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This is one of those *steals wedding and photoshops head on to brides body* deal. (Sorry Kay!) Not only is the venue gorgeous (as is the photography, as per), but the addition of all the pinks, rose gold and flowers makes it even more so.

I know we have written before about scenting your wedding (espesh with Jo Malone) but I really do love the idea. Scent can instantly take you right back to a moment in time and your wedding is one that you definitely will want to submerge yourself in to time and time again. Enjoy!

Photography by Corrado Chiozzi

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-1 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-2 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-3 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-91SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-90The BrideMy dress was Pronovias from Grace Couture Bridal in West Bridgeford, Nottingham. Cassie and Susan really looked after me there and it was my favourite bridal store by far! gracecouture.co.uk. Shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil My tiara, veil and earrings were from Grace Couture Bridal.

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-4 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-5 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-6 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-7 The Hair and MakeupMy hair and Make up were done by Alicia at London Wedding Hair & Make up.

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-8 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-9 The PerfumeJo Malone, I went for a bridal consultation and chose a mix of Peony & Blush Suede and Orange Blossom. I treated myself to the matching candles which we had lit whilst getting ready, the scent really takes me back to the wedding day whenever I smell it!

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-10 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-11 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-12 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-13 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-14 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-15SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-17SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-18SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-19SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-20SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-16The BridesmaidsThe bridesmaid dresses were from BHS! I really wanted something classic for them that would suit them and they all looked so gorgeous! I bought for them all personalised thank you bags from notonthehighstreet.com containing earrings from Etsy, Pashmina’s from Debenhams and mini bottles of pink Moet & Chandon champagne.

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-21 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-22 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-23 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-24 The VenueDartmouth House, Charles Street, Mayfair – We stayed at The Chesterfield next door the night before and on the wedding night. The suite we stayed in was beautiful, the staff completely exceeded our expectations of service and really looked after our families. www.chesterfieldmayfair.com

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-25 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-26 The StationeryFeel Good Invites

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-27 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-28 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-29 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-30 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-31 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-32 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-33 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-34 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-35 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-36 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-37 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-38 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-39 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-40 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-41 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-42 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-43 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-44 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-45 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-46 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-47 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-96SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-104SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-103SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-102SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-101SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-100SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-99SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-98SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-97SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-48 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-49 The GroomThe suit was made by Adam Waite, tie by Hermes and shoes by Russell & Bromley.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories The suits were from Debenhams and the ties were from Swagger & Swoon

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-105SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-107SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-106SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-50 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-51 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-52 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-53SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-109SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-110SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-111SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-113SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-115 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-54 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-55 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-56 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-57 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-58 The PhotographerCorrado Chiozzi captured our day beautifully, he didn’t miss a thing and we love the style of our photos. He worked so hard on the day and he was smiling right until the end!

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-59 The FlowersBlue Sky Flowers made our bouquets and button holes, we did the tables ourselves. We went to covent garden flower market at 6am the day before the wedding to get ivory hydrangea’s and quicksand roses for the tables. The venue is a grade 1 listed building so we also had LED candles in vintage style holders on the tables and dotted around the venue.

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-60 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-61 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-62 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-63 The CakeDeliver The Day

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-64 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-65 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-66 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-67 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-71 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-72 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-73 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-74 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-75 Favourite MomentIt’s so hard to pick just one but I think my favourite was the speeches! I was smiling, laughing and crying the whole way through and it was so good to see everyone having such a great time.

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-120SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-121SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-122SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-76 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-77 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-78 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-79 The EntertainmentDuring the ceremony and reception Geoff Hiscott played the grand piano in the venue. The DJ for the evening was Beach at Sliding Vinyl

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-80 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-81 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-82 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-83 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-84 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-85 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-86 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-87 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-124 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-125 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-126 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-127 The HoneymoonConstance Moofushi in The Maldives

SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-128 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-129 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-130 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-136 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-137 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-139 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-140 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-141 SYAGM-DartmouthHouse-(Chiozzi)-142AdviceSave where you can so you can splurge on the things that matter most to you, we saved on the flowers for example but spent a lot on ensuring the bubbly was flowing and added a few extras like the photo booth. We ran through our day from start to finish constantly and imagined how our day would be as a guest to make sure we didn’t forget anything!

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