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I remember when it came to choosing food and drink for my our wedding, I knew that drinks wise I didn’t want champagne on arrival. In truth I am more of a Prosecco fan and I think its one of those drinks that a lot of people sip on whilst hating it. As it was in November I opted for mulled wine. We had reception drinks outside and after photos post ceremony, the warm spicy wine was heavenly. 

I think if I had had a summer wedding I would opt for a cocktail, it’d probably come in cheaper than buying bottles of champagne. It also means that you can recreate it each summer in your garden and think back to your wedding day, people drink champagne allll the time. I have it on cornflakes. Yawn.

summer cocktails

With regards to cutting costs, its quite easy to make your own rose syrup, elderflower liquor and lavender syrup. They can all be made months in advance (usually better that way). Cocktails are one of my favourite things about summer, and I am pretty sure it is not possible to drink one without a pretty straw. Dot Com Gift Shop also do pretty glassware , I am also loving the big drinks dispensers from John Lewis, they are plastic so great for outdoor parties and I think reasonable at £20.


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Charley | London Bride //

These are some lovely ideas, but I often get asked about these from brides and it’s not *quite* as straightforward compared to serving fizz (hence why that’s always a good option!). Worth noting the (boring!) practicalities of cocktails too. It’s quite hard to make cocktails like this individually in such a short amount of time when needed for a drinks reception en mass (typically 1.5 drinks per person for 1- 1/2 hours), so best to try and choose one that works in pitchers so they can be made in advance. Also make sure your caterer has a specialist bar staff to make these up as front of house staff won’t necessarily be skilled enough to do so! Keeping them cold is quite hard, so always put the ice in last or in the glasses independently before adding the drink and finally don’t make them too strong! You’ll have very merry guests prior to dinner otherwise. Personally I’m a fan of simple cocktails with a twist – two or three ingredients is much more manageable!

Phoebe Miller //

Thank you for these tips! Totally agree about the strength, attended a wedding with cocktail reception and they were far too strong, even for me. I think all of these bar the mojito would be good in dispensers/pitchers, do they just get kept cold with ice? Never actually thought about that.

katylindemann //

Charley is planning our summer wedding (Aug 31st OMG END OF THE MONTH!) and we’ve opted for glasses of prosecco and jugs of Pimms for our drinks reception – plus elderflower cordial for the non-drinkers, & plenty of water for everyone (if the sun shines, need to keep the ABV down and everyone well-hydrated to avoid everyone getting totally hammered within an hour!)

We are having cocktails but served after dinner for the evening party. Three lovely refreshing summer cocktails: a vodka/gin collins, a moscow mule, and a mojito. Easier to prepare & serve from the bar, and people can get properly on it with the spirits once they’ve had dinner to line their stomachs and it’s time to get on the dancefloor!

Leeanne Parker //

We had St Germain with prosecco. The St Germain bottle is a beauty!

We bought the JL drinks dispenser but didn’t use it. This has reminded me to get it out fir BBQ.