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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Ahhh this is one of those weddings that I wish I had been at. It looks absolutely incredible! Amber and Chris met at Glastonbury, Chris proposed at Glastonbury so it really was only in keeping that they also had a Glasto-inspired festival wedding. May I just add, I think this may be the only wedding ever to have a mangle as decor. Love it.

Photography by Paul Joseph Photography 

A+C_wedding_008 A+C_wedding_013 A+C_wedding_015 A+C_wedding_032 A+C_wedding_043 The BrideDress was from Raimon Bundó

Bride’s Shoes – Dune (flip flops)

Bride’s Headpiece/Veil (if worn) – Handmade – my something borrowed from my sister

Bride’s Jewellery – Sarah Hickey:

A+C_wedding_049 A+C_wedding_050 A+C_wedding_052 A+C_wedding_054 A+C_wedding_057 A+C_wedding_059 A+C_wedding_064 A+C_wedding_069 A+C_wedding_073 A+C_wedding_075 The VenueAt the bride’s family home in Derbyshire. The original plan was to get married in the garden, but festival weather prevailed and meant we had to cram everyone into the kitchen/living room.We had a humanist ceremony led by Tim Dowdell.

The bride walked down the aisle to Loving you by Minnie Ripperton and we walked out to Mrs Jones by Billy Paul.

Hired a Tipi from Peak Tipis (these guys were amazing!) – we actually found these guys on festival bride! We used a local farmer’s field (1 minute walk from the house) to put the tipi on.

We had about 20 hardcore people who braved the camping (one even put up their tent in the torrential rain!). We also had a chill out tent; which worked well to keep the photographers dry whilst they ate their dinner, kept the children entertained with the sweets and games, and later on served as a bed for a couple who’s tent had leaked!

A+C_wedding_079 A+C_wedding_080 A+C_wedding_081 A+C_wedding_090 A+C_wedding_094 A+C_wedding_099 A+C_wedding_104 The DecorThe tipi really spoke for itself so we didn’t want to overpower this with other decorations. A family friend picked ivy from her garden and wrapped this around the poles in the tipi. The grooms mother made bunting which we decorated the farmers hay bales () and surrounding areas. To add to the fairy lights outside and inside we had decorated jam jars (collected from family and friends) and put tea lights in them. We handmade signs out of old roof slates.

We picked our own flowers and put these in milk bottle vases. Outside of the tipi we had an old bench, a mangle and a pump that added to the festival/farm feel and put flowers in boxes around them. The table plan was made from a painted old ladder – the table places were handwritten by the bridesmaids

Handpicked flowers were put in vases on the table where the cake and guestbook were. For confetti..we ordered some dried flowers from the internet and handmade cones and a cone holder (from an old piece of wood we found) for the flower girls to distribute to guests

My dad (the brides father) had a great idea….the favours for the guests were a pair of festival style sun glasses. This perhaps jinxed the weather on the day who knows!!

All guests had a festival wristband to wear (sent with their invitation)

Our guestbook relied on one of the ushers to rally round and take pictures of all of the guests; we bought an instax (polaroid type) camera, and the idea was that people write in messages beside their picture. Needless to say the messages got less coherent towards the end of the day…and more and more pictures featured said usher!

A+C_wedding_109 A+C_wedding_115 A+C_wedding_121 A+C_wedding_128 The StationeryDesigned by bride – printed locally (Pear tree print in Whaley Bridge)

A+C_wedding_162 A+C_wedding_172 A+C_wedding_179 The FlowersGrestys

A+C_wedding_188 A+C_wedding_192 The BridesmaidsDresses were from BHS

Bridesmaid’s Accessories – A mixture of bangles from Aldo, and earrings from Etsy.

A+C_wedding_195 A+C_wedding_198 A+C_wedding_211 A+C_wedding_219 The GroomHugo Boss (perfect for a summer wedding!)

A+C_wedding_232 A+C_wedding_236 A+C_wedding_263 A+C_wedding_267 A+C_wedding_270 A+C_wedding_299 A+C_wedding_355 A+C_wedding_378 A+C_wedding_380 The CakeMade by the brides’ Nana and Mum

A+C_wedding_391 A+C_wedding_400 A+C_wedding_405 A+C_wedding_413 The EntertainmentThe Gally Canters (irish jig band that is a friend of the family) did an acoustic set whilst guests had canapes. They played in the brides dads old Alvis. The same band then did a set after dinner.

Chris Massey DJ’d (friend of the groom, but relatively established DJ) All guests were asked to provide song requests and these were played throughout the night

A band called Ofay (lead vocalist Liam Frost) played two sets throughout the night. It is hard to find information about them on the internet – very much word of mouth.

A+C_wedding_424 A+C_wedding_427

We met at Glastonbury festival (and gone back every year since) so we had always imagined our wedding to be in-keeping with the festival feel.

We really wanted to have an intimate and really personal wedding.  The humanist ceremony allowed us to tailor everything (one of the brides vows was to promise to always take the time to make egg butties for the groom); and make what can often be full of formalities, into something very loving and meaningful to us. On top of this we were able to hold the entire event within the brides family farm and surrounding land which kept everything very close.

The evening reception was everything we could want, a great meal followed by an incredible night of music.  The DJ and bands were exceptional, with the groom working for a PA & Lighting company the production was impressive to say the least. Bringing in our close friends to perform was the icing on top of the cake and completed our family vibe festival.

A+C_wedding_428 A+C_wedding_443 A+C_wedding_452 A+C_wedding_459 A+C_wedding_469

The proposal was on top of the viewing area above Park Stage at Glastonbury festival looking out on the entire festival.  We had met randomly at the other side of the festival site 4 years earlier and spend a magical crazy day together watching Bruce Springsteen, Kasabian, Dizzy Rascle etc

The sun was out, the champagne had been successfully smuggled in (naughty naughty) and a picnic set out.  No need for getting on one knee as we were already both lying down in the grass.

I asked, she said yes!

We celebrated then walked around with huge smiles until meeting up with ambers family who were all waiting to continue the celebration with us.

A+C_wedding_471 A+C_wedding_486 A+C_wedding_492 A+C_wedding_493 A+C_wedding_496 A+C_wedding_499 A+C_wedding_501 A+C_wedding_503 A+C_wedding_509 The FoodCatering was by Trevor Jones. We wanted a traditional English feel….

Canapes were honey glazed sausages, scotch eggs and pork pies. Summer cocktails were served – elderflower pimms and lemonade. For the main meal we had potted shrimp for starters, honey glazed ham with a variety of salads (mixed tomato, potato salad) and desert was served in a vintage cup and saucer; eton mess!

The late night snack was Derbyshire oatcakes with cheese and onion filling – people had danced so much there were queues out of the kitchen!

A+C_wedding_537 A+C_wedding_543 A+C_wedding_578 A+C_wedding_581 A+C_wedding_590 A+C_wedding_598 A+C_wedding_635 A+C_wedding_638 A+C_wedding_639 A+C_wedding_644 A+C_wedding_646 A+C_wedding_652 A+C_wedding_656 A+C_wedding_660 Favourite MomentCouldn’t possibly pick on moment…..the entire day was full of fun, laughter and dancing…we both couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear

We had a lot of people who are into their old cars, especially VWs…one got stuck in the mud, an image that sticks in many people’s mind is one of the ushers driving an old digger, pulling the car out of the mud; whilst sipping on a glass of champers!

A+C_wedding_668 A+C_wedding_669 A+C_wedding_690 A+C_wedding_694 A+C_wedding_702 A+C_wedding_709 A+C_wedding_713 A+C_wedding_724 A+C_wedding_732 A+C_wedding_743 A+C_wedding_747 A+C_wedding_760 A+C_wedding_772 A+C_wedding_780 A+C_wedding_795 A+C_wedding_797 A+C_wedding_804 A+C_wedding_818 A+C_wedding_833 A+C_wedding_835AdviceTry and keep calm….it will never work; but it will always be alright on the night. No matter how much you plan, things will happen (torrential rain, etc, etc), but you will be so overwhelmed and excited on the day you really won’t care. Make sure you get someone to film key things….a grandparent filmed ours and it’s so nice to look back and remember the moment


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Some fab shots and that wedding cake is the prettiest I have ever seen.