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Good morning! I always write the little blurb before a wedding post the night before. I like to add stuff in the is relevant (kinda) to the week and what not. I have had a lovely weekend. Drinks with friends on Friday, a rather yummy dinner party on Saturday (arrival canapés and prosecco, pea and pancetta risotto, lemon and pistachio cake then a cheeky cheeseboard). Sunday was a day for tidying up, being hungover, dog walking and pottering round the garden. I took a tumble down a flight of stairs and landed on my pot of make up brushes that were waiting to go back upstairs after being cleaned. They all broke. The heads bend or snapped off and I have a rather interesting bruise pattern on my left buttock!

Now waiting for the BAFTAs to start, I want Eddie Redmayne to win everything. Slight crush and The Theory of Everything was superb. Oh we also had a little mention on Red online.

So, on to this morning’s beauty of a wedding. Colin’s documentary style photography lends itself so well to the overall laid back feel of Dan and Jen’s day.

Photography by Colin Nicholls. 

dan_jen-1 The VenueDewsall Court Hereford

dan_jen-2 dan_jen-3 dan_jen-5 dan_jen-7 dan_jen-8 dan_jen-11 dan_jen-12 dan_jen-16 dan_jen-17 dan_jen-19 dan_jen-20 The FlowersLove lilly based in Abergavenny

dan_jen-21 dan_jen-23 dan_jen-25 dan_jen-26 dan_jen-27 dan_jen-28 The Hair and MakeupDebbie Stone

dan_jen-29 dan_jen-31 dan_jen-34 dan_jen-35 dan_jen-37 dan_jen-38 dan_jen-39 dan_jen-40 dan_jen-42 dan_jen-43 dan_jen-45 dan_jen-46 dan_jen-48 The BrideClaire Pettibone

dan_jen-49 dan_jen-50 dan_jen-52 dan_jen-53 dan_jen-54 dan_jen-55 dan_jen-61 dan_jen-62 dan_jen-63 dan_jen-70 dan_jen-71 dan_jen-73 dan_jen-75 dan_jen-79 dan_jen-82 dan_jen-88 dan_jen-89 dan_jen-90 dan_jen-97 dan_jen-98 dan_jen-101 dan_jen-102 dan_jen-104 dan_jen-105 dan_jen-106 dan_jen-108 dan_jen-109 dan_jen-110 dan_jen-111 Favourite MomentThe church was my favourite but the whole day was fabulous

dan_jen-112 dan_jen-113 The GroomPaul Smith black suit. Ties were made by one of the bridesmaids.

dan_jen-114 dan_jen-115 dan_jen-116 dan_jen-119 dan_jen-120 dan_jen-122 dan_jen-124 dan_jen-128 dan_jen-135 dan_jen-146 dan_jen-148 dan_jen-150

The BridesmaidsBlack dress of their choice with nude shoes

dan_jen-151 dan_jen-152 dan_jen-154 dan_jen-155 dan_jen-156 dan_jen-158 dan_jen-162 dan_jen-163 dan_jen-164 dan_jen-165 dan_jen-166 dan_jen-168 dan_jen-169 dan_jen-180 dan_jen-181 dan_jen-182 dan_jen-183 dan_jen-184 dan_jen-185 dan_jen-189 dan_jen-190 dan_jen-193 dan_jen-194 dan_jen-195 dan_jen-202 dan_jen-203 dan_jen-207 dan_jen-209 dan_jen-215 dan_jen-217 dan_jen-218 dan_jen-221 dan_jen-224 dan_jen-226 dan_jen-227 dan_jen-234 dan_jen-237 dan_jen-239 dan_jen-240 dan_jen-241 dan_jen-243 dan_jen-245 The CakeLemon and poppy seed cake made by Dewsall Court

dan_jen-253 dan_jen-257 dan_jen-263 dan_jen-275 dan_jen-278 dan_jen-280 dan_jen-281 dan_jen-287 dan_jen-293 The DecorRustic, the bunting in the barn – made by one of the bridesmaids

dan_jen-294 dan_jen-295 dan_jen-298 dan_jen-303 dan_jen-314 dan_jen-326 dan_jen-329 dan_jen-342 dan_jen-348 dan_jen-353 dan_jen-361 The HoneymoonItaly Tuscany, Castello di Vicarello

dan_jen-363 dan_jen-372 dan_jen-373 dan_jen-375 dan_jen-376 dan_jen-377 dan_jen-380 dan_jen-381 dan_jen-382AdviceWhen it all seems very stressful – just remember it’s only a party with people who love you!

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