots, based in Manchester, and is just lovely and had such a calming effect on or whole morning which was so needed, she has a website which is www.lucyblake.com.

SYGM32 SYGM33 SYGM34 SYGM35 Favourite MomentOne of my favourite moments as a bride was my dad seeing me for the first time, like most dads he was very laid back about the whole process and never realised what all the fuss was about I’m sure, but his smile when he saw me was wonderful.  Another of our favourite moments was the time spent alone having our couple shots, those were the first moments spent alone together as husband and wife and to have them captured by Dan is magical. From all the stress of the morning and the ceremony to stand as husband and wife together alone was so calming, the calm before the storm of a party we had in the evening. But the whole day was truly perfect and we couldn’t have wished for a better day.

SYGM36 SYGM37 The BridesmaidsOur beautiful bridesmaids were in Pippa Middleton style bridesmaid dresses which were made by Pippa’s mum, Sheila, keeping another element truly personal to our day and family. Shoes were from Dorothy Perkins and accessories from Next.

SYGM38 SYGM39 The VenueThe ceremony took place at New Road Methodist Chapel Biddulph Moor and the reception was help at Pippa’s parent’s house in Biddulph. The reception took place in a marquee on the lawn, it was so homely and personal to us which was exactly what we wanted.

SYGM40 SYGM41 SYGM42 SYGM43 SYGM44 SYGM45 SYGM46 SYGM47 SYGM48 The GroomAll the grooms/groomsmen’s suits were hired from Debenhams formal suit hire. Grooms shies were from topman.

SYGM49 SYGM50 SYGM51 SYGM52 SYGM54 SYGM56 SYGM58 SYGM59 SYGM64 SYGM65 SYGM66 The PhotographerDan Hough was our photographer and was absolutely fabulous! He made us feel so comfortable and natural in front of the camera we hardly noticed he was there a lot of the time.

SYGM67 SYGM69 SYGM70 The FoodOur wine and fizz were all from Morrisons, the catering for the afternoon tea we had was from Marks and Spencer food, which was superb, we have been to tow weddings that have had this and all were brilliant! We would highly recommend even if you are not on a restricted budget. The evening food was a lamb roast on a spit, done by a former boss of Pippa’s and neighbour of Pippa’s parents who own a catering company called CW Catering. They also provided the bar for the day and the evening party.

SYGM71 SYGM72 SYGM73 SYGM74 SYGM75 SYGM76 SYGM77 SYGM78 SYGM79 SYGM80 SYGM81 SYGM82 The FavoursWe found a circus tent template online and had our friend print them off, we them cut and stuck them and put red clown noses and love heart sweets in them.

SYGM83 SYGM84 SYGM85 SYGM86 SYGM87 SYGM88 SYGM89 SYGM90 SYGM91 SYGM92 SYGM93 SYGM94 SYGM95 SYGM96 SYGM97 SYGM98 SYGM99 SYGM100 SYGM101 SYGM102 SYGM103 SYGM104 SYGM105 The EntertainmentThe DJ was called Shaun Walters and is the owner of SW Entertainments. We had 2 magicians, Nick Rushton who was a magician and mind reader went down a storm he was brilliant. We also had a fire breather, Eve Elle, who is an international circus performer. Both can be found on facebook under the names given.

SYGM106 SYGM107 SYGM108 SYGM109 The HoneymoonWe spent our honeymoon in Coral Bay in Cyprus, it was the most relaxing week we have ever spent together especially after the stresses of a wedding.


AdviceTry not to stress too much, it does all come together in the end no mater what it feels like now.

Be as organised as you can and 100% you need to have to do lists and done lists, it helps massively when getting closer to the day.

Enjoy every moment of the day, take it all in because its over in a heartbeat, no matter how many people tell you this you wont realise until after the wedding what it means, we didn’t until now. 

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