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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I really love the use of tins and jars, it is so simple and refreshing. And really it is most grooms dream to have a mini pub on wheels at their wedding. Right? Catherine’s choice of gypsophila works so well with their pared back and simple theme. Also lovvvvinng Simon’s tweed tie.

I am so excited that I will be attending a wedding at Priory Cottages soon as it is one of my favourite venues up here in Yorkshire.

Photography by James & Lianne 

sygm_simon_cathy_0001 sygm_simon_cathy_0002 sygm_simon_cathy_0003 sygm_simon_cathy_0004 sygm_simon_cathy_0005 The BrideDress from Elite Brides and shoes from L K Bennett


Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Chignon Brides – Shirley Knowles, Elite Brides

sygm_simon_cathy_0006 sygm_simon_cathy_0007 sygm_simon_cathy_0008 sygm_simon_cathy_0009 The GroomGroomswear: Moss Bros, Harris Tweed, Oliver Sweeney, Mont Blanc


Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: Moss Bros, Harris Tweed, Paul Smith

sygm_simon_cathy_0010 sygm_simon_cathy_0011 sygm_simon_cathy_0012 sygm_simon_cathy_0013 sygm_simon_cathy_0014 sygm_simon_cathy_0015 sygm_simon_cathy_0016 The FlowersMonica Sharpe (Friend)

sygm_simon_cathy_0017 sygm_simon_cathy_0018 sygm_simon_cathy_0019 sygm_simon_cathy_0020 sygm_simon_cathy_0021 The VenuePriory Cottages, Syningthwaite, Near Wetherby

sygm_simon_cathy_0022 sygm_simon_cathy_0023 sygm_simon_cathy_0024 sygm_simon_cathy_0025 sygm_simon_cathy_0026 sygm_simon_cathy_0027 sygm_simon_cathy_0028 sygm_simon_cathy_0029 sygm_simon_cathy_0030 The DecorClean and simple. Bean tin and pickle jar vases, gypsophila only, Brooklyn Brewery Van, Outside courtyard and fields.

sygm_simon_cathy_0031 sygm_simon_cathy_0032 The FavoursA bottle of “Hoppy Ever After” 4.5% wedding pale ale brewed by us and Roosters Brewery.

sygm_simon_cathy_0033 sygm_simon_cathy_0034 The CakeHelen Gapik (Sister)

sygm_simon_cathy_0035 sygm_simon_cathy_0036 sygm_simon_cathy_0037 sygm_simon_cathy_0038 sygm_simon_cathy_0039 sygm_simon_cathy_0040 sygm_simon_cathy_0041 sygm_simon_cathy_0042 sygm_simon_cathy_0043 sygm_simon_cathy_0044 sygm_simon_cathy_0045 sygm_simon_cathy_0046 sygm_simon_cathy_0047 sygm_simon_cathy_0048 sygm_simon_cathy_0049 Favourite MomentSeeing all the effort put into individual details come together on the day and all your family and friends enjoying themselves. Tasting the first beer served from the Brooklyn Brewery Van!

sygm_simon_cathy_0050 sygm_simon_cathy_0051 sygm_simon_cathy_0052 sygm_simon_cathy_0053 sygm_simon_cathy_0054 sygm_simon_cathy_0055 sygm_simon_cathy_0056 sygm_simon_cathy_0057 sygm_simon_cathy_0058 sygm_simon_cathy_0059sygm_simon_cathy_0061 sygm_simon_cathy_0062 sygm_simon_cathy_0063 sygm_simon_cathy_0064 sygm_simon_cathy_0065 sygm_simon_cathy_0066 The FoodCatering/food/drink: Mike Kernall Catering

sygm_simon_cathy_0067 sygm_simon_cathy_0068 sygm_simon_cathy_0069 sygm_simon_cathy_0070 sygm_simon_cathy_0071 sygm_simon_cathy_0072 sygm_simon_cathy_0073 sygm_simon_cathy_0074 sygm_simon_cathy_0075AdviceKeep it simple and personal to you. Choose a venue that suits your style and personality. Involve family and friends. Good food, good beer and the rest takes care of itself. It’s all in the bespoke detail.



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