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This was a question I got asked regularly in the first two years of marriage. And you will too. Some were asking just as small talk and others, those usually on the path to wedded bliss genuinely wanted to know what it was like. Whilst our wedding was fricking awesome, the day after was just perfection. All the planning was over, friends and family were still in town, and I was a wife. I genuinely felt different towards Michael straight after the wedding, I think it actually verged on marital smugness. We got to use the words husband and wife rather than partner, we knew we were now legally bound, and we made a promise in front of everyone we loved that we would stay together till death. We were now #TeamMiller.

People still look at me a little weirdly when I say that I am married (at 27), and got married at 23 “oh but that’s so young”, they say. It is. But we had been together for 5 years prior to that, its not like it was a rash decision. And hey, we are still going strong now so really, age has nothing to do with it.


We went down the verrrry traditional route, we lived together after the wedding. I moved up to leeds and stayed at his mothers house for a year beforehand, but one on one didn’t happen until 2 months after the wedding. It meant that we made full use of our gift list as we had nothing.


It added a fun element to post wedding blues that I think would have been hard to deal with without the moving, and deciding what we wanted our marital home to look like. Soon after that we got a puppy, then a year later bought our first house. And really, not much has changed…

He still leaves a floordrobe

We still sit on the same sofa at night

We still argue

We still say ‘I love you’ every day

We still have date nights

We still bicker about taking the bin out

We still don’t do the whole PDA thing, or feel the need to be by each others sides at social events

I still want a puppy

We still make decisions together

We still have regular relations (tmi?)

He still makes me laugh daily

I still hate his bad habits (he knows what they are!)

So what has changed?

He is a better cook – oh the Michael I first met could not cook. At all. He is now pretty amazing at it!

We have learnt how to argue – this is something that comes with time and has taken us 9 years, 2 houses and 4 years of marriage. Theres arguing, and then theres arguing with purpose. We now thankfully do the latter.

We have a dog and a house – responsibilities really show you what someone is like. Most couples nowadays would have had this way before engagement though I guess.

He uses ‘the wife’ card to get out of things he doesn’t actually want to do. Because no one can argue with that.

I still haven’t gotten used to my new surname and will often fill forms out and Mrs Irvine rather than Miller. My Boden catalogue is address to Mrs Phoebe Irvine. How long does it take till this goes?!

I love him more with each year that passes

You have all of this to look forward to, and I would challenge anyone that says “its just a piece of paper”. It really isn’t. And it is something you have to experience to truly understand.



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Sarah Boston //

Great post 🙂 I have to say, I felt genuinely different towards my fiancé almost immediately after he proposed. We’d been together 8 years previously, but the new ‘status’ cemented our relationship and gave us a new-found appreciation for one another and a massive sense of excitement for what’s to come. We’re getting married in May next year (I’ll be sending you the photos!) so I can’t wait to see how our relationship develops again.

Phoebe //

Thank you! It is a weird feeling, and strange how much it can change how you feel. Eeek. Not tooo long to go now!! Can’t wait to see photos! P x

Kelly //

Completely agree, we both felt completely different as soon as we were married. We were something so much more than just ‘together’!

I was just 22 when we got married and now we’ve just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, have 2 kids (with just 14 months between them and moving house when the 2nd was just 2 weeks old, whilst running 2 businesses (this is serious STRESS)!)
We love each other more each and everyday and there is absolutely nothing I would change.

Ladies about to wed, you’re in for the best ride of your lives so hold on tight and enjoy every second!!