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I really struggled to find a main image for this shoot because there are so many beautiful shots. I hadn’t heard of Merriscourt until Rachael submitted this to me, and what a venue! It really does have the feel of The Med about it on a beautiful English summers day. Everything about the styling of this shoot is impeccable, from the colours used, the stationery, down to the dessert station and drinks bar. Excellent work from an exceptionally talented team. I hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as I did. Plus, Bess the lurcher is just beautifulllll.

Photography by Mark Lord

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Rachael from Serendipity Weddins said – I came across Merriscourt in Chipping Norton whilst carrying out a venue search for a client and instantly fell in love with it myself, so was thrilled when their venue manager Romaine confirmed we could use it as the location for our shoot.

With 2 beautiful stone barns, a sun-drenched courtyard and stunning countryside views Merriscourt has a real Mediterranean feel about it, which inspired our overall theme.

The styling focused on rustic textures such as terracotta, crochet and wood, coupled with some simple Italian-inspired touches such as homemade olive oil favours and an Aperol spritz bar.

MCS-ML-IMG_4299_011 MCS-ML-IMG_4295_010 MCS-ML-IMG_4292_008 MCS-ML-IMG_4317_036 MCS-ML-IMG_4312_034 MCS-ML-IMG_4306_016 MCS-ML-IMG_4303_014 MCS-ML-IMG_4337_042 MCS-ML-IMG_4327_041 MCS-ML-IMG_4321_038 MCS-ML-IMG_4348_046 MCS-ML-IMG_4340_044 MCS-ML-IMG_4368_063MCS-ML-IMG_4357_051 MCS-ML-IMG_4354_049 MCS-ML-IMG_4420_076 MCS-ML-IMG_4457_086 MCS-ML-IMG_4453_085 MCS-ML-IMG_4482_094 MCS-ML-IMG_4472_091 MCS-ML-IMG_4491_095

We also wanted to show that you needn’t rely on traditional pastel shades to create a romantic celebration, so our florist Tarnia instead opted for a cheerful palette of pink, purple and warm citrus shades. The bouquet and centrepieces incorporated roses, ranunculus, dahlias and lisianthus, alongside fragrant rosemary and eucalyptus foliage.

The Mediterranean theme extended to the dessert station too. Victoria from The Chipping Norton Tea Set created a beautiful naked cake topped with figs and pistachios, which was displayed alongside nougat, amaretti, florentines and biscotti.

The stationery featured in the shoot is the aptly name ‘Mediterranean Romance’ collection from Paperknots. The design is based on a traditional mosaic tile pattern and the lavender and copper colour palette was a perfect match for the theme. Paperknots designer Lisa provided us with an entire invitation suite, menu cards and a seating plan, which was uniquely displayed on the tree in Merriscourt’s courtyard.

After having her hair styled and make up applied by Katie Reay-Scott it was time to get our bride Cammie dressed. We were lucky to loan not one but three beautiful vintage inspired bridal gowns from London-based designer Sally Lacock; the styles Cammie wore are ‘Bea’, ‘Carly’ and ‘Constance’.

Finally the shoot wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our photographer Mark, who captured some stunning shots of the barn and styling as well as of Cammie and her handsome groom Jack. We even had our very own photoshoot pooch, an adorable little lurcher called Bess!

MCS-ML-IMG_4524_105 MCS-ML-IMG_4561_120 MCS-ML-IMG_4555_118 MCS-ML-IMG_4545_113 MCS-ML-IMG_4578_127 MCS-ML-IMG_4609_140 MCS-ML-IMG_4597_134 MCS-ML-IMG_4617_142 MCS-ML-IMG_4647_153 MCS-ML-IMG_4667_164MCS-ML-IMG_4650_155 MCS-ML-IMG_4686_182 MCS-ML-IMG_4672_166 MCS-ML-IMG_4699_186 MCS-ML-IMG_4695_185 MCS-ML-IMG_4728_199 MCS-ML-IMG_4732_202 MCS-ML-IMG_4752_212 MCS-ML-IMG_4748_211 MCS-ML-IMG_4768_227 MCS-ML-IMG_4766_226 MCS-ML-IMG_4800_240 MCS-ML-IMG_8940_033 MCS-ML-IMG_8936_030 MCS-ML-IMG_8934_029 MCS-ML-IMG_8965_060 MCS-ML-IMG_8960_058 MCS-ML-IMG_8958_057 MCS-ML-IMG_8954_055 MCS-ML-IMG_9008_156 MCS-ML-IMG_9003_135 MCS-ML-IMG_9025_171 MCS-ML-IMG_9022_170 MCS-ML-IMG_9020_169MCS-ML-IMG_9019_168 MCS-ML-IMG_9037_177 MCS-ML-IMG_9036_176 MCS-ML-IMG_9033_175 MCS-ML-IMG_9031_174 MCS-ML-IMG_9027_173 MCS-ML-IMG_9026_172 MCS-ML-IMG_9063_219 MCS-ML-IMG_9040_178 MCS-ML-IMG_9089 2_245 MCS-ML-IMG_9088_244 MCS-ML-IMG_9081_243 MCS-ML-IMG_9079_242 MCS-ML-IMG_9076_239 MCS-ML-IMG_9093_247 MCS-ML-IMG_9090 2_246 MCS-ML-IMG_9113_255 MCS-ML-IMG_9110_254MCS-ML-IMG_9107_253 MCS-ML-IMG_9104_252 MCS-ML-IMG_9103_251 MCS-ML-IMG_9100_250 MCS-ML-IMG_9133_262 MCS-ML-IMG_9129_261 MCS-ML-IMG_9126_260 MCS-ML-IMG_9121_259 MCS-ML-IMG_9153_268 MCS-ML-IMG_9137_264 MCS-ML-IMG_9178_275 MCS-ML-IMG_9169_273
MCS-ML-IMG_9213_281 MCS-ML-IMG_9201_279 MCS-ML-IMG_9256_291 MCS-ML-IMG_9276_298 MCS-ML-IMG_9273_295 MCS-ML-IMG_9314_313 MCS-ML-IMG_9350_319 MCS-ML-IMG_9373_327 MCS-ML-IMG_9369_326 MCS-ML-IMG_9396_335 MCS-ML-IMG_9394_334 MCS-ML-IMG_9404_337 MCS-ML-IMG_9398_336 MCS-ML-IMG_9462_352 MCS-ML-IMG_9466_354

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