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How is it Friday already…?! The good news is we’re etching closer and closer to Spring which means we’re closer to Summer, my absolute favourite season. Winter gives me the serious blues, and thanks to my Dad I’m a bonafide sun addict, I’m at my happiest in 30′ heat with the sun on my face. With that in mind, it’s been so dreary of late that this post is the cover up the ‘circles and other rubbish’ one.  You may have noticed, I don’t write the shortest posts in the world. When Phoebe and I first discussed my being part of the ever growing So You’re Getting Married team, we shared the enthusiasm of my writing in depth, realistic beauty articles for those of you to repeat at home. For shorter and mostly visual tips, you can see them on my Instagram, if you’re after a visual detailed novel, you’ve come to the right place.

So the products you will need will depend on skin type and the aggression level of the blemish you’re concealing.


Heal Gel Intensive £37.50. Bobbi Brown Colour Correctors, Light Bisque and Peach £19.00 each. Make Up International Corrective Skin Tint Creme in Green (ST6) £8.95. Concealer Brush. Oval Concealer Brush £3.49. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, Fair Golden £29.50. Dermacolour Concealer Mini Palette in Medium £18.00. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in Warm Sand £33.00. 


So today, I am covering, dark circles, a teeny spot by my lip, small blemishes on my forehead, and a bite on my neck. Good times.


I’m starting by treating each one with a small amount of Heal Gel Intensive. It speeds skin recovery and protects and primes at the same time.


Next I’m colour correcting my dark circles with Bobbi Brown’s Colour Corrector in Light Bisque and my Oval Camouflage Brush from Crown Brush UK . The Light Bisque (pink) colour counteracts blue and brown tones under the eye. Peach works well with grey and purple discolouration. If you’re darker skinned Yellow counteracts dull and sallow complexions and red counteracts darker brown/ blue discolouration. Start from the inner upper corner of your eye and stroke down towards your nostril. Work your strokes out forming a corrected triangle across your face. Blend.


The next stage of colour correction is the red bits. Green counteracts the red discolouration. Put a very small amount of a concentrated corrector, this is from Make Up International on either the Oval corrector brush, or one this shape. This is one is discontinued from Make Up International. Crown will do similar.


Next, we’re concealing. I’m using Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ( Can you tell it’s my new favourite product?!) for by my lip and under my eyes. I’m building up coverage over the bite with Dermacolour D31/2, D4, and D65- this is why I recommend just buying the whole palette. Pat and push the products onto the skin. This insures they actually cover the blemish and doesn’t just transfer pigment everywhere but where you want it.


Your final step is to set with powder. I actually love Bobbi Brown’s Weightless Powder Foundation for this as it contains supporting lightweight pigment that matches your skin tone exactly. No iffy white patches all over your face. I’ve pressed the powder quite firmly onto each blemish with the concealer brush. You can use a brush like this, but for the sake of simplicity I’ve used the same brush.


And there you have it, correct and conceal properly. It will halve the foundation you use and with practise, can be done in under 2 minutes.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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