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Morning lovely readers. You know it is going to be a good day when you can start off with a wedding at Aynhoe Park, my all time favourite wedding venue.

“With a wedding venue like Aynhoe Park we were spoilt for choice when it came to opting for a theme for our wedding.  We wanted to avoid clichés and went for something very natural – using trees in the Orangery, and twigs on our wedding cake combined with antique peacocks on our stationery and rich jewel colours in our floral arrangements.  We shaped our colour scheme around the eclectic backdrop of our wedding venue, which worked fabulously!”

I love Anna’s tip on the favours, sometimes it really is fine not to give anything to your guests other than a bloody good time!

(PS you may notice a few changes, finally made the images larger as requested by you guys, I will spend today tweaking the final bits but I hope you like the new layout?)

Photography by Lucy Davenport

Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-001 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-004 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-010 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-012 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-013 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-014 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-015 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-018 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-026 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-029 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-039 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-040 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-042 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-044 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-045 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-046 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-047 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-048 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-049 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-050 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-051 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-052 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-066 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-071 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-073 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-090 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-093 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-094 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-100 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-103 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-110 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-113 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-116 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-118 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-126 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-133 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-143 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-151 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-155 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-156 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-164 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-165 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-170 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-172 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-175 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-178 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-193 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-202 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-210 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-212 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-217Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-225 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-228 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-233 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-267 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-271 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-288 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-291 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-294 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-307 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-309 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-311 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-313 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-316 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-339 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-365 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-372 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-374 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-379 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-391 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-408 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-417 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-423 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-432 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-433 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-435 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-450 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-452 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-464 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-466 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-478 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-501 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-508 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-514 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-517 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-520 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-521 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-523 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-526 Lucy_Davenport_Photography_Aynhoe_Park-533

The BrideBride’s dress /shoes: Naomi Neoh  from Boa Boutique  / Gina Clooney Shoes 

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – Silver Pearl Crescent Comb: Ivory and Co. and a The Couture Veil.

The Flowers Lily’s Flowers

The Hair and Makeup Amanda Oliver 

The BridesmaidsBridesmaidsKaliko Rosewater Lace Prom Dress / Ted Baker  MTILA Mid heel court / Claudia Bradby Silver and Crystal Heart Pearl Bracelet

Flower Girls: Lily Lace Dress 

Mother of the Bride: Irrestistible

The GroomGroom – Bespoke Suit and Shirt Cad and the Dandy  / Shoes Jeffrey West

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: Ted Baker

Favourite MomentEverybody told me that the day would go so quickly and said I should try to enjoy every moment… and that’s just what I did!  As a very organised bride, I felt quite overwhelmed when I walked down the aisle – I’d been so focussed on seeing my husband-to-be at the other end of aisle that I’d forgotten that all our guests would be there too!  Seeing Jamie waiting for me was magical, and all the surprises – hearing our readers delivering their poems for the first time, saying our vows and giving and receiving our rings was even more special than I had imagined.  The day felt truly complete when I welcomed our guests to our reception – it was the first time I’d said ‘Hello’ to them all having been isolated while getting ready.  It’s such a warm and happy feeling knowing they’ve all come to celebrate your special day.  And we have such beautiful photographs which have captured these magic moments


The StationeryEdge Inspired

the budgetAgainst the advice we’d received from magazines we didn’t have a strict overall budget.  We did however have a comprehensive planning list and knew what we’d be spending money on from the start.  We knew what we felt were reasonable costs and where we felt comfortable being lavish and what we thought would be a waste of money.  We worked closely with suppliers to ensure that costs were kept to a minimum. We said no to candles and flower petals in the ceremony room as they’d be cleared away very quickly and would be a wasted expense which meant we could spend more of our floristry budget on six-foot silver birch trees!

The FoodLemon with Italian Meringue Icing by Cotswold Baking and catering by Indulgence

The FavoursWe spent hours discussing the various options for favours – the best we’d received at other people’s weddings had been Homemade Jam made with peaches from the Mother of the Bride’s garden, and tea light candles to guide you home at the end of the night, but as many of our guests were staying on site we thought it unnecessary.  In the end we decided to forget favours altogether – we gave our parents framed photographs from our engagement shoot, the bridesmaids got a pearl bracelets, and the best men and ushers received manicure kits from Taylors of Old Bondstreet.  Our favour to our guests was a darn good knees-up in a fabulous venue.  I think that spending our money wisely on quality food and wine was appreciated more than a little trinket on the table

The EntertainmentGiusto Di Lallo / DJ: Rupin ‘NoRulz

The HoneymoonWe run our own business, so taking time off is always challenging.  We decided to mini-moon to The Secret Garden Suite at Barnsley House http://www.barnsleyhouse.com/and have planned a honeymoon to San Francisco and Hawaii later in the year.

AdviceStart with the venue and work with what you’ve got.  We picked Aynhoe Park because it was anything but a blank canvas.  Spend your money on the big things – the photographer, the food and wine, and making yourself feel fabulous – it’s your day after all!  I tried on every wedding dress in the country – or at least that’s what it felt like – and I refused to give in until I found ‘the one’ – much to my bridesmaids’ irritation, but it was the best decision I made!


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Sarah Lindsey //

WOWZER – what a stunning venue.. Hanging giraffe…enormous glitter balls..and that polar bear.. If only I had the room. Gorgeous bride too.

Jessy //

Oh,my god. The wedding theme and wedding flower are so perfect. I like it very much. The wedding dress also very beautiful. I want to buy it.