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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Morning! Well, aren’t David and Julia a gorgeous couple? When Rachel submitted this to me, I couldn’t get over how incredible Julia’s gown looks on her. Pronovias are one of my favourites as I love the feminine tailoring. I wish I had had the opportunity to try one on, maybe someone will let me play dress up? I also adore that it was the groom who had an outfir change rather than the bride!

Photography by Rachel Rose 

sygm_RR_001 sygm_RR_002The BrideYerly by Pronovias Atelier. My dress was a real surprise find. I’d looked at it on the hanger and walked straight by, but having tried on a few the shop owner then suggested I try it on. It’s silk brocade with a faint rose pattern all over.  I know it’s a cliché, but the minute I saw myself in the mirror I just knew it was the right one for me.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – I wore a simple hip length two-tiered veil with silk edging.

sygm_RR_004 sygm_RR_005The Hair and MakeupI went for a simple low bun hairstyle, similar to something I’d seen Jennifer Lawrence wear at the 2013 Oscars (courtesy of Lindsey at Hooker & Young)! My makeup was done by my friend Amy of Rose & Bird Makeup and we went for a natural look with a subtle smoky eye and eyeliner.

sygm_RR_006 sygm_RR_007 sygm_RR_008 sygm_RR_009The VenueWe had our wedding ceremony and reception at Newton Hall in the small village of Newton-by-the Sea which is right on the beautiful Northumberland coastline. Newton Hall was the first and only venue we viewed – from the minute we saw venue and each of the stunning bedrooms we just fell in love with its unique blend of opulence and quirk.

sygm_RR_010 sygm_RR_011 sygm_RR_012 sygm_RR_013The GroomDavid works in fashion so his outfit choice was probably more of a deliberation than my own! He wore a black tuxedo by Hardy Amies for the ceremony with Berluti shoes, before changing into a cream double-breasted dinner jacket for the wedding breakfast and evening reception. I think his friends would have been disappointed if he hadn’t have made some sort of fashion statement!


Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – The two best men, Paul and James, both wore black tuxedos.

sygm_RR_014 sygm_RR_015 sygm_RR_016 sygm_RR_017 sygm_RR_018 sygm_RR_019 sygm_RR_020 sygm_RR_021 sygm_RR_022 sygm_RR_023 sygm_RR_024The BridesmaidsMy two bridesmaids, Lindsay and Rachel, looked gorgeous in floor-length Dessy dresses in Aqua. After searching high and low for shoes, we ended up getting gold heeled sandals from Dorothy Perkins which were a real steal! They each have their own individual styles so I didn’t want to impose strict accessory choices on them, so left it up to them how to accessorise.

sygm_RR_025 sygm_RR_026 sygm_RR_027 sygm_RR_028 sygm_RR_029 sygm_RR_030 sygm_RR_031 sygm_RR_032 sygm_RR_033 sygm_RR_034Favourite MomentI don’t think I would have predicted it, but my favourite was the ceremony. It was almost like an out of body experience. Having so many family and friends there just for us, smiling away, was absolutely perfect. I think the other moment I enjoyed was chilling out with a few friends outside after the wedding breakfast. It was a gorgeous spring evening and it was lovely to just to look around at everyone enjoying themselves.

sygm_RR_035 sygm_RR_036 sygm_RR_037 sygm_RR_038 sygm_RR_039 sygm_RR_040 sygm_RR_041The FoodAll of our catering was provided by Newton Hall. For our drinks reception we had a choice of either black raspberry mojito or lychee martinis (my favourite drink). We gave our guests a choice of food for the wedding breakfast which was a bit of a nightmare to organise but worth it – if anyone is trying to decide what to feed their guests then I can tell you that the majority of our guests went for the salmon starter, roast beef dinner and Eton mess for desert!

sygm_RR_042 sygm_RR_043 sygm_RR_044 sygm_RR_045 sygm_RR_046 sygm_RR_047 sygm_RR_048The CakeBernadett at Dreamworld Cakes created a wonderful cake table for us, with a Victoria sponge wedding cake, passion fruit cupcakes, chocolate and baileys mini cakes, white chocolate cake-pops as well as white chocolate & tarragon and raspberry & basil macaroons. I didn’t eat a single thing from the cake table as they went so fast, but apparently they were delicious.

sygm_RR_049 sygm_RR_050 sygm_RR_051 sygm_RR_052 sygm_RR_053 sygm_RR_054 sygm_RR_055The FlowersWe used Fern Florists for our flowers and they did such a beautiful job. As my dress was simple and classic they advised that an all-rose bouquet would work best. We went for a mixture of pink/lilac Memory Lane roses, soft pink Sweet Avalanche roses and ivory Akito roses, interspersed with “Baby Blue” eucalyptus. The table centres were then made up from these same flowers but with added white hydrangea, pink larkspur, lilac veronica, white phlox and dusky pink astrantia.

sygm_RR_056 sygm_RR_057 sygm_RR_058 sygm_RR_059 sygm_RR_060The DecorWe never really decided on a theme as such, but both naturally wanted things that were simple, stylish and elegant. The vintage thing is just not us at all. I guess there was a bit of Gatsby inspiration in there, but we didn’t try too hard to create a definite look.

sygm_RR_061 sygm_RR_062 sygm_RR_063 sygm_RR_064 sygm_RR_065 sygm_RR_066 sygm_RR_067 sygm_RR_068 sygm_RR_069 sygm_RR_070 sygm_RR_071 sygm_RR_073 sygm_RR_075 sygm_RR_077 sygm_RR_078 sygm_RR_079 sygm_RR_080
sygm_RR_083 sygm_RR_084 sygm_RR_085 sygm_RR_086 sygm_RR_087 sygm_RR_088 sygm_RR_089 sygm_RR_090 sygm_RR_091 sygm_RR_092 sygm_RR_093the budget£20-25k

sygm_RR_094 sygm_RR_095 sygm_RR_096 sygm_RR_097 sygm_RR_098 sygm_RR_099 sygm_RR_100 sygm_RR_103 sygm_RR_106 sygm_RR_108 sygm_RR_109 sygm_RR_110 sygm_RR_111The StationeryWe had all of our wedding stationery created by a seller on Etsy.com using cream, gold and black as our colour palette.


sygm_RR_112 sygm_RR_113 sygm_RR_114 sygm_RR_115 sygm_RR_116 sygm_RR_117 sygm_RR_118 sygm_RR_119 sygm_RR_120 sygm_RR_121 sygm_RR_122 sygm_RR_123The FavoursRather than buy favours we chose to donate money to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, a local charity which is very close to our hearts.

sygm_RR_124 sygm_RR_125 sygm_RR_126 sygm_RR_127 sygm_RR_128 sygm_RR_129 sygm_RR_130 sygm_RR_131 sygm_RR_132 sygm_RR_133 sygm_RR_134 sygm_RR_135 sygm_RR_136 sygm_RR_137 sygm_RR_138 sygm_RR_139The PhotographerRachel Rose Photography – Rachel was absolutely wonderful and I am so glad we chose her as our photographer.  She captured perfectly all of the small details of our wedding day in such a natural way. Picking the photos for our album has been such a difficult task because we just love all of them so much!

sygm_RR_140 sygm_RR_141

The HoneymoonOur guests very generously contributed to our honeymoon fund through Trailfinders, and we’re organising a California road trip a year after our wedding as the “official” honeymoon, but to get away straight after the wedding we headed off to Mexico which was just what we needed to de-stress and reminisce. 

sygm_RR_142 sygm_RR_143The EntertainmentWe had the Strictly Smokin’ band and a DJ for our evening music.

sygm_RR_144 sygm_RR_145 sygm_RR_146AdviceBite the bullet and start making decisions. There is so much inspiration out there that it can all be a bit overwhelming. You can easily spend a lot of time deliberating over the smallest of things, which is part of the fun for a while, but there comes a point when you need to get the planning ball rolling. Also, always go with your heart.


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