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Reeves Wedding-708

The best bit of my job is definitely wedding submissions. Seeing so many different, beautiful wedding days makes my heart sing but there is a moment better than that. When a bride/reader submits their own wedding there is no greater feeling. Especially when the wedding is exceptionally gorgeous. Katie made her, and her bridesmaid dresses, in fact the whole day is heavy in DIY and excellent inspiration for you keen DIYers. I love this wedding, thank you so much for submitting it!!

Photography by Chris Milner

Reeves Wedding-10 Reeves Wedding-12 Reeves Wedding-15The Bride

Kate Reeves (that’s me!) – I worked as seamstress in London and am currently in the process of setting up my own label, specialising in bespoke womenswear for any occasion (although I would love to just spend all day making wedding brides and maids dresses! So much fun!) I’m based in Manchester and have already got a couple of clients which is super exciting!

Brides Shoes: Rainbow Club 

Reeves Wedding-16 Reeves Wedding-17 Reeves Wedding-23 Reeves Wedding-35The Hair and MakeupClaire Murray (With Kym on hair!) – I don’t often wear much makeup and found it quite daunting at the thought of being ‘made up’. Claire was not only an amazing makeup artist she seemed to just put us all at ease on the day!

Reeves Wedding-36 Reeves Wedding-98 Reeves Wedding-120 Reeves Wedding-121 Reeves Wedding-129 Reeves Wedding-130The FlowersBuddies Florist – Buddies were absolutely amazing. We didnt know anything about flowers but we knew how we wanted the overall look to be and they came up trumps. It was a fiddly job for them filling all of the different teacups and teapots but our flowers exceeded our expectations completely. For the bride and maids bouquets we want- ed them to look wild, like they had just been picked from a country garden. And they were tied with some lace trim i found at a market.

Reeves Wedding-133 Reeves Wedding-134 Reeves Wedding-137 Reeves Wedding-142The GroomSuits – Moss Bros

Grooms accessories: Ties: Primark (can you believe it!) Pocket Sq: Liberty London

Tie Pins: Asos

Reeves Wedding-147 Reeves Wedding-164 Reeves Wedding-186

Hire Society Cars:

Reeves Wedding-188 Reeves Wedding-189 Reeves Wedding-202 Reeves Wedding-204 Reeves Wedding-206 Reeves Wedding-207 Reeves Wedding-208 Reeves Wedding-210 Reeves Wedding-211 Reeves Wedding-212 Reeves Wedding-219 Reeves Wedding-220 Reeves Wedding-223 Reeves Wedding-231 Reeves Wedding-232 Reeves Wedding-235 Reeves Wedding-236 Reeves Wedding-238The BridesmaidsAgain, made by myself ( ! Fabric sourced from Shepherds bush Market in London. Bridesmaids Shoes: M & S

Bridesmaids necklaces: Elle Jewels

Reeves Wedding-253 Reeves Wedding-254 Reeves Wedding-263 Reeves Wedding-267 Reeves Wedding-273 Reeves Wedding-289The PhotographerChris Milner Photography – Chris is absolutely THE wedding pho- tographer for anyone getting married. He was often taking photographs and we didnt even realise we were being shot. Not only are his photographs awesome, hes a really nice guy. I was quite nervous about getting ‘papped’ on the day but we hardly noticed we were on camera at all!

Reeves Wedding-298 Reeves Wedding-300 Reeves Wedding-303 Reeves Wedding-307 Reeves Wedding-308 Reeves Wedding-309 Reeves Wedding-310 Reeves Wedding-318 Reeves Wedding-319 Reeves Wedding-321 Reeves Wedding-322 Reeves Wedding-334 Reeves Wedding-337 Reeves Wedding-338 Reeves Wedding-339 Reeves Wedding-347 Reeves Wedding-349 Reeves Wedding-350The VenueHoldsworth House, Halifax

Reeves Wedding-367 Reeves Wedding-372 Reeves Wedding-373The Entertainment

Street Three Jazz 

 The Singing Waiters

DJ- Jonny at Holdsworth House

Reeves Wedding-374 Reeves Wedding-377 Reeves Wedding-390 Reeves Wedding-391 Reeves Wedding-393 Reeves Wedding-396 Reeves Wedding-397 Reeves Wedding-398 Reeves Wedding-402 Reeves Wedding-416 Reeves Wedding-419 Reeves Wedding-420 Reeves Wedding-421 Reeves Wedding-425 Reeves Wedding-429 Reeves Wedding-431 Reeves Wedding-432 Reeves Wedding-433 Reeves Wedding-434 Reeves Wedding-435The FavoursBoth me and Mat consider ourselves to be quite ‘eco’ minded and wanted to do something eco for the favours. We came across and loved the idea of giving seeds that contain British wildflower seeds that bees and butterflies love!

Reeves Wedding-438 Reeves Wedding-439

We had always had our hearts set on some sort of Alice in Wonderland style wedding but wanted to be careful it didn’t look too ‘themed’. Once we found our venue, the idea of an ‘English Tea-party’ just seemed to fit in with the house perfectly and with our love of Alice in Wonderland so we decided upon that. Throughout the planning of the decor we really tried to keep it quite ‘mismatched’. We didn’t have a colour scheme at all and just picked things we liked. For the table centrepieces we collected cake stands and lots of old books from ebay and carboot sales and we made sure every couple of weeks we had a trip to the local charity shops to find tea-sets and saucers for the flowers. We drove a hard bargain! The name tags we made by just col- lecting vintage print papers and slicing them up with the guests names on, and we hand embroidered the table numbers by hand. Me and Mat have actually dated since we were kids and we even in the same nursery class (we were always at the back as we were the tallest). Although we wanted our wedding to be ‘romantic’ we also wanted it to be fun. We opted for a Dixie jazz band after the ceremony and pimms served rather than champagne. We really wanted to create the feel of a summer fête. Buttons sprinkled on the table were a homage to my love of sewing and stripy straws finished the tables off.

Reeves Wedding-440 Reeves Wedding-442 Reeves Wedding-448 Reeves Wedding-453 Reeves Wedding-454The FoodCake by RoccoCocoa 

Reeves Wedding-465 Reeves Wedding-466 Reeves Wedding-470 Reeves Wedding-480 Reeves Wedding-513 Reeves Wedding-531 Reeves Wedding-534 Reeves Wedding-535 Reeves Wedding-536 Reeves Wedding-599 Reeves Wedding-603 Reeves Wedding-633 Reeves Wedding-654 Reeves Wedding-661 Reeves Wedding-680 Reeves Wedding-686 Reeves Wedding-694Favourite MomentThis is a hard one…There are too many! Although if I had to pick, it would be this: Once the speeches had been done and the coffee was being drank after the breakfast, our photographer Chris came and tapped us on the shoulder and took us outside to take a few more photographs. The light was amazing over the gardens of Holdsworth House and our guests were starting to mill around on the lawns with night guests arriving. I just felt so relaxed and happy and it was a gorgeous moment to see all of our friends and family chatting in the gardens before the evening party began. Me and Mat had a little time to breathe after all the speeches had gone down a treat, the food was amazing and the wine was flowing. Knowing all we had to do was dance the night away from that moment was lovely! We felt like ‘We did it! We actually pulled it off ’

Reeves Wedding-711 Reeves Wedding-714 Reeves Wedding-718 Reeves Wedding-719 Reeves Wedding-722 Reeves Wedding-727 Reeves Wedding-736 Reeves Wedding-750 Reeves Wedding-761 Reeves Wedding-767 Reeves Wedding-784 Reeves Wedding-798 Reeves Wedding-802 Reeves Wedding-803 Reeves Wedding-804 Reeves Wedding-815 Reeves Wedding-830 Reeves Wedding-854 Reeves Wedding-857 Reeves Wedding-873 Reeves Wedding-882the budget Reeves Wedding-883 Reeves Wedding-884AdviceMy biggest tip would be that most of the amazing ideas you see in blogs and magazines can be made at home with a little time and a good glue gun. We got our friends involved to make it fun and even had a ‘sewing Sunday’ where a couple of friends came to sew table numbers with us! Don’t be put off if something looks to complicated and websites like pintrest can be great for inspiration and DIY tutorials. Also…Enjoy it! We went out collecting tea-sets together and many times ended up (after a hard days crafting or collecting) in the pub having lunch or going out for dinner. Its your wedding…Enjoy all of it!

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