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A little insight in to Miller HQ after 7pm. Dinner is finished, Miller is gaming with his friends (Destiny), I sing along loudly to 80s power ballads with my earphones in. This was post composed to Journey, Bonnie Tyler and Alice Cooper. We then moved on to Papa Roach, Coolio and Ke$ha. I am nothing but diverse. Atticus gives me the eye until I take him out. Finish with some Blackstreet and then bed.

I am so happy to be back and sharing weddings. Especially this one! This is a gorgeous wedding in the depths of the welsh country side. Tipis, festoon lights, bunting and trestle table heaven. I don’t think Wendy will mind me drawing attention to this, but I just wanted to swiftly mention how gorgeous she looks, and she isn’t wearing an ounce of make up. I don’t need to go in to the “happy in your own skin” spiel but I don’t think I have ever blogged a bride without make up on, and it is refreshing.

Photography by Florence Fox Photography 

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-01.5 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-01 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-02 The BrideDress made by Erica Stacey Bridalwear (ericastacey.co.uk) Shoes from Beholden Bridal via Etsy.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil, hair flowers by The Flower Hive

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-03 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-04 The FlowersThe Flower Hive (theflowerhive.co.uk)

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-05 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-06 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-07 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-08 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-09 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-10 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-12 The Hair and MakeupHair by Mark Francome-Painter from Kontakt hairdressers (kontakthair.com) no make up.

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-13 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-14 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-15 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-16 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-17 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-18 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-19 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-20 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-21 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-22 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-23 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-24 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-25 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-26 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-27 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-28 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-29 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-30 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-31 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-32 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-33 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-34 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-35 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-36 The BridesmaidsBridesmaids dress from Coast (coast-stores.com)

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-37 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-38 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-39 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-40 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-41 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-42 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-43 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-44 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-45 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-46 The GroomGroom’s suit made by tailor with Huddersfield wool. Bowtie and pocket handkerchief from Crombie and shirt from TM Lewin.

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-47 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-48 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-49 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-50 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-51 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-52 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-53 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-55

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-56 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-57 The VenueFforest (fforestweddings.co.uk)

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-58 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-59 The FavoursWildflower seed packets for butterflies and bees. Made by bride and groom with seeds from naturescape (naturescape.co.uk)

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-60 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-61 The DecorTable flowers and buttonholes/corsages made by mother of the bride. Other decorations provided by venue.

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-62 The CakeMade by bride and mother of the groom. Decorated by bride and friends.

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-63 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-64 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-65 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-66 The FoodCatering by venue. Post ceremony cocktails provided by Lewis Hayes and Nathan Brown of Merchant House London (merchanthouselondon.com, londonbarconsultants.co.uk)

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-67 Favourite MomentDuring the afternoon tea, I loved looking around the room and seeing all the people I love all in one place. It was lovely to just stop for a minute and appreciate that.

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-68 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-69 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-70.5 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-70 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-71 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-72 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-73 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-74 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-75.5 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-75.6 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-75 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-76 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-77 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-78 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-79 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-80 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-81 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-82 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-83 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-84 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-85 The EntertainmentBand – Ivan Campo (ivancampo.bandcamp.com) Ceilidh band – the Backroom Band (backroomband.co.uk) then iPod disco.

Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-86 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-87 Wendy-Alexx-FFOXPHOTO-88

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