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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
Sooo I was scrolling through twitter and saw an image from this shoot. I favourited, RTd and told Megan (from Typical Type) how gorgeous it was, and she asked if I would like to blog it…this was exactly what I was hoping for because selfishly, I wanted this to be ALL MINE. I can’t put in to words how much I want this shoot to be my life, I want the dog, the dresses, Aimee’s face, the flowers and that cake!! So in love with this, the ladies all worked so so hard and it truly paid off. If you want to get involved with telling everyone how beautiful it is use the #enhiver hashtag so I can RT and share all your lovely comments.

The shoot began like many others – ‘It’s been a while since we had chance to catch up, do you fancy doing a styled shoot?’ and that was that.  We (Tiree and I) love a chance to stretch our creative muscles and although we rarely work together, when we do we find we really compliment one another.  Stylistically we are similar – it may be something to to with the fact we have known each other since we were two – but more importantly, we are both truly passionate about what we do.
A winter styled shoot at Hipping Hall was soon agreed upon, it’s an intimate venue, not too grand, but perfect for those cosy, romantic weddings held with close family and closer friends, for those who appreciate fine wine and food.  They type of place you secretly wish you would get snowed in and have to stay there for a whole week.  I’ve stayed and it ruined everywhere else, nothing has compared since, it really is that heavenly.  Once that was decided it was a simple case of finding the right suppliers for the shoot.  There are many, many amazing suppliers out there and it is a true treat to work with just some of them.  Everyone really put the work in, I ask a lot from those who participate in our shoots – you can’t just turn up and hope for the best – you need to be involved from the start!
 Part way through the planning it became clear from the pinboard that there were several ideas merging into one, so in an attempt to make sure everyone got to show what they wanted I split them into Day and Night (Imaginative, right?).  This gave us the freedom to show stunning Winter whites and a smouldering jewelled look without it becoming too confused.  It also meant we got to use not one, but two of our amazingly stunning friends.  I kid you not, these girls are hot, hot, hot. And annoyingly talented, funny and intelligent, yes, really.
On our shoots we really like to encourage people to take inspiration from the pinboards, not recreate them.  It’s about a mood, a feel, showing what couples what they might want to consider for their wedding day. It’s not necessarily about recreating a wedding, or trying to break the mould, but about showing brides what happens when you hire the right people to create your special day.  It’s your big day, make sure you find the people who you truly trust to put your vision in place, because when you do the results are truly magical. 
 I hope you enjoy the photos – we really loved putting them together for you – and if you ever wondered what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of a shoot there is a film from Marmalade Toast on its way too…
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Photographer – Tiree Dawson Photography 
Co-ordination – Megan @ Typical Type 
Lights – Typical Type 
Models – Rachel Hayton, Aimee Chorley


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Tux&TalesPhotography //

Light up letters….. festoons….. cahlkboard cake. I am in love. Swoon.

Rachael Urquhart //

What a gorgeous shoot! Love the colours, the chalkboard cake, the dog, the dresses.. The girls look absoutely stunning!