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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

This wedding is full of so much fun!! From lindy hopping on a boat, ballroom dancing in the evening, ripped trousers, flower girls with alligator heads, finger puppets and a drunken snow white.

Scott from Life in Focus Photography 

wedding-photographer-bristol-11 wedding-photographer-bristol-12 The FlowersZeldaland Flowers, Teddington

wedding-photographer-bristol-13 wedding-photographer-bristol-14 wedding-photographer-bristol-15 The BrideDress: The Dress, Teddington (I think it is a Lyn Ashworth, will double check with the bride) Shoes: Rachel Simpson

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Veil was bought with the dress. I also had a pearl /crystal head band from Gillian Million

wedding-photographer-bristol-16 wedding-photographer-bristol-17 wedding-photographer-bristol-18 wedding-photographer-bristol-19 wedding-photographer-bristol-20 wedding-photographer-bristol-21 wedding-photographer-bristol-22 wedding-photographer-bristol-23 wedding-photographer-bristol-24 wedding-photographer-bristol-25 wedding-photographer-bristol-26 wedding-photographer-bristol-27 The BridesmaidsDresses were Ted Baker and all accessories were their own.


Flower Girl: The dress was from Monsoon, we couldn’t resist some shoes from Lelli Kelly

wedding-photographer-bristol-28 wedding-photographer-bristol-30 wedding-photographer-bristol-31 wedding-photographer-bristol-32 wedding-photographer-bristol-33 wedding-photographer-bristol-34 wedding-photographer-bristol-35 The VenueCeremony: St Mary’s Church, Twickenham


Reception: The New Southern Belle, Turks Launches, moored out of Kingston-upon-Thames http://www.turks.co.uk/our-fleet/new-southern-belle/


Evening meal & Party: Ham Polo Club, booked via Hunt-Kendall http://hunt-kendall.com/

wedding-photographer-bristol-36 wedding-photographer-bristol-37 wedding-photographer-bristol-38 wedding-photographer-bristol-39 wedding-photographer-bristol-40 wedding-photographer-bristol-41 wedding-photographer-bristol-42 wedding-photographer-bristol-43 The GroomThe suit was hired from Moss Bros, as were the groomsmen’s.

wedding-photographer-bristol-44 wedding-photographer-bristol-45 wedding-photographer-bristol-46 wedding-photographer-bristol-47 wedding-photographer-bristol-48 wedding-photographer-bristol-49 wedding-photographer-bristol-50 The PhotographerLife in Focus Photography – Scott Wilson, Scott has a very natural style, we didn’t want loads of posed shots and we like him as a person, easy going but takes his craft very seriously.

wedding-photographer-bristol-51 wedding-photographer-bristol-52 wedding-photographer-bristol-53 wedding-photographer-bristol-54 wedding-photographer-bristol-55 wedding-photographer-bristol-56wedding-photographer-bristol-58 wedding-photographer-bristol-59 wedding-photographer-bristol-60 wedding-photographer-bristol-61 wedding-photographer-bristol-62 wedding-photographer-bristol-63 wedding-photographer-bristol-64 wedding-photographer-bristol-65 wedding-photographer-bristol-66 wedding-photographer-bristol-67 wedding-photographer-bristol-68 wedding-photographer-bristol-69 wedding-photographer-bristol-70 wedding-photographer-bristol-71 wedding-photographer-bristol-72 wedding-photographer-bristol-73 wedding-photographer-bristol-74 wedding-photographer-bristol-75 wedding-photographer-bristol-76 wedding-photographer-bristol-77 wedding-photographer-bristol-78 wedding-photographer-bristol-79 wedding-photographer-bristol-80 wedding-photographer-bristol-81 The CakeWe made it ourselves…Top tier was Gordon’s mum, Middle was mine, Gordon made the bottom tier and I decorated it! All my icing was from Hobby Craft, I love it there…I would recommend Renshaw icing it comes in loads of fab colours.

wedding-photographer-bristol-82 wedding-photographer-bristol-83 The StationeryWe designed it ourselves with a little help from a friend. The “Save the date”was a fruit machine scratch card, you scratched off to find the date. The Invite was a retro style cinema ticket.

wedding-photographer-bristol-84 wedding-photographer-bristol-85 wedding-photographer-bristol-86 wedding-photographer-bristol-87 The FavoursI bought animal finger puppets…quite a few of our friends and family have pets, so for those that do I made a little special one…Don’t really know why other than I saw the ones I bought in Tiger and thought they were a fun idea for the kids…and also in general.

wedding-photographer-bristol-88 wedding-photographer-bristol-89 wedding-photographer-bristol-90 wedding-photographer-bristol-91 wedding-photographer-bristol-92 wedding-photographer-bristol-93 wedding-photographer-bristol-94 wedding-photographer-bristol-95 wedding-photographer-bristol-96 wedding-photographer-bristol-97 wedding-photographer-bristol-98 wedding-photographer-bristol-99 wedding-photographer-bristol-100 wedding-photographer-bristol-101 wedding-photographer-bristol-102 wedding-photographer-bristol-103 wedding-photographer-bristol-104 wedding-photographer-bristol-105 wedding-photographer-bristol-106 wedding-photographer-bristol-107 The DecorThe theme was fun…I had a 50s style dress so I could dance un-restrained, the boat was a bit of risk as you never know with the british weather but it paid off, we did a few lindy-hop dances on the boat. We had 20 minutes to ourselves in Richmond park before joining the guest at the polo club. The polo field was decorated with massive yellow weather balloons (I work for a gas company so got some helium from BOC), lawn games and hay bales…prosecco & canapes on arrival. As it was such a hot day all the awnings around the polo club were taken down, leaving us in  a gentle breeze surrounded by the vines that climb the beams. We both did a speech at the end of the meal and then got to the dance floor. Gordon also had his heart set on having a fire pit for the evening…. it was a lovely touch, especially good for toasting marsh mellows…. a neighbouring party had a massive firework display…so those came free!

wedding-photographer-bristol-108 The HoneymoonWe went to Uganda, Namibia and South Africa. We did a Gorilla trek in Uganda, a silver back nearly took Gordon out…but he survived. We hired a 4×4 in Namibia and drove to the dunes in the South, did some sand boarding, drove up the skeleton coast and then on to Etosa which is the main game reserve. We then went to Cape Town and Franshhoek for some good food and wine…it was an adventure!

wedding-photographer-bristol-109 wedding-photographer-bristol-110 wedding-photographer-bristol-111 wedding-photographer-bristol-112 wedding-photographer-bristol-113 wedding-photographer-bristol-114 The EntertainmentDJ/entertainment: Music on the boat was Swing Ninjas http://theswingninjas.co.uk/


Music for the party was the Ambassador Band http://www.ambassadorband.co.uk/\

wedding-photographer-bristol-115 wedding-photographer-bristol-116 wedding-photographer-bristol-117 Favourite MomentThere were so many…but there was a point around 1030 when I looked around the party, some people on the dance floor, some outside near the fire pit…everyone looked happy and they were enjoying themselves…. That made me the happiest really. I also loved our first dance, we did it to Franki Valli- You’re just too good to be true…we have ballroom danced for around 3 yrs so it was our time to show our friends (who had never real seen us)…I felt like a million dollars. If you want to have a look I have a link to that too…

wedding-photographer-bristol-118 wedding-photographer-bristol-119AdviceDo what you want to and make it yours. Try to stay true to what represents you as a couple…at the end of the day it is a day of love nothing more nothing less…somethings may not go to plan, you may not be able to afford the diamond encrusted shoes…try and keep perspective.

I always ask on the questionnaire why my blog was chosen, this is always directed to the couple or the photographer, I save everyone for my own personal record but sometimes I share one or two. I love what Scott wrote, it is exactly the ethos behind the blog, not only do I want to bring the best of British suppliers to you but keep it all achievable and real.

I (Scott, the photographer) really like the subtlety and honesty of the posts chosen for the real weddings. I find many blogs feel like they’re chasing trends and trying to out-style each other which, in turn, may make Brides feel like they have to keep up. I think the weddings shown look and feel the way they  do because of the couple’s vision rather than chasing trends. This wedding embodied that notion, they did what they wanted and loved every minute!


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