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 My mother and her dad on her wedding day

Hello! I think checking the #marriedmay hashtag has become my new obsession. I can’t believe how many people are taking part from all over the world. I love that we get insights in to everyones plans, and days, family and friends. It is so lovely and positive. I was concerned about having today as a topic, I thought it may be quite a sore or sad subject with some, whether due to divorce or death but I am glad I did. Everyone has shared and commented on everyones photos and I know that it has meant a lot.

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My parents, 5th April 1985. Somewhere in deepest darkest Lincolnshire. It was so so so hard to pick my top five. I loved alllll of them.

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Phoebe //

You are welcome! it is a beautiful image. I think after the engagement ring this was mine too!