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 Something different today! I do like to keep you on your toes. Is it annoying that I will often throw a curve ball in to our regular schedule? I thought that not only is the videography as is the best mans speech so share it around. Use it for inspiration!

Gione Da Silva

Stephanie + Martin : Wedding Highlights Film from Gione da Silva on Vimeo.

If there were a word to describe Stephanie and Martin’s wedding, it would’ve been ORGANISE. Indeed, this word kind of describes Stephanie’s personality too! She is extremely organized and knew everything that was going on and what time things should be happening. I guess this is one of her traits that helped her succeed in life and become a successful doctor! It was funny because based on our consultation and meetings; one of my keywords for the day was ORGANISATION. Then, on the day, her father’s speech had the same theme: how Stephanie went on in life organising things on her way! Really funny! Martin, on the opposite, is quite relaxed and is just happy to let things go by. No wonder why they complement each other so well!

Their wedding was a great combination of modern and traditional. Although residing in London, they decided to come back to Suffolk and get married at the same church Stephanie’s mother and grandmother got married! So, the ceremony was really important for them. They also hired pretty much just local suppliers. They went with traditional vows, a traditional venue (Woodhall Manor) which is listed grade II and goes back to the 16th century!  Stephanie and Martin is a modern well-educated couple. Their music taste as well as fashion sense is completely modern! Yet, they found a way to nicely combine the modern and traditional.

A big part of their wedding was the involvement of family and friends in the preparation of it. Her mother made the cake. The best man sang the first song tune and also helped the band lively up the night session.  For me, the highlight of the day has got to be the best man’s speech. It was a joy listening to him and appreciating how a well-composed speech can be moving. Everyone was in awe and I am actually inviting him to be a guest writer in a blog I will write soon about how to prepare a killer speech.

This was one of those weddings where I actually felt like a guest. They are really nice people who happen to have amazing friends and family.

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