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Spring April Jay

Words and photography by Jay Archer

You don’t need me to tell you that there’s a natural riot kicking off out there. Bees and butterflies are competing over the same flower heads, blossom has boomed into action and the hedgerows are deafening with the tweeting and squawking of chicks. The warm weather and sunny March brought muscari and daffs out early, and the anemones which usually go into May are all but finished. Lily of the valley is early however, and the tulips just keep on coming.

Spring, what’s left of it, is promise. It’s ‘thank lordy I can get my legs out, and mayyybe consider leaving the house without anorak/ parker/ umbrella/ wellies in the boot’. I love a spring wedding, there’s something so fresh and charming about getting wed at that time of year- the newness of everything around sort of symbolises the fresh start in the couple’s life, their new beginning. Add to that the apprehension of catching the weather in between showers for the photographs, the ladies in their finery for the first time this year and the pastel yet bright-enough colours of the mohair, chiffon and satin gowns. Lovely- and so ‘English’!

Choosing colour for a spring wedding is important, I think. From palest blue muscari- the little purple blue things that pop up in everyone’s garden- to rich buttermilk narcissi (my faves this year were ‘cheerfulness’ from Flowers by Clowance), to the soft blush of the Dutch Cloni ranunculus, the colour helps identify the time of year and adds a romantic touch to the flowers, dragging them away from the usual green and white palettes of winter.

My last couple of posts on here, have been quite serious, discussing the true cost of wedding flowers and the whole British vs Dutch/ International flower debate, the latter of which continues to gather momentum on the internets (search #Britishflowers on Twitter). But today, I wanted to remember why we’re here, reading this post…  for the love of flowers of course! Allow me to share with you some of my fave instagram’s of late, as well as a little guide further down on what’s hot now in the flower world.

4 Lily of the Valley 3 Cloni ranunculus 7 Aquilegia 9 The first English grown freesia of the year 8 Snowflakes 1 Cheerfulness narcissi 5 Anemone tulip and ranunculus 6 Ranunculus 2 Iris

Pretty, non? Here’s a little bouquet we did for an early April bride, holding seasonal muscari, forget me not, snowflake, ranunculus, lily of the valley, freesia, tuberose, fritillary and anemone. Also, something to consider, is ths style in which spring flowers are arranged- think about when you see flowers grow in the wild, in little clumps, bending this way and that. There shouldn’t be any too large heads, nothing too bold… dainty and gentle is key when using spring flowers, to reflect the delicate nature of the ingredients used.

10 Bouquet

Image Below: From middle point clockwise: ivy, delphinium (technically a Summer flower but available at market most of the year), tulip, muscari, brunia, spirea, tuberose, phlebodium, freesia, forget me not, fritillary, gysophilia, narcissi, ranunculus, alstromeria, eucalyptus and white lilac.

11 Heart of flowers

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