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Afternoon, a beautiful treat for this afternoon! We have’t had an engagement shoot in quite a while have we? Sarah and Danny are planning a Spring 2016 wedding at Elmore Court, a beautiful stately home in Gloucestershire.  You can read about how they met below, just goes to show that long distance can totally work!

Photography by Shelley at Diamonds and Doodles 

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Danny has a job that requires him to travel on a very regular basis – we met when he spent several weeks working in Canada in 2012. We became fast friends and kept in touch after his return to England. After another visit to Canada, we decided (even though it seemed totally crazy!) that we would try and make a very long-distance relationship work. We’ve managed to see each other almost every 2 months, have visited seven countries together, used up all of our vacation time, and couldn’t imagine life without each other. Skype and FaceTime get hours of usage every day. We’re currently planning for my big move to England in just a few months. We’ve got a lot of life planning to get done after the move, and topping it all off with the biggest day of our lives seems so symbolic of how far we’ve come.

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Two and a half years after we met, Danny proposed in Summer 2014 while staying at a holiday home with all of my family on Lake Ontario in Canada. One day, the two of us went out for an afternoon walk in a beautiful picturesque area called Lake on the Mountain. On the lake’s edge, Danny stopped, shared some very heartfelt words, and took out the beautiful engagement ring he had chosen entirely on his own. After lots of giggles, tears, hugs, and kisses, we returned to the holiday home to share the news with my family, who were all thrilled!

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We’ll be getting married at Elmore Court in Gloucestershire in Spring 2016. Elmore Court is a beautiful stately family home, built hundreds of years ago, with a brand new building for wedding receptions called The Gillyflower. This combination of old and new, antique and modern, is just our style, and will be reflected in our decor. We know this amazing venue will make for a wonderful day. Our guests will be travelling from Canada, the US, Austria, and all over England. We want everyone to come together, be surrounded with love, and have the party of a lifetime. There will be lots of children running around, dancing and laughing – between the two of us, we have eight nieces and nephews, plus Danny’s son Lucas who will be a huge part of our day and lives together”

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