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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Morning! By the time this goes up you may or may have not watched England’s last game in the world cup. Either that or Come Dine With Me? We have a gorgeous engagement shoot this morning. I am in love with Rachel’s awesome coat and how natural they look in front of the camera whilst strolling through the market. The signs of a good photographer.

Photography by Jonathan Ellis

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The details –

We’re getting married May 2015 and we’re hoping to have great weather that May is typically known for.  We’re at the early stages of planning the wedding, but our venue has given us a list of recommended vendors to help with the process.

Venue – We are keeping the venue a mystery until we give out the invites. All I can say is that it’s the place where you can expect the unexpected – that’s what we fell in love it!

Wedding photographer  – The photography for the wedding is one of the most important parts of the whole day, so much so that we organised this after we booked the venue. We wanted someone to capture our day in a specific way (non-cheesy as my fiancé hates things like that), and after our engagement shoot, we knew fine art/documentary photography was the style for us

Flowers – We’re after a garden setting with our flowers so that it’s more relaxed and less of a flower arrangement. Like most things with weddings, this could all change, but for now, that’s what we like best alongside our vintage theme!

Bride’s dress /shoes  – The million dollar question, what dress will I wear? Well I couldn’t disclose this seeing as I don’t know the answer myself! I have been to 2 bridal shops, been though endless bridal magazines (I literally have a small library of magazines) and I still haven’t found “the one”. For now I will plan everything else and get back to dress shopping/browsing very soon.

Bridesmaids’/dresses/shoes/accessories – For the bridal party, I know I want my girls looking beautiful in long gowns. I am leaving the groomsmen to my fiancé to decide. He has great taste so I am 100% positive they’ll complement the ladies well.

Cake – My aunt bakes and I am a huge cake lover! I was going to go with a company however, everytime I taste others cakes I end up comparing them to my Aunt’s. So it’s only right she does our cake! My cousin also does cupcakes so we’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sweet treats.

Décor/wedding details  – We’ve chosen a Vintage garden theme. We’ll be doing a few DIY jobs to personalise the day how we want it.

Wedding stationery – I am a graphic designer and although I design, I was not keen on designing my own wedding stationery. However, what I saw didn’t jump out at me, so I decided to give designing a try, that way I could get everything exactly as I wanted it.

I also designed our save the dates and we’ll be distributing them soon. I’m so excited for everyone to get the first clue for our big day!

Congratulations you two, I cant wait to hear and see more after the big day!!

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