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A genuine conversation. The question came from a girl I didn’t even know had twitter/instagram (I don’t count facebook hashtags because facebook is lame). Or knew what a hashtag was. The invite came with a little # and instructions on how to use the hashtag. 

Yes it’s 2014, and we are storming our way through this technological age, but does everything really need to be dragged through with it? When it comes to weddings I must say a big fat yes. I bloody love a wedding hashtag. I wrote in my Wedding Trends to Abolish post that I wanted to abolish people banning phones at weddings and I still hold true to this.

Even if you both aren’t super in to the whole hashtag thing, I promise that a good portion of your guests will be and they feel it is their duty to capture some lovely pictures for you. I promise. We also love the filters. LOVE THEM.


The problem with the rise of the hashtag wedding is that it has brought with it the complete opposite, brides and grooms having an “unplugged wedding”. Where there is no technology apart from the photographer and their camera. I get your reasoning behind this, but I really think you will regret it. Some of my favourite photos are by other friends and family, whether its moments they captured of me, or moments they took at their own table, they were moments that I missed out on due to me swanning around the room being a princess.

There are many a blog post on how to have an “unplugged wedding” but I am here how to tell you to do the complete opposite. How to have a Hashtag Wedding.

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# Come up with a hashtag. Make sure it is something that people by naturally lean towards and something that no one else will be using that day. i.e go for #millerfest2014 rather than #millerwedding

# Make sure everyone knows it. Put it on your save the date and invite so that people can already start joining in, meet other guests and look at what everyone is getting up to in the run up to the wedding day. It basically means that excitement levels are sky high constantly.

# On the day, make your hashtag visible. Chalkboards, on the tables, don’t use a sentence unless your hashtag is in it.

#After the day, sit back and enjoy it all. Turn the instagrams in to pictures and keep the memories forever. Use something like Tagboard to collate them all from across twitter and instagram.

Ok. This is where I nervously hand it over to you. Unplugged or a hashtag wedding???


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Rosie //

Massive fan of the #hashtag wedding! Such an easy way to capture little moments you or your photographer may have missed! Lovely post 🙂

Jess Robinson //

We had a # at our wedding in May (#gregjesswed) and we had some amazing photos.
We also used a compnay called to have a live feed of all the photos on a big screen in the evening which made for some funny moments!

I put signs on all the tables, the bar, in the loos & by the dancefloor with the # and what to do (for those who didn’t know what a # was!!)

I must admit though that I was one of those brides that did request noone to take photos of me walking down the aisle as I didnt want to be faced with a sea of cameras and phones and also I didn’t want them all in my professional photos!!

LOVE a # wedding!!

TalontedLex //

We had a hashtag. We met on Twitter so it seemed right. Plus we had a lot of people who wanted to see the pictures instantly and feel involved even though they couldn’t be there. A hashtag seemed the best way for everyone to share our day and also for us to get all the photos and tweets in one place. If people don’t like it, or don’t use social media, they are free to ignore it but I think it’s a great idea!