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It’s Beauty Favourites Fri YAY! I know that was a little cheesy but I couldn’t help it. So this week has been an interesting one, I’ve seen Penis shaped lipsticks, that I REALLY want, not only out of sheer curiosity, the detail in them intrigues me and also the product wh*re ( excuse the irony) in me wants to see if they’re actually any good regarding colour pay off! It’s also a week that in no link up what so ever has seen the world debate over the two colours of an underwhelming occasion dress. The video in the link I find hilarious. I love Kaley Cuoco- Sweeting anyway.

In another no- link up- link up, this is a product I’ve been using for months now and have finally been able to share the delights of with you all. Ever heard of Shadow Shields? I’ve featured them before on So You’re Getting Married. They’re these genius little crescent shaped cosmetic stickers that you attach to your under eye area to catch product drop down and prevent mistakes.

For this How To, you will need:


Shadow Shields. Base eye shadow, I’m using Bone by Bobbi Brown. A matte bronzing shade to double as a classic eyeshadow, I’m using Clarins Bronzing Duo in Deep. Eye Sweep Brush by Bobbi Brown.Eyeliner, I’m using Surratt Autographique Liner.

First is to peel off the top stickers from your Shadow Shield. You can use one for both eyes as long as you sterilise between uses with surgical spirit. One of the reasons they’re so amazing is because they’re flexible and can be stuck, undone and re stuck a few times so you can not only get comfortable with the positioning but also incase you want to change it’s position.


Once you’re happy with it’s positioning, take your Eye sweep brush, press firmly into your base shadow, Bone, and pat across your eye lid. ( NOTE: I had primed my eyelids with Nars Smudgeproof Base and curled my lashes with my Shu Uemura curlers). Next take your matt bronzing shade, the same brush but the other side of it and pat up towards your brow bone. Blend any areas of necessary with the other side of the brush.


After that you want to start painting that flick! It doesn’t really matter where you start, I change my mind each time but starting in the middle tends to warm up your hand and give the movement flow. make the flick as big or small as you like. I’ve gone for something quite large. This is where using these is perfect for occasions and quick post work pre drinks/ date touch ups are great. See how I’ve painted over the shield and it’s caught that excess shape of liner? The bulky bit? Genius. Peel off slowly and carefully.


Our second look is a very quick smoky eye using Bone our base shade ( For darker skins try Banana or Camel), Saddle ( for darker skins try Charcoal)  -Bobbi Brown, Midnight – Clinique and Silver Moon ( Darker skins might want to use Smokey Quartz ). Brushes include the Eye Sweep, and the Oval Camouflage and the smaller was a freebie from an Estee Lauder gift bag. Use for patting, applying and blending.


Apply your base shade over your Nars Smudgeproof Base as before with your flat shadow brush. I’ve taken it up to the end of my socket as the shape of my eyelids hides everything below that! Blend with your other flat shadow brush to really get rid of that line.

Take your sparkle with your finger and blend over the top. I like to take it from the inner corner of the eye into the middle. Take Midnight with your Oval brush and intensify where you wish.


Once you’re satisfied with the depth of colour and sparkle slowly peel your Shadow Shield away. You can truly do anything with these, amplify the look by adding liner and shadow to the bottom lashes. Don’t forget to add your glowing base after, correcting and concealing to really show how glamorous and clean these looks can be.

Let me know how you end up using your Shadow Shields!


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