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Morning all! Our first wedding of the week and it is this super cute Harry Potter themed celebration. I love how the couple have injected their personalities in their day, from the binary table numbers to the Harry Potter scenes on jam jars. I also think that Rebecca may be the most relaxed bride ever! Her dress didn’t arrive until a week before the wedding!!! Also, I always enjoy a bride in glasses. Rarely represented in bridal magazines but it is such a normal (and necessary) part of so many ladies lives (mine included!).

Photography by Clare Tam-Im

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0001Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0002The BrideBride’s dress /shoes:  My dress was a Kenneth Winston 1504B in Honey.   I had seen one just like it in a magazine and was lucky enough that my dream style suited me. It was way over budget but I cried when I tried it on and knew it was the one.

Due to the fault of the supplier (not the shop!) the dress arrived only a week before the wedding.  I’m not the type to stress though.  I would have worn jeans if needs be. 

My shoes were Esta by Perfect Vintage in ivory (would very much recommend!)

Bride’s hair accessories/veil:  I had a matching veil but I don’t really know much about it apart from my sister found a stain on the one I got from the bridal shop and took it back without my knowing so I wouldn’t get stressed.  They were lovely to order one in special delivery.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0004 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0005 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0006 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0007 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0008 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0009 The Hair and MakeupBride’s hair /makeup: My hair was done by Bailey from Results hair dressers in Hemel Hempstead.  She has been doing my hair for over 10 years so it was great to have her there.  I had a kind of messy bun.

My make up was done by Bridal Makeup By Juliet.  I don’t normally wear much makeup but she made me feel nice and relaxed.  She also had throat sweets for me when I could’t stop coughing.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0010 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0011 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0012 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0013 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0014 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0015 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0016 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0017 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0018 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0019 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0020 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0021 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0023 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0024 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0025 The FlowersMy cousin Sam did my flowers. She works as a florist at The Florist in Boxmoor but did them independently (with a little help borrowing stands and things from her lovely employers)

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0026 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0028 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0029 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0030 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0039 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0040 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0041 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0042 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0043 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0044 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0046 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0047 The BridesmaidsMy bridesmaids wore silver dresses from Monsoon and silver shoes from Deichmann.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0048 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0049 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0050 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0052 The DecorWe never actually set out to have a Harry Potter themed wedding – even saying it makes me cringe a little.  I’d like to think we did it tastefully and subtly… We went through loads of different ideas but never set on one.  It just seemed to happen that as the planning went on, more harry potter snuck in!

On the tables were empty spirit bottles (hard work collecting them!) with flowers in and jars which my decorating dream team (mum, sister, best friend & future sister in law) and me decorated with ribbon and lace.  I also sat down and worked out some of the most meaningful and our favourite scenes from the harry potter books and wrapped them around some of the jars (those were my favorite)

The table numbers were binary as my husband works in IT, which was very confusing for people!

The table plan was a multiaperture photoframe as I am a photographer.

The card box was an old suitcase.  I stuck photos from all the places Gaz and I have been on holiday to the back of the case.  I then took photos of different members of the family holding letters to spell out the word ‘Cards’.

I wrapped tissues with ribbon with little ‘happy tears’ labels on to go on the chairs for the ceremony.

I also bought flip flops and slippers that I made labels for saying things like “get on the dance floor”

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0053 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0054 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0056 The CakeMy sister’s best friend who I have known for years did my cake.  It was a huge 3 tiered pinterest inspired edible lace covered cake.   I asked her to do the bottom layer in multi colour sponge however she would like (she did stripes) and the other layers were chocolate and vanilla.  We don’t like fruit cake! (yes there is some sponge cake still in the freezer which I have no idea if it is still edible!)

We were initially going to have robot cake toppers but then harry potter started taking over and we ended up contacting a company on etsy and asking them if they would make us a harry potter one modelled on us.  They said yes and it’s amazing!

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0057 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0058 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0059 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0061 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0062 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0063 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0064 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0066 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0067 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0068 The FavoursI wasn’t going to have favours then for some reason I decided I wanted cake pops.  After a lot of sickly practice, my sister and her best friend spent hours before the wedding making about 80 cake pops and putting little name labels on them.  They went down really well.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0069 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0070 The GroomWe got the grooms outfits from Suitors of Buckingham who we met at a bridal fair.   We went a bit backwards and had the groom wear the coloured cravat and the groomsmen ivory simply because Gareth preferred the colour.   I also bought him some ‘Groom’ socks

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0071 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0072 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0073 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0074 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0075 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0076 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0077 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0078 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0079 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0080 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0081 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0082 The VenueMercure Parkside, Milton Keynes.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0083 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0084 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0085 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0086 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0087 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0088 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0089 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0090 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0091 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0092 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0093 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0094 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0095 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0096 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0099 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0100 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0101 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0102 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0103 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0104 The EntertainmentThe DJ was from 1entertainments.  It was all really easy to organize online and they were great.

We had a photobooth, which went down amazingly.  All the guests loved it (yes there was a little bit of nakedness) We used photoboothMania but unfortunately I would not recommend them as they were not good at getting back to me before the day, turned up late on the day and I never received my password to view my photos online.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0105 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0106 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0107 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0108 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0109 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0110 The HoneymoonVEGAS BABY!  My husband always used to joke he would only marry me if we did it in Vegas so it seemed only right them we went there on honeymoon.  We had a second wedding by Elvis 5 days after the first :p.  We then went to Antigua for a week of sunbathing and A LOT of rum punch.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0111 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0112 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0113 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0114 Favourite MomentI’m not sure what my favourite bit of the day was.   It was all amazing.

I loved the getting ready part.  I stayed relaxed for a lot longer than I expected.  I loved have people pop in and out of the room all morning for some bubbly and for hair and make up.

This is going to sound really bad – but I loved when we went back to the room when the day was done (nothing saucy!!).  It was a stupid hour in the morning, we had had just the right amount to drink and we sat and opened some cards, just basking in the fact that we were actually married.

Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0115 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0116 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0117 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0118 Clare-Tam-Im-Photography-Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Milton-Keynes_0119AdviceDon’t stress (too much) Some people plan their wedding in 2 years, some people plan it in 2 months.  Either way, it’ll all get done and it’ll all be perfect – anything that doesn’t get done and anything that isn’t perfect won’t even matter when you wake up the morning you get married.

That and spreadsheets.  A lot of very big spreadsheets.


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Emily Eldershaw //

Ahh this is my wedding venue (except our ceremony will be in the church at the end of the driveway!), so nice to see!
Love the Harry Potter scenes on the jars!
Rebecca can I ask where in the venue you put your photo booth as we are trying to work that out at the minute and any other feedback you may have about the venue!
You looked beautiful by the way – Many Congratulations!

Becki Williams //

Thank you 🙂
The venue were fab. I feel quite bad that I apparently didn’t write anything about them!!! I didn’t have to worry about a single thing all day, they were just so great! The food, the wedding planner – everything was brill.
We put our photo booth at the back of the room (back left hand corner if you are facing the back) We weren’t sure where to put it at first because we had a couple of different places recommended but it worked really well there. It was out the way but ‘in sight in mind’ and you could see if there was a queue or not.
I can’t really think of any other venue tips. They gave us an air conditioned room to put our flowers in from the night before. They promised it would locked but we found the door open a few times. Not really a big deal though – i’m being quite picky.
Oh the only other thing was I asked my sister to get something from my room for me but reception weren’t allowed to give her my key, even when I was standing right there. They had to hand it to me and then I had to hand it to her. I know it’s for security but it felt a little silly :p

I hope you have a brilliant wedding day. I can’t believe ours was 9 months ago now!!

Steph - Ivy Ellen //

I love that the bride wore her glasses! So many brides opt for contacts on the big day and end up not looking like themselves – fabulous weddign and beautiful couple 🙂 Congrats!