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d24f1198ccba9b984eb750850deae762I was going to film this today, hell, I was then going to blog this way earlier but I had one too many sherbets last night and I was feeling a little shaky till now. Forgive me readers. I will end up saying this every month but I genuinely believe that May went so quickly. It may have been because of the wonderful #marriedmay that so many of you took part in (blog post up tomorrow) I thank you so much for that you beautiful, beautiful brides and brides to be!

yummy yank

Food – I have only had one of these this month, my next is going to be on the 7th of June and it is a Yummy Yank brownie. This particular one involved whiskey, maple bacon, nuts and so much chocolate. Just incredible.

fennel tea

Drink – I gave up caffeine in November of last year. I didn’t like de-caf tea or coffee so turned to herbal teas. Something I hadn’t really enjoyed previously but I was missing have a warm drink after a soggy dog walk. I now have a burgeoning collection on the kitchen counter as I can’t stick to one type a day but this Twinings Fennel is my favourite.

photo 2 (2)

Perfume – Oh dear, I know if you follow me on twitter you will know my obsession with scented candles. This months additions are these two from Penhaligon. They smell like a finely dressed man bathed in exquisite scent. Just delicious. Quercus slightly more citrusy, and Endymion perfect for cosy nights in.


Technology – I adore Netflix. I watch absolute tripe on there as background noise when working, currently on Make It or Break It. But it is also great for decent series such as Suits or Orange is the New Black. It streams perfectly no matter what I watch it on and I love that it remembers where I am in a series so I can pick it straight back up again. The iphone app is wonderful too (hellloooo segueeeee)


App – No, not the Netflix app. The Podcast app. Every Tuesday night in bed I listen to the Josh Widdicombe podcast and stifle giggles. It is such an easy to use app and you can fill it with comedy, music, stories, everything. I love it.


Film/TV – Oh my days. True Detective. The 9.4 on IMDB told me it was going to be good but it was incredible. I think Michael and I powered through all the episodes in one day. McConaughey and Harrelson were superb, the story was soo engaging and I just can’t wait for series 2. Please watch and let me know what you think!!


Book -Not had a chance to read a book this month, but looking for recommendations for June. I like fantasy, crime types. No chick lit. Any suggestions?

Song – In love with this song. The video is excellent.


Make Up – in warm weather make up slides straight off my face, there are some days where I don’t want to wear foundation so I just pop this stuff under my eyes to brighten my face. It’s an absolute godsend. And you know I love Clarins.


Nail Polish – obsessed with these Barry M colours, especially the Rose Hip, its such a gorgeous baby pink and it makes your hands look a lot more tanned. The huckleberry on the right is also such a cute baby blue. This gal blogged about them, which is where I took the image from.


Skin Care – I have been using the Clarins Double Serum for about a month and there has been a notable different in my skin. I would re-buy if it were a little cheaper but I just don’t think I can justify it. Not sure. Will be interested to see if my skin goes to shit by not using it for a month. Will let you know in June’s favourites!


Blog Post – it is rare for the most popular post not to be real wedding but this month you all loved the Claire Pettibone dresses. No surprise, they are stunning.


Tweeter – @lexingtonsteel. Slight girl crush. Follow her. Here is her blog.

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