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Picking a favourite magazine is like picking a favourite child. You can only do so when drunk. 

wedding_jun_julI think the first magazine I bought was Perfect Wedding. I then bought Wedding Magazine and I love them both equally. They provided me with everything I needed to plan my wedding (UK based wedding blogs weren’t really a thing back in the olden days of ’09)

Since becoming involved in the industry, I have interacted with nearly all the magazines and these two are still my favourites. I love Wedding Magazine for its content and wedding flowers section. I love Perfect Wedding for the real weddings and it is a little less advert heavy. I still buy both regularly claiming that it is technically ‘research for work’.  I was really interested in today’s uploads. A lot of you prefer online content to mags, and a lot like regional mags to national ones. Your favourites were (excluding mine) Brides, Wedding Ideas and Martha Weddings. I know that some people will always prefer print to online, but do you think blogs are better??

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Jon Cripwell //

I do think that there is something about picking up a magazine or a book that is difficult to replicate with an iPad or laptop. Having said that, I love my Feedly app on my iPad – I check it every morning and it’s great to see new ideas and new stories appear. That’s where the blog can win – you have a whole archive of fantastic content, and new articles appearing daily. A printed publication for a niche subject (as opposed to a newspaper) can’t keep up with that level of content. 🙂