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Hello!! I hope your week has been good? To update you, Atticus’s surgery went well, he had the all clear, he has a beautiful cone and colourful bandages but is home, eating, and well. This time next week we shall hopefully be a little tipsy and the smell of Christmas lunch will be gently wafting through the house.

This post has been in my drafts for a little while but as the blog’s schedule gets chocka leading up to the busiest time of my blogging year I wanted to get this up sooner rather than later. I am very privileged to spend all my days looking at other peoples weddings, but it also means that I often reflect on my own. I wanted to list a few things I wish I had done differently, I hope it is of some help to you.

Videographer – I know I have mentioned it before here, but I would 100% get a videographer. I am lucky that Michael’s friend made a cute video for us, but I would have loved to have a professional video of our day. It genuinely makes me sad, so if you can budget for one.


Worn nicer shoes – I was in such a hurry and towards the end of my budget that I wore some really boring bridal shoes. I wouldn’t do that now.

More photos of my sister and I – I think I was so wrapped up in the fact I had a husband that I kind of forgot I had a family and that my parents/family would have loved some photos of just my sister and I. We didn’t spend much time together on the day so there are hardly any photos of the two of us which is a shame.


Band and DJ – Looking back, I am actually really pissed off with the band I hired. They were good, don’t get me wrong, but the deal was that they would also partly DJ in the evening. What they actually did was run a playlist through their sound system and eff off to the free bar. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but having to get my dad to get them back to the dance-floor for some better songs was bloody annoying.

148356_455643986510_7998016_n (1)

Got over the fact my dress was going to get dirty and let it drop down earlier own rather than cradle it like a baby. I think it ruined some of the photos.

Sorted my false eyelashes – this is a really superficial one but by 11pm (they had been on since 8am) my left eye lash started to slip a bit in the corner. I really couldn’t be bothered to back up to my room to get glue and amend but there are photos taken where it looks like I have a really lazy eye.


Used my phone – I know a lot of people may disagree with this, but I wish I had just kept my phone/digital camera on me for a little while in the evening and taken some selfies with my friends and family.

girls taking selfies

Put a dress code on the invite – I didn’t think I would have to, I underestimated my guests.

Not stressed so much about the seating plan – this was something that really took ages to figure out, and why? I wasn’t inviting awful people, everyone would get a long with everyone, so worry less about this. Try and get a good mix on a table but it really isn’t worth the worry.


Told the girl who wore white (in winter!) that she was a dick.


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Emily Eldershaw //

The last point is my absolute favourite!!!

Other good points though – will make sure bridesmaid has eyelash glue in her bag, along with my phone for selfies!!x