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I woke up this morning and my instagram looked something a little like that…so exciting! Think Day Two is going to take some beating as you all have so many lovely stories behind your beautiful rings. Mine is a rather whiney one…sorry!So, as I mentioned yesterday Michael picked out my ring with a little help from my sister. I love my ring, but at 20/21 years old I didn’t really think long term in regards to what else I may wear. I wear my gold signet ring and thin gold band on my right hand. Whilst I dont mind that my metals don’t match, my skin tone has changed a little since I was younger and I think it looks better with gold.



I put forward to Michael that we swap my beautiful platinum, 3 diamond engagement ring, and platinum wedding band for a gold set. I thought he would care, he would be upset that I wouldn’t be wearing the ring that he had chosen, nor the ring we stood at the altar with but actually, he said he didn’t mind at all. Whilst I have loved wearing it for 6 years, I think I am ready to update it to something I will wear for the rest of my life. Have any of you done this or do you think it is an awful thing to do? I am not really a sentimental person, the symbol of the ring means more to me than the actual thing itself.

I am looking for a really skinny gold band, something unique, then a small(ish) solitaire diamond, I don’t particularly like blingy rings. They remind me of Elizabeth Duke or, they look fake and tacky (I also find Americans wear lots of the larger engagement rings?) If you have seen anything let me know!

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One  – Alex Monroe / Two – Alex Monroe / Three – Rust / Four – Rust / Five – Astley Clarke 

Here are some of my favourites of yours! The first especially which belongs to @OrnerDe

Bmn41WPIMAAzPT2 engagement rings


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Mandy Gaskell //

Phoebe; thank you for including my photo in this post! I am really enjoying taking part in #marriedmay . It’s getting me thinking of things I haven’t done yet, but also making me reminiscent of the stages so far. I really enjoy your blog, and as a ‘start up’ blogger myself, I find it really inspiring. Turns out I’m a bit of a wedding obsessor myself… I didn’t realise!
Mandy x

Lucy //

I think it’s really interesting that you are changing your rings. I started thinking about what ring I would like a long time ago… and over the years I waited I kept changing my mind. I spotted my ring whilst out shopping about 6 months before we got engaged. It’s quite different as it is Rose Gold and Morganite. I was worried that I might change my mind one day… but decided you have to live in the moment! I don’t see any problem in changing your mind! It might be a good excuse to have a vow renewal party when you get the new rings!! xx

Lizzy //

Thank you so much for including my engagement ring photo! Loving #marriedmay and the chance to look back on our wedding exactly a year on xx

herts wedding photography //

I’m not sure I’d ever want to change my rings. They were the ones with which we made our engagement and vows and I feel they’re forever.

However,…..I DO like the idea of having a beautiful new ring whilst renewing your vows. I’m only at 7 years (nearly) and would love to renew our vows for our 10 year anniversary. Especially since we ran off to Australia to get married and had no family with us. Renewing our vows would be for them too. And I’d LOVE another new ring!!