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Morning! And I hope you are having a very merry Sunday. I would like to introduce new sponsor, wedding photographer Alexandra Sara. I feel like we need to book a trip to Venice as soon as possible. Make sure you have a look through her portfolio, all contact info is at the end of the post. Have a lovely Sunday, and we will be back together tomorrow for some gorgeous weddings. 

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When I was twenty years old I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend a year in Venice to study literature. I relished the opportunity to explore the winding labyrinths of this magical city set on water but, more than anything, I wanted to observe, learn and open my mind.  Venice is a city of contrasts; the wild and frenetic alleys and canals give way to hidden piazzas and gardens of quiet and peaceful reflection. The weather is extreme; from cold winters that chill you to the bone to humid summers that stop you in your tracks. But oh the light! Refracted, reflected and crystal clear. It seems to make your eyes open a little wider.

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Two very important things happened when I was in Venice; my parents gave me my first SLR for my 21st birthday, and, I fell in love. These two things sparked a very important and inspired journey into photography, observation and visual expression. I became fascinated with capturing light and crafting images of the world I saw around me. I loved observing moments of humanity and immortalising an instant in time, the complexities of feeling and the traces of visual perception.

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Having worked in the fashion and contemporary art worlds, this love for imagery has since been informed by a stylistic, editorial approach to capturing honest and natural imagery. My goal is for each image to have its own integrity and truth, whilst also being elegant, stylish and contemporary.

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As for the two important things – my first SLR still sits in my studio as a constant reminder of how important that gift was to me. The second sits next to me, my Venetian husband-to-be.

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I would LOVE to hear about your special occasion – whether it be a wedding, anniversary, new baby or big birthday – there is no event too big or too small. I can be found in London, Venice and everywhere around and in between.

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(As an additional note – I am bilingual which is very useful for either hybrid weddings or couples getting married in Italy! I’ve also got a pretty damn good knowledge of Venice and LOVE to play tour-guide….)

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