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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Morning all. One of my favourite photos from a wedding day is definitely the confetti shot. It is quite bizarre leaving the dark insides of a cold church to be bombarded with pastel coloured paper, you can’t help but feel quite ecstatic so the photos are always happy and cheerful.

Photography by Corrado Chiozzi

Sophie-Peter-1 Sophie-Peter-2 Sophie-Peter-3 Sophie-Peter-4 Sophie-Peter-5 Sophie-Peter-6 Sophie-Peter-7 Sophie-Peter-8 Sophie-Peter-9 Sophie-Peter-10 The Hair and MakeupThe Chapel, Islington 

Sophie-Peter-11 Sophie-Peter-12 Sophie-Peter-13 The BrideBride’s dress /shoes Davids Bridal Westfield

Bride’s hair accessories/veil Davids Bridal Westfield

Sophie-Peter-14 Sophie-Peter-15 Sophie-Peter-16 Sophie-Peter-17 Sophie-Peter-18 Sophie-Peter-19 Sophie-Peter-20 The FlowersKaren Woolven in Greenwich

Sophie-Peter-21 Sophie-Peter-22 Sophie-Peter-23 Sophie-Peter-24 Sophie-Peter-25 Sophie-Peter-26 The BridesmaidsDavids Bridal Westfield

Sophie-Peter-27 Sophie-Peter-28 Sophie-Peter-29 Sophie-Peter-30 Sophie-Peter-31 Sophie-Peter-32 Favourite MomentEverything!! The entire day – but if I had to single one out Peter holding my hand during the ceremony when I started to get a little teary

Sophie-Peter-33 Sophie-Peter-34 Sophie-Peter-35 Sophie-Peter-36 Sophie-Peter-37 The VenueCeremony at Camden Registry office, reception at Chiswell St Dining rooms, a restaurant in the City of London.

Sophie-Peter-38 Sophie-Peter-39 Sophie-Peter-40 Sophie-Peter-41 Sophie-Peter-42 Sophie-Peter-43 Sophie-Peter-44 Sophie-Peter-45 Sophie-Peter-46 Sophie-Peter-47 The GroomAustin Reed

Sophie-Peter-48 Sophie-Peter-49 Sophie-Peter-50 Sophie-Peter-51 Sophie-Peter-52 Sophie-Peter-53 Sophie-Peter-54 Sophie-Peter-55 Sophie-Peter-56 Sophie-Peter-57 Sophie-Peter-58 Sophie-Peter-59 Sophie-Peter-60 Sophie-Peter-61 Sophie-Peter-62 Sophie-Peter-63 Sophie-Peter-64 Sophie-Peter-65 Sophie-Peter-66 Sophie-Peter-67 Sophie-Peter-68 Sophie-Peter-69 Sophie-Peter-70 Sophie-Peter-71 Sophie-Peter-73 Sophie-Peter-74 The Cakewww.cheese-board.co.uk Cheese by the Cheeseboard in Greenwich which was all eaten in 10 minutes!!

Cake topper – www.quernuscraftsshop.co.uk

Sophie-Peter-75 Sophie-Peter-76 Sophie-Peter-77 Sophie-Peter-78 Sophie-Peter-79 Sophie-Peter-80 Sophie-Peter-81 Sophie-Peter-82 Sophie-Peter-83 Sophie-Peter-84 The Entertainmenthttp://www.the145s.com/

Union by Robert Fulghum was the only reading – really summed up our life.

Music – Brides entrance music – Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol – acoustic

During the registry signing – The Promise – Tracey Chapman – one of the first CD’s we listened to together

Sophie-Peter-85 Sophie-Peter-86 Sophie-Peter-87 Sophie-Peter-88 Sophie-Peter-89AdviceDon’t try and plan every last detail you will enjoy it much more if you are flexible – let other people worry about the timings etc… you just concentrate on having fun! Get an amazing band as they really do make the night!

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