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It’s Friday again! Miss me?! Awww, you’re too kind. Are we planning on going out tonight? Are we planning on undoing all this facial/ exfoliation/ skin de- toxing goodness? Okay, fine. if you’re going to do something wrong, let’s do it right.

So many ladies I meet are wearing the wrong foundation. Whether it be the wrong colour, type or tone. So here’s a quick breakdown of how to match your foundation, the different types there are and what they may do for you.


In my humble opinion colour matching is like playing sport/ chess if you’re totally and utterly crap at it. It is so incredibly easy to get wrong if you either have never done it before, or worse, if it’s of no interest to you. Fortunately for you lovely lot, I’m crap at sport and chess but very good at colour matching. Now I’m a mahoosive fan of wearing the right colour foundation. I think it not only makes your complexion look a thousand times better,  it also makes you look like you genuinely know your style and your own person and reaffirms your fabulousness if you get it right. Who else trusts a person with a different coloured neck to their face? I usually start at Bobbi Brown for non other than I believe she’s a fabulous start for those of a broad spectrum of skill and skin tone.


See? So when I colour match a client, or likewise when you colour match yourself you start with a colour you THINK might be your closest tone/ colour. It doesn’t have to be a very thought out thing right now, just pick one. Then pick the foundations either side of that, i.e. one slightly lighter and one slightly darker. Again, right now, it doesn’t matter if it’s not the perfect match.


I’m starting by showing you the Foundation Stick. It’s a lightweight to heavy coverage and is most suitable for Normal to Dry skins.

Now for variation I’m showing you these ( L-R: Warm Ivory 1.5 , Warm Sand 2.5, Warm Honey 5.5, and Almond 7 ), what I actually tried were these below:


L-R: Warm Ivory 1.5, Sand 2, Warm Sand 2.5. Now we’re very lucky with Bobbi’s very logical way of thinking as these are conveniently numbered and shaded consistently. This makes our job easier but these will only get you so far. Now we have to get them on the skin.

This is NOT how we colour match:


The reason we don’t colour match on our arms and hands is simple: We don’t wear it there. We wear it on our face. Our body parts are always different colours, so therefore when we colour match foundation, we colour match it to our face. Simples.

We colour match like this, starting with the middle colour and painting quite a substantial amount down the middle of the cheek, you then want to paint either colours on either side of that stripe.


L-R: Warm Ivory,  Sand, Warm Sand. Now the light when I went into Liberty changed, literally in the space of seconds. I actually thank it now because we can do a warm shot and an ‘ I look like death shot’ ( as above). Now, can you see the way that yes the Warm Ivory blends into my face and my neck pretty well, even without being blended? Can you see that the Sand blends in too, it’s more fleshy and healthy, and can you see the way the Warm Sand is too warm?/ Makes me look jaundiced?


Now looking at the warmth in the photo, they all look much healthier, yes, I’d be inclined to go with the Warm Ivory but then let’s see what it looks like blended- below?


Now what do you think? I’d possibly go with Sand. That’s because it’s calmed the redness in my cheeks down a little whilst blending seamlessly into my neck. We don’t want to ‘warm ourselves up’ yet with Warm Sand, that’s what bronzer’s for. We want to perfectly match our skin tone. Now the thing is with foundation is you can almost never, on a daily basis, get it 100% perfect. That’s predominantly because the weather is so changeable and whether we’re wearing SPF or not means our skin takes on ‘tan’ and frequently changes colour. SO I would say go with one you see yourself wearing the most, and if you really can’t decide between two, buy them both. You can always mix them together to truly get a colour match.

Now with liquids, the principal is the same. Here are the Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tints ( Normal to Dry) Hourglass that not only don’t go up logically in terms of tone or colour, they are effectively just colours, but can you see the variety I’ve picked? This is to truly get an idea of the spectrum of colour and tone that may work for me.




And again you get the jist. Swatch using the full amount of foundation and paint down from mid cheek height down to past the jaw line. Like so:


So from L-R: Beige, Ivory, Light Beige, Shell. I’m thinking, Shell. It blends in really well with both my neck and my face. If you’re still really stuck pop a little blob on your forehead and your chin. Blend lightly. Whatever one truly sinks in is your colour. Likewise do the same if you’re testing with the Bobbi stick.

If you really love a foundation or other kind of base and it only comes in a couple of colours pick a lighter one that you think could best represents the tones in your skin, then pick a dark one that you think does the same. Much like these Everlasting Foundations ( Normal to Oily skins) by Clarins:





And proceed by mixing the two together.

With Tinted Moisturisers and BB Creams I would recommend purchasing one that’s as close to your skin tone as possible, failing that, the above. You will always need something paler for Winter and something a touch darker for Summer skin.

So what do you think? Have these helped you so far? Drop me a line, and let me know how you’re getting on! Next week, perfecting your skin for a Spring wedding.

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