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Dean and Maisie-174

When you start your day and your week with a Babb Photo wedding, you know it is going to be a good one. Laura’s originality when it comes to photography is something I really admire about her, she has such a great eye and I always enjoy a Babb submission as I know it will always be beautiful and unique. You can always spot a Babb wedding. 

Dean and Maisie-2 Dean and Maisie-3 Dean and Maisie-4 Dean and Maisie-5The Venue

The Royal Park Hotel, Hyde Park, London. Beautifully traditional with incredibly friendly staff.

Chelsea Old Town Hall, The Brydon Room (for the ceremony).

Dean and Maisie-6 Dean and Maisie-8 Dean and Maisie-11The BrideDress – Sassi Holford – I visited this boutique shop in St Albans. I instantly fell in love with the Sassi Holford dress named Daisy that I ultimately bought. I thought that maybe I should look elsewhere before committing but none of the other shops compared in terms of both the quality/design of the dresses and the experience of actually viewing and trying them on. I promptly went back to the first shop and bought the dress. It then remained in a wardrobe at home till the wedding and surprisingly the groom didn’t take a peak so saw it for the first time on the day of the wedding!

 Hair Accessories – Accessorize

Bride’s shoes – Oasis

Dean and Maisie-12 Dean and Maisie-13 Dean and Maisie-15 Dean and Maisie-16 Dean and Maisie-17 Dean and Maisie-19 Dean and Maisie-20 Dean and Maisie-22 Dean and Maisie-23 Dean and Maisie-28 Dean and Maisie-29 Dean and Maisie-31 Dean and Maisie-34 Dean and Maisie-35 Dean and Maisie-36The Groom

Topman suit and shoes.

Dean and Maisie-39 Dean and Maisie-41 Dean and Maisie-44 Dean and Maisie-45 Dean and Maisie-46 Dean and Maisie-50 Dean and Maisie-51 Dean and Maisie-53 Dean and Maisie-54The FlowersThe flowers were from our local florist (Bluebells Florist, Downham Market, Norfolk). We had vases of gypsophila down the centre of the table; we wanted to keep the colours very monochromatic for the table setting. The white flowers were a perfect companion for the guest name/menu cards and the black velvet ribbon around the cutlery.

The bouquet was vintage and natural with a touch of peach to tie in with the bride’s hair accessories.

Dean and Maisie-58 Dean and Maisie-59 Dean and Maisie-61 Dean and Maisie-62 Dean and Maisie-63 Dean and Maisie-65 Dean and Maisie-69 Dean and Maisie-71 Dean and Maisie-74 Dean and Maisie-76 Dean and Maisie-78 Dean and Maisie-80 Dean and Maisie-82 Dean and Maisie-87 Dean and Maisie-88 Dean and Maisie-90 Dean and Maisie-92 Dean and Maisie-96 Dean and Maisie-97 Dean and Maisie-100 Dean and Maisie-101 Dean and Maisie-102 Dean and Maisie-104 Dean and Maisie-105 Dean and Maisie-108 Dean and Maisie-110 Dean and Maisie-116 Dean and Maisie-117 Dean and Maisie-119 Dean and Maisie-122 Dean and Maisie-124Favourite MomentThe ceremony.

The bride’s brother reading Sunscreen and seeing the look on our guest’s faces when they recognised it.

Photos in Hyde Park

Sparklers outside the hotel and the incredible, all vegetarian meal that the hotel provided.

The beautiful weather, we was so luck and so grateful we had such a lovely day weather wise as Storm Jude hit the country on our wedding day! Our family may have taken a little longer to get to the hotel that morning but apart from that it was a lovely sunny day and we didn’t get rained on once! 

Dean and Maisie-144 Dean and Maisie-156 Dean and Maisie-157 Dean and Maisie-158 Dean and Maisie-161 Dean and Maisie-163 Dean and Maisie-164 Dean and Maisie-165 Dean and Maisie-171 Dean and Maisie-173
Dean and Maisie-176 Dean and Maisie-177 Dean and Maisie-182 Dean and Maisie-183 Dean and Maisie-184 Dean and Maisie-185 Dean and Maisie-189 Dean and Maisie-193 Dean and Maisie-194The FoodThe groom’s mother made the cake. We wanted something sophisticated and simple with a vintage feel to it. The cake was 3 tiers with a fruitcake at the base and 2 sponge tiers (the groom loves fruit cake, the bride loves sponge cake). It was decorated with black velvet ribbon and topped with gypsophila to match the table decorations.

Dean and Maisie-195 Dean and Maisie-197 Dean and Maisie-199 Dean and Maisie-202 Dean and Maisie-204 Dean and Maisie-207 Dean and Maisie-212 Dean and Maisie-213 Dean and Maisie-215 Dean and Maisie-216 Dean and Maisie-219 Dean and Maisie-220 Dean and Maisie-224 Dean and Maisie-226 Dean and Maisie-235 Dean and Maisie-236the budget7k

Dean and Maisie-237 Dean and Maisie-239 Dean and Maisie-240 Dean and Maisie-241 Dean and Maisie-242 Dean and Maisie-243 Dean and Maisie-244 Dean and Maisie-245 Dean and Maisie-247 Dean and Maisie-248 Dean and Maisie-249 Dean and Maisie-254 Dean and Maisie-257 Dean and Maisie-262 Dean and Maisie-264AdviceTry not to let the day become overwhelming; don’t try to please everyone you know at the expense of your own wishes as it can easily spiral out of control.  For us it was all about having a great day that we enjoyed and would remember for the rest of our lives.

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