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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning and merry bank holiday Monday! Out of all the gorgeous images in this wedding (and there are A LOT) I am not sure why I chose the above one as the main picture  but I have. 10 SYGM points if you can name the JP gown from that though.

I don’t usually use the opening paragraph to write much as I like all the images and the couple to do the talking but I wanted to take a little bit of your time just to check in with you I guess. I know that planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you have to please so many people. I want you to remember what is important and I hope today’s wedding helps that. It is about love. Your love for one another, and that really is all that matters. I promise.

There is all this crap about “bloggable weddings” or “pinterest perfect weddings” and well, this wedding is totally bloggable, and totally pinterest perfect, you’ll see. Don’t get lost in the DIY, don’t lose sight amongst all the pretty (and often unattainable pins), don’t be distracted with the endless hours of wedding craft. I usually put the “tips for planning” towards the end of the post but, you will see why I would like to quote the couple now:

We never actually planned for our wedding day to be this way. We cancelled our original wedding plans due to unnecessary ongoing stress. It’s very easy for people to forget what the day is actually about. The choices you make should be accepted and respected but this is not always the case. Getting married to one another was always the most important aspect of the day to us and remained our main focus. Having the small ceremony with our close friends was initially a very difficult decision for me to make but one that I wouldn’t change, every thing fell into place on the day. Our wedding was intimate and romantic and perfect for us but not everyone. Don’t lose sight of what is important.

Photography by Darren Mack

2014-06-05_0002 2014-06-05_0004 2014-06-05_0006 2014-06-05_0010 2014-06-05_0011 2014-06-05_0013 2014-06-05_0014 2014-06-05_0016 2014-06-05_0018 2014-06-05_0019 2014-06-05_0020The Bride

The Dress You Wore: Esme by Jenny Packham. All her dresses are elegant and timeless, the detailing is breathtaking. I have never felt so beautiful. Once you try on a Jenny packham dress its hard to go back, so be warned!

2014-06-05_0021 2014-06-05_0022 2014-06-05_0023 2014-06-05_0024 2014-06-05_0025 2014-06-05_0026 2014-06-05_0027 2014-06-05_0028The GroomTed along with our witnesses Ryan and Andrew all wore suits bought for Reiss. Ted also wore a waistcoat from the same range. Ryan and Andrew spent alot of time getting the shoe, tie and suit combination right with Ted which really paid off on the day. The suits were formal but not too traditional. They all looked so handsome and complimented my dress.

2014-06-05_0030 2014-06-05_0031 2014-06-05_0032 2014-06-05_0033 2014-06-05_0036 2014-06-05_0038 2014-06-05_0039 2014-06-05_0042The FlowersNorthern Flower Manchester – I was a florist for 2 years previously & have had the flowers picked out for my own bouquet for years. Roses, peonies, lissianthus and freesia with baby blue eucalyptus as foliage. The peonies and freesia have a beautiful smell which now remind me of my wedding day. I picked white and ivory blooms because I wanted everything quite simply as Esme is very detailed.

2014-06-05_0043 2014-06-05_0051 2014-06-05_0054 2014-06-05_0057 2014-06-05_0058 2014-06-05_0059 2014-06-05_0060 2014-06-05_0061 2014-06-05_0062 2014-06-05_0063 2014-06-05_0065 2014-06-05_0066 2014-06-05_0067 2014-06-05_0068 2014-06-05_0069 2014-06-05_0070 2014-06-05_0071 2014-06-05_0073 2014-06-05_0074 2014-06-05_0076 2014-06-05_0077 2014-06-05_0078 2014-06-05_0079 2014-06-05_0080 2014-06-05_0081The VenueManchester Town Hall is a beautiful building right in the heart of Manchester. Neither myself or Ted are from Manchester originally but it is where we met and fell in love and still live today. Manchester is home to us. We never imagined getting married any where else. It’s a building we see regularly and now has a special connection to us. I still get a little bit excited every time I see it.

2014-06-05_0082 2014-06-05_0083 2014-06-05_0087 2014-06-05_0090 2014-06-05_0091 2014-06-05_0092 2014-06-05_0095 2014-06-05_0097 2014-06-05_0098The PhotographerDarren was amazing! He is so warm & has a genuine love and excitement for what he does. Darren put us all at ease and helped us relax, laughing and joking along with us throught out the day. It wouldn’t have been the same with out him. 

2014-06-05_0100 2014-06-05_0101 2014-06-05_0102 2014-06-05_0106 2014-06-05_0107 2014-06-05_0110 2014-06-05_0111 2014-06-05_0112 2014-06-05_0113 2014-06-05_0114 2014-06-05_0117 2014-06-05_0123 2014-06-05_0126 2014-06-05_0132 2014-06-05_0134 2014-06-05_0136 2014-06-05_0143 2014-06-05_0147 2014-06-05_0154 2014-06-05_0164 2014-06-05_0165 2014-06-05_0166 2014-06-05_0167 2014-06-05_0168 2014-06-05_0169 2014-06-05_0170
2014-06-05_0172 2014-06-05_0173 2014-06-05_0175 2014-06-05_0177 2014-06-05_0179 2014-06-05_0180 2014-06-05_0181 2014-06-05_0182 2014-06-05_0183 2014-06-05_0184 2014-06-05_0187 2014-06-05_0189 2014-06-05_0190 2014-06-05_0191 2014-06-05_0192 2014-06-05_0197 2014-06-05_0198

Favourite MomentThe whole day! It plays out like a little movie in my head.


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